I didn't ecspect that!

About a girl that don't fit in at school but when she gets carried in to 5 boys hotel room.


4. Chapter 4

We all watched 'dumb and dumber' and just having fun so I could think of something else. I got up and walked to the fridge. ''Who the hell ate all the food in the fridge?'' I yelld just fore fun and sat my eyes on Niall. Everybody ecsept Niall started to laugh, and Niall started to get inbarest. I got to the livingroom again and sat down on Niall lap and kissed him on the cheak. I saw that Harry got jeaulus of Niall so I got up from him walk over to Harry and sat down on his lap. I kissed him on the mouth and then sat to see the movie that were on. I was getting tired so I got up and started to walk to the door. ''Where are you going cutie?'' Zayn asked me. ''Home of course. My bed is there.'' I said with a smile. ''you got to stay here. Harry are not going to sleep if he don't know if you are safe'' Niall said as he laught a little. '' Okay I'll stay, but I don't have anywere to sleep'' I said. ''You can sleep with me'' Zayn said just to tease Harry. ''Fine'' I said when I saw Harry's face as he was confused and a little sad. ''Relax Harry, we were just kidding with you. If you want me to sleep with you, you just have to say it or I'll sleep with one of the other boys'' I said as I teased him a little. ''You are going to sleep with me'' Harry said and took my hand and started to walk to his room.


In Harry's room

''Harry it hurts my hand''. ''Oh, sorry Ashley''. ''What is it Harry? Why are you upset?'' I said little scared. '' It's just that I like you so much and you guys are making fun of me'' Harry said. '' Harry we are just teasing you. And if you let me I can tease you in a different way'' I said to him as I was now on top of him. ''Ashley I don't think this is a good idèa'' Harry said. I got of him. ''No, mabye us was not a good idèa. Harry look I have just been with one boy before and I regret every second of it. Please don't make me regret that I took a chance us. You are the first boy I have ever liked liked and the other boy hurt me when I broke up with him'' I said as I started to walk to the door. ''Ashley I love you and only you. You are just so sweet and I don't want to rouin this, us''. ''Harry I love you to and I was just teasing you. But I don't think this is going to work'' I said sad. We have summer vacation now so I don't have school and the boys don't have work.


A couple of minute later still in Harry's room

Harry started to kiss me pasentlig and I jump on him. We were kissing and he was walking trowords his bed. I landed on the bed under him and he took his shirt of. Then we switched so I was on top of him and than my shirt and pants went of. His pants was of too so we were just in our underwear. ''Harry, Harry, Harry'' I said with a low voice. ''Ashley what is it?'' Harry said confused. ''I don't know if we should do this. I am only 16 and you are only 18'' I said. ''Yeahh, I know. I got carried away of your beauti'' Harry said with a smile on his face. ''awee, Harry you are so sweet. I love you so much. But Harry I am really tired now can we go to sleep now'' I said with a puppy face. ''I love you so much too. Yes of course we can go to sleep now babe'' Harry said to me as he laid his arm around me and we fell a sleep.

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