I didn't ecspect that!

About a girl that don't fit in at school but when she gets carried in to 5 boys hotel room.


3. Chapter 3

Next day

At school we have lunch now. The boys are usally hitting me at this time were are they. ''Hey beautiful. There you are we have been looking fore you'' I heard a voice said as I turnd around to se Nathan and the boys. '' Hello. So what are going to do with me today?'' I answer him. ''We are not going to hurt you honey'' Jake said all of the souden. ''Okay? So why did you look fore me then?'' I said a little confused. '' The school is over, and we are going over to Nathan. So we wondered if you would like to come with us and we could maybe see a movie'' said Robert. ''I-I can't. I have plans fore today I'm sorry'' I answer them. ''But can't you cansel today and be with us? I just got back together with you and want to be with you today'' Nathan said. I said ok and walk with them. When we got to the hotel I stoped and saw Harry, Niall and Zayn looking at me. ''Hey Ashley sweetie. Are you coming?'' Harry said to me. '' Don't say sweetie to here she is mine now!'' Nathan said a little angrily. ''Nathan let me just talk to them a little. Pleasee, the are my friends to and I don't want them to be angry at me bacause then I'll be sad'' I said with a puppy face so he said yes. ''Harry, Niall, Zayn I can't be with you guys today. I am sorry but I got to be with them today'' I said to them. ''But that are the boys who bullied you Ashley. Don't you remember? We can pretekt you, you know that cutie'' Niall said. ''Hey don't call my girlfriend that. Ashley come lets go!'' Nathan said annoyd at Harry, Niall and Zayn. ''She is NOT your girlfriend! Are you?'' Harry said confused and sad at the same time. ''Yes, I am, I am so sorry Harry I really am. I gotta go see you guys another day, Okay?'' I said and they said yes. ''Are you coming beautiful?'' Nathan said with a nicer voice. ''Yes I am coming Nat'' I said with a smile om my face. I ran to him and he took his arm around my neck sa we all walked away from Harry and the others.


When we sat down and watched a horror movie I looked upset and Jake could se that. ''Ashley can I talk to you fore a second? Nathan don't worry it won't take long'' Jake said as I walked with him to another room. ''what is it Jake?'' ''why are you so sad? Is it because of the 3 boys we ran into earlier? I won't tell Nathan I swear'' ''Yes, it cind of is. You know that cruly boy that looked sad when we walked away. I cind of had a thing with him but now I bet he won't talk to me any more, I think he was going to ask me something but then this happened so yeah..'' ''Oh I am so sorry I didn't mean to'' I traild him of by hugging him.

An hour later

the movie was done so I were going home but than Nathan come to me and kissed me. '' Nathan I can't stay the night because I got homework and my books are at home, I am sorry'' I said with a puppy face. ''I can make sure that she is safe, we are going the same way so I can watch her back'' Jake said to Nathan and Nathan said Okay. Me and Jake walked and then he stoped at the hotel. '' Jake why did you stop?'' ''because you are going up too the boys. I know you don't like Nathan anymore and that you just said that so he wouldent hurt you anymore'' Jake answer me. ''Yes that is true, but I think the boys hate me now'' I said a little sad. We walked up to the boy's room and nocked on the door. ''Come in'' we heard a voice said. ''what are you guys doing here'' Louis asked a little angry. Then all the other boys came out in the livingroom. ''Look I don't know you guys but she is really sad. She didn't want to be Nathan's girlfriend but if she haddent got together with his she would have been in hospital now and not here'' Jake said straight up. ''Is this true Ashley?'' said Harry and Zayn at the same time with a question face. I looked down ''Yes it is true. And the only way he know's that is because Nathan did it to me when I broke up with him the last time''. ''HE DID WHAT!'' Harry said with a angry voice. ''Harry calm down. She is okay now. Everybody know that you like her and she know to'' Liam said and tried to calm him down. ''Yes she know's now Liam thanks a lot'' Harry said inbarest. ''I gotta go, but Harry I like you that way to. But it's to late now I am so sorry babe'' I said sad and started to go. The Harry ran to me and he kissed me. But I heard someone take a photo and it was Tony. ''Tony come back here! Pleasee I don't want to get in trouble'' I yelld at him. ''It is to late know I'm going to Nathan with this!'' Tony yelld back as he ran away. I walked home, locked the door and ran stright to bed.


Next day

It was lunch and I walked around in the hallway. Then I heard someone come and stood behind me. ''Ashley can you tell me why you kissed that FUCKING BOY!'' Nathan yelld at me right in the face. ''I-I-I I so sorry I didn't kiss him! He kissed me. I was shooked and than Tony tooked that picture'' I said scared. ''Well I don't think that is true, so we are done!'' Nathan yelld. Then he started to punch and kicked me in the stomach. After school Nathan and Robert walked behind me and I started to run. But they were faster than me. So I got punched and kicked I the stomach, in my foots. Then they ran away. I saw that I was right beside the hotel the boys were living in. I walked up to they'r room and nocked at they'r door. ''Niall oped the door and catched me as I fell down. He lifted me up and layed me down on the couch. ''WHAT THE HELL HAPPEND TO YOU GIRL!'' Niall yelld at me. ''Nathan and Robert walked behind me and I startd to run but they were faster than me'' I said very sad. ''ASHLEY! What happed I-I-I'' Harry began to say. ''Ashley what happed at school I know that it wasn't only that happened'' Liam said all of the suddend. ''At lunch I walked in the hallway and then I heard Nathan and the boys ecsept Jake because he wasn't at school today. I turned around and Nathan Yelld me in the face about that we were over because of the picture Tony had taken of me and Harry, and then they started to punch and kick me in the stomach'' I said while crying at the same time. ''It's okay Ash you can stay with us for a couple of days. And you don't have to go to school on a couple of days either'' Louis said and conferd me. ''b-bu-but I can't I have never missed a school day and I don't care if Nathan and his boys starts to bully me again'' I said with confident.


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