One More Chance

After losing something so precious, would you try to get it back?


10. Chapter 10

           I pull out of the parking lot and it’s silent until I speak. “You wait 1 year, 1 god damn year to come back for me, when you don’t even know if I even will take you back. If I hadn’t been in that tattoo shop, would you have still come? Do you know how hard it was getting through that pregnancy without anyone?” I asked. “I didn’t even know you were pregnant ok?! Plus, where’s the Dad in the situation?!” He said his voice rising. “Be quiet! I don’t want Savanna waking up!” I said not wanting to get on the ‘Dad’ topic. “We have to stop by my house so I can get her formula.” I said. “Then I’ll take you to your house.” I added. He gave a small nod and it went back to silence.

           “You know I still love you right?” He asked as we pulled into my driveway. “I figured. Look Zayn, the honest truth is; is that I still love you too. I’m willing to work this out because of the spark I still have for you and Savanna needs a Dad.” I said not wanting to specify ‘her Dad’ cause he still doesn’t know about Savanna being his. “The trust I lost won’t be easy to get back, but it’s not impossible.” I said. I looked over and saw him smiling with a tear rolling down his cheek. “That’s all I need. Your willingness to work this out.” He said. I loved that smile; the way his tongue presses slightly against his teeth and his beautiful brown eyes crinkle up. Before I knew it his lips pressed gently against mine. I missed his kiss. “Well, I guess we should get inside!” I said opening the car door.

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