I didn't ecspect that!

About a girl that don't fit in at school but when she gets carried in to 5 boys hotel room.


6. Chapter 6

At home

''I have something inportent to tell you guys. You should maybe sit down because you maybe don't like what I'm about to tell you'' I said nervous. They sat down with questing marks on they'r face. ''What is it Ashley?'' Louis said confused. ''I know I said that I was going to college here but I'm not. I going to'' I got traild of by the door. ''Thanks'' I said to the mailman. I opend the mail. ''OMG OMG OMG. I got in! I got in I got in!'' yelld happy but than I remember that I had to say it to the boys so I got sad again. ''I'm moving to Australia, I got in to Sydney universiti. I'm moving in five days'' I said sad. When I saw the boys exspressen I got more sad and took the phone up. ''Hello, this is Ashley Dunkan from Los Angeles. I'm so happy that I got in but'' I coulden't say more because Harry took the phone from me. '''She looks forword to start at the school bye'' Harry said and hung up. ''Why did you do that? I can't be away from you guys and to see how sad you were when I said that to you I coulden't do it'' I said sad. ''You are not thinking about yourself like you should. Of course we get sad when you leave but it's you dream and we just want you to be happy'' Zayn said with a smile to make me fell better. ''thanks Zayn. Thanks guys. I wish you guys could come with me though because I don't know what is going to happened with us if we're not together.'' I said and sat in Harry's lap. He kissed me and said that it's going to be fine.


4 days later


I have packed my bags and I were going to leave tomorrow. So me and the boys were going to have a cuddle day. We are watching The Expendables 2. I love that movie and the boys seams to like to as well. When the movie were done we started to play truth or dare.''Zayn truth or dare?'' Louis asked him. ''dare'' Zayn said. '' you have to kiss Ashley on the mouth'' he kissed me on the mouth. '' Niall truth or dare?'' Zayn asked him. ''dare'' Niall said. ''You have to make out with Ashley or Louis'' He walked over to me and started to make out with me and I could see that Harry was getting jealous. ''Ashley truth or dare?'' Niall asked me. ''dare. And pleasee I getting sick of making out and kissing now'' I said. ''You have to sitt in your underwear for the rest of the night'' I took me cloth of and sat in my underwear. ''Liam truth or dare?'' I asked him. ''dare'' he said. ''I dare you to kiss Zayn on the mouth in 6 second'' Liam got up and kissed Zayn in 6 seconds. ''Harry truth or dare?'' Liam asked him. ''dare'' he said. ''I dare you to have some with Ashley tonight'' He said laughing. ''Hell no! Don't make me do thing when it's Harry you are daring'' I said mad. ''fine, fine, fine. You don't have to be mad Ashley. Harry I dare you to make out with Louis in 10 seconds'' Liam said. Harry got to Louis and they were making out in 10 seconds. I got up and went to the kitchen, I got a little jelly because I didn't even got to kiss Harry. I made me some food and sat in the kitchen and eat it when the boys came in to the kitchen. ''What is it sweetheart?'' Harry asked me and kissed me. ''Nothing. I just was hungry'' I said with a smile. ''Ohh, can I have some'' Niall asked me and took my sandwitch. ''Hey, I was eating that'' I said to Niall. ''I'm eating that now'' He said teasing me. I got up and walked to the bathroom. Niall nocked on the door. '' Ashley I'm sorry I was hungry.''He said. ''It's okay Niall. I'm going to take a shower'' I said happy. ''Can I come?'' he said joking with me and than I heard Harry yelld. '' OH, HELL NO YOU CAN'T''. I laught. ''Boys pleasee behave when I'm taking a shower'' I said laughing. When I was done I had a towel a round me. I started to walk to my room, when some one drag my towel so I all most lost it. ''What the hell'' I yelld so the others got up and saw me in a towel. ''What's wrong Ash?'' Niall said confused. ''Louis and Zayn tried to drag the towel of me'' I said mad and walked to my room and smelt it closed. I got cloth on and walked out of the room and saw the boys stand outside the door. ''What?'' I said. ''I am so sorry Ashley, I really am. Are you still mad at me and Louis?'' Zayn said questening. ''Yes or no I can't bare to be mad at you guys'' I said. ''I'm going to bed now. Good night'' I said with a smile. ''Can I come, sweetie?'' Harry asked me and the boys sat they'r eyes on me as if they wanted to come to. ''Yes you can come. And yes you guys can come to'' I said laughing. I took my pants of and turnd around to see the boys were staring at me, so I started to laugh again. I laid down and Harry got down beside me. He took his arm around me as if he didn't want to let me go. I was so tired that I fell asleep at ones ant the boys did to.

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