I didn't ecspect that!

About a girl that don't fit in at school but when she gets carried in to 5 boys hotel room.


5. Chapter 5

Next day

I woke up in Harry's arms and he was awake as well. ''How long have you watched me sleep Harry? And why didn't you get up to the boys?'' I questend him. ''well I watched you fore like a halv an hour and I didn't want to wake you up, because you are so sweet when you are sleeping'' he saved himself. We got up and Harry walked in the livingroom without a shirt on him. I took one of Harry's shirts and walked to the livingroom as well. ''Good morning beautiful'' I heard Niall say to me. ''Good morning. Why are you guys up so early?'' I said as I sat down on the couch. ''We don't know we are usto it'' Liam answer me. ''So what do you want to do today sweetheart?'' Harry said to me sweetli. ''What do you mean by what I want to do today?'' I said confused. ''Well me and the lads talked yesterday and disseided that you are going to disseid what we are going to do'' Louis said. ''As long as it is not outside then it is okay to do anything'' I said. ''Why not outside cutie?'' Niall answer me. ''I don't have any cloth her or at my place because Nathan have my cloth and he have already trown away'' I said little sad. All of the boys started to look at Louis. The Louis yelld ''WE ARE TAKING HER ON SHOPPING!!!'' ''NO NO NO NO NO! I am not going out for shopping!'' I said. ''Why not? I tought every girl like to shop'' Liam said. ''I like to shop, but I don't want to shop. Because Nathan and the boys always are at the mall'' I answer them. ''I or we can pretekt you sweetheart. We promise you Ash'' Harry said to me. ''Fine we can go, but I don't have anything to wear'' I said with a funny face. ''Niall give her some of your cloth. Your are the smallest'' Zayn joked. ''Hahaha, Zayn very funny. Here Ash'' Niall said with a smile. ''So lets go then. Ashley mabye you should go and change cloth so we can go'' Louis said teasing me. ''Yeah, don't come on to Harry's room. I mean it! If you do I won't talk to you anymore'' I said seriusly. ''Fine'' all of them said in the same time. Walked to Harry's room and change's cloth. The cloth were to big fore me so I took one of Harry's belts on me. '' I'm done. But the cloth is to big fore me'' I said with a annoying face.

At the mall

''Hey Ashley WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?'' Nathan yelld at me. ''What do you want Nathan?'' I asked him. ''Well come here so I can tell you if you come over here'' ''Never! I have a boyfriend now, who is acturli nice to me'' I answer him and ran away, but they ran after me. ''Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam help me!'' I yelld and ran at the same time. ''Bitch come back here! You we are faster then you'' Nathan yelld behind me. I ran and ran and ran as fast as I could. When I saw Niall and Zayn I stoped up behind them. ''Why are you hiding behind us sweetheart?'' Zayn asked me. ''Bitch come here! Sorry boys but can you move so I can talk to the girl behind you'' Nathan asked them. ''Why did you call here a bitch? She is nice to everyone'' Niall said to Nathan. ''Ashley you pussy, you don't dare to come and stand in front of me'' Robert said to me. I got right in front of him and he punched me in the stomach. I fell down but Zayn catched me so I was lucky. '' Thanks Zayn'' I said and kissed him on the cheak. ''Ashley come, now you are going to try some cloth'' Louis said. ''why? I hoped you forgot it'' I said. He drag me in to Victoria's secret. The other boys got in as well and gave me some cloth that I was going to try out. After I tried cloth I gave them to the boys so they could take them back. When I change back and got out of the changing wardrobe I see the boys with shopping bags. ''What have you guys bought?'' I asked questening. ''That's a secret. We can show you when we get home'' Zayn said with a smile. I said okay and we drived home.


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