One More Chance

After losing something so precious, would you try to get it back?


12. Chapter 12

*Skipping the boring car ride!*

            “What do you think the guys will think?” I asked getting Savanna out. “I have a plan. Just follow my lead.” He said walking towards the door. We quietly opened the door and stepped into the first guestroom. “Leave Savanna in here for just a minute.” Zayn whispered. I nodded and set her down. He grabbed my hand and kissed it. “Let’s go!” He said leading me out of the door. “Guy my guests are here!” Zayn shouted. “Who is- Kenzie?!” Niall said stopping in his tracks. “Oh my god!!!” Niall shouted, running over to give me a hug. “Kenzie?” Louis asked seeing me with Niall. “KENZIE!!!” He shouted running over and giving me a hug. “Kenz!!” Liam shouted running over to me!! “What is all this commotion?” Harry asked sleepily. He looked up and saw me. “KENZIE!!!!” He shouted. Once we got hugs given, Zayn smiled. “I thought you said two very special guests?” Liam asked. “We have someone we want you to meet.” I said.

            Zayn and I walked to the guest room and got Savanna out of her carrier. “You hold her.” I said, causing him to smile. He wrapped her up in his arms and gave her a kiss. “Shall we introduce her now?” I asked opening the door. He nodded and I led him out the door. “Guys, meet Savanna Rain Malik.” Zayn said revealing the baby to them. I watched as all of their jaws dropped. “You mean, you and her, and she was pregnant, and you guys were split, and you didn’t know, and she’s right there?!” Niall asked piecing it all together. Zayn and I nodded. “Guys, do you realize that we are uncles?!” Louis asked. “Oh my god!!! We’re uncles!!!” Harry shouted jumping up and down.

             Savanna scrunched up her face and opened her small eyes. “C-can I hold her?” Liam asked. “Sure, but be careful, she’s my baby.” Zayn said with a serious look on his face. “I will.” He said. Zayn handed the small infant to Liam and she giggled. “Hi there Savanna! It’s Uncle Liam here!” He said in a baby voice. She wrapped her hand around his hand and smiled. “Zayn, can you get a picture?” Liam asked jerking his head in the direction his phone was. “Of course!” Zayn said grabbing his phone and getting the camera on. “Smile for Daddy!” Zayn said. He took the picture and it looked great! “I call holding her next!” Louis said. “Then me!” Harry said. “I guess I’m last!” Niall shrugged as Liam handed Savanna to Louis.

             “Can I put this on Twitter?” Liam asked looking at the picture. I looked at Zayn and gave him a shrug.  “I mean if you are, state clearly that it is mine and Kenzie’s child so there’s no confusion. We’ll probably get hell from management because they have no idea I am a Dad but oh well. We’ll get through that together.” Zayn said giving me a kiss. “I love you.” He whispered in my ear. I sent chills down my spine to hear those words after a year. “I love you too.” I said turning to him and placing a kiss on his lips.

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