I didn't ecspect that!

About a girl that don't fit in at school but when she gets carried in to 5 boys hotel room.


2. Chapter 2

Next Day..


I woke up and wondering what the hell happend last night. I got dress and went to school. In the first period we have science then we have dobbel period sosial studies, math, english and history. It is just boring stuff today. After the school was done I walked home when I got to the hotel I stop and wondered if I am going to meet the boys. I was tinking for a while but when I started to walk again someone called at me and I knew who it was. I got scared and wanted to disapper. Then I saw them Nathan, Jake, Tony and Robert, They were smirking at me, but before they got to do something to me someone came out from the hotel so they ran away. It was Liam he walked over to me and said that I should come up to them.


At the boys apartment...

We watched Paranormal activiti 4. I sat next to Harry and Liam, Zayn sat next to Harry and Louis, and Niall sat next to Liam. The boys were not scared at all and I didn't understand how they could not be scared. I jumped a little here and there and when I was really scared my head was in Harry's chest, but every time I understand that it was I took my head up again. I felt like I could trust them pretty much. I was going to sleep at them but than my phone ring and I got scared so I jumped up and started to walk to the door but I didn't got far because Zayn tok the phone out of my hand. ''Give it back Zayn'' I yelld. ''NO!!'' he said and started to read the text. ''If you don't come over to me now, I swear to god that It's gonna be hard fore you tomorrow'' he stoped. '' Give me my phone back'' then I took my phone back. They all looked shooked at me, and I just looked a little sad and started to walk. ''What are they going to do to you Ashley'' I heard a sad Harry say. I turned around and said '' I don't know, but it's not going to be good. I think I know but'' I traild of by starting to cry. Niall come over to me and huged me. I stoped crying and said to them '' I gotta go but I can se you guys tomorrow, maybe...''. ''What do you mean by I can MAYBE se you guys tomorrow? Ashley what do you mean'' Liam said. ''Nothing... Nothing. I gotta go bye'' I looked scared and walked fast out and to Nathan's house.


At Nathan's house.

(Nathan's parents wasn't home.) So there I was in Nathan's bed, and all the souden Nathan, Tony, Robert and Jake come in side. ''So you got here to come'' Robert said. ''This is going to be fun'' Jake said with a smirk on his face. ''You wish guys. She is all mine, you gotta go now'' Nathan said. I got more scared when he said that because I broke up with him. When the rest of the boys had got out of the house Nathan got back in the room. ''So who is the guy you like and you know if you don't say the right boy it's not going to be good fore you'' he said. ''I like you Nathan, I really do. I regret everyday that I broke up with you'' I answer him with a fake smile. ''Well maybe we should get back together than''. ''I tought you didn't like anymore cinse you, Robert, Jake and Tony are bulling me''. ''I still like you, and we are not bulling you, are we?''. ''yes, you are bulling me I have brushes everywhere. And it's not good, Yesterday I could barly go so I got help by a stranger'' I said a little sad and confused. ''I am so sorry, but I can pretekt you if we get back together. Then the boys can't bully you anymore and I did it just because you broke up with me'' Nathan said to me. '' If you are sure then okay I'll b..'' I got traild of by Nathan kissing me.

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