I didn't ecspect that!

About a girl that don't fit in at school but when she gets carried in to 5 boys hotel room.


7. Chapter 7

ext day

It was wednesday morning and I was already up. I didn't was to wake the boys up because I didn't want to say good bye to the best friend I've ever had and the best boyfriend I've ever had. When I was about to walk out some one talked to me. ''Where are you going?'' I heard a sad Harry say. ''Harry I got to go. I'm sorry. I love you so much, and I'm going to miss you.'' I said sad and gave him a long hug when the other boys walked down to se me and Harry hugging. ''What's going on here?'' I heard the boys say confused. ''She is leaving now and I don't want her to go'' Harry said very sad to them. ''Ashley weren't you going to say good bye to us?'' Louis said sad and confused. ''Louis I hate good byes and didn't want to see your sad faces'' I said crying. ''we'll drive you to the airport'' Zayn said quickly. ''Fine, but we gotta go now'' I said trying to smile.


At the airport

I was hugging all of the boys when I saw Jake and Tony there too. ''What the hell'' I wisper to the boys. ''What?'' The boys says and turn around to see Jake and Tony. ''Harry I gotta go now'' I said to Harry. ''I know, I know. I just don't want to lose you'' He said worried. I said that he's not going to lose me and than I went on the plane. ''Hey. What are you doing here Ash?'' I heard two people say to me at the same time. I turn around to see Jake and Tony sitting next to me. ''I'm going to school'' I said annoyd. ''We tought you were staying in Los Angeles with Nathan and Robert'' Jake said confused. ''I'm not. I had already searced in Sydney universiti so yeah'' I said little sad. ''Nice we are going there to. And take it easy we're not going to bully you, we just had to in High school because we were friends with Nathan'' Tony said smiling to me. ''Hey Ash. What's wrong?'' Jake asked as if he cared. ''You guys don't really care so I'm not telling you'' I said. ''We care okay. We acturley tried to stop Nathan but we coulden't'' Tony said. I was so confused and sad. ''I didn't acturley want to go, because of Harry and the lads. You know the lads who acturley pretekted me.'' I said annoyed.


In Sydney

When I walked with Jake and Tony to the universiti my phone startet to ring.

''Hello who is it'' I said.

''Is Harry'' the voice said.

''Omg Harry! What's up sweetie''

''I really miss you babe. Me and the lads are borred without you''

''Awee. I really miss you too cutie. Haha, do you guys miss me that much. You and the lads can see a movie or play something''

''Yes we miss you that much''

Harry I love you, but I gotta go I'm safe at the universiti now I promise you'' I said and hung up.


''Ashley, why did you say I love you to that Harry guy?'' Jake asked me curries. ''Harry is my boyfriend. And when Nathan sendt the text to me I didn't have my phone because Harry had it so he saw the texts and I literly wanted to kill him'' I said angryly. Tony and Jake understanded me. Tony took my bag and carried them up stears to my room. ''Thanks Tony'' I said smiling at him.

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