Experiment 593

Roxana, Avyanna and Talitha are three sisters, each unique and and different: they are genetically engineered humans with remarkable powers. Avyanna is powerful and can take peoples souls for energy. Talitha is emotional and can see the inner workings of a person and Roxana is intelligent and can change her appearance at will They live a happy life inside the contained experimental compound, until one day they wake up in the open world, continents apart. What happened to them? How will they act in the real world? Will they ever find each other again? Each sister takes her own path: for knowledge, for power, and for emotional balance.


1. The Beginning

Deep in the countryside near Exeter you will find our compound. What looks like a wide, five story farm-house from the outside is in fact a secret scientific research facility. Our task there is to build humans. Genetically altered humans. Super-humans, if you will. And it is here, in this compound, that they are built, trained, and eventually killed. Entire lives are lived in this building; lives that you will never know existed.

Many kinds of people have been manufactured here. We’ve had the super strong, the super fast, the fighter, the debater, fire breathers, water benders... all of them and more. They all have one purpose though: they are built as world defenders. Built for war and chaos, and when the time of conflict comes they will be the ones calming the seas and keeping evil from our shores. When war comes, we will be ready.

The Sisters are no exception.

They say that there are three parts of a human: the brain, the heart, the body. They keep us balanced and together they can help achieve perfection. That’s what gave us the idea for the Sisters. Each of them represents one of the three parts, and together they can smite any enemy of Britain.

The youngest- Roxana, the Intellectual. We made her to sport black hair and brown eyes, but she didn't like it. Look away a second, like we did, and she will have changed. She can camouflage in plain sight. Old, young, tall, small, dark, light; she can be whoever she wants. Not only that, but her brain works in ways that no other human can match. With an IQ of 300, she is highly logical and can grasp any concept easier than the one who made it. Don't try to hide the truth from her, she will always find it.

Then there’s Talitha, the Emotional. She has brown, straight hair and green eyes. Nothing unusual in her appearance, but extraordinary in her powers. Just watch her eyes- if they drain of colour then your darkest thoughts and secrets are no longer hidden. ‘Reading’ is what we call her ability, but she has never liked the term herself. When she reads a person she can see all their inner workings. Personality traits, likes, fears, past, opinions, relationships; nothing is hidden from her. She also possesses telekinesis, often fuelled by her emotions and still uncontrolled. Her power should begin to obey her as she matures mentally. We hope.

The eldest is Avyanna, the Physical. Blonde haired, blue eyed and muscular, she has no problem with any physical challenge. She’s fast, strong, skilful and agile. If we made her a country, she could win the Olympics hands down. She gets her energy from an unusual source; human souls. If she steals a little from you, then you’re fine; you don’t feel anything and your soul recovers. If she takes a lot, you will fall ill and your soul may slowly crumble. But if she takes the whole thing... then you lose every part of life and your body remains an empty shell bound to do her bidding. Your memories are hers and your years are added to her life. Fortunately for you we believe she is responsible enough to only take what she needs... but beliefs are not fact.

Apart, these Sisters are heavily unbalanced, but together they could stop the very heart of the world. They could take on the planet, all 7 billion of us, and come out almost unscathed. They could personally be the death of civilisation, but they wouldn't be. They are built to protect the British public, not destroy them.

And how do you know if you’re looking at one of them? Simple. Every human designed and created here at our facility has a ring bonded to the first finger on their left hand, printed with their name and the facility logo. In case they ever escape, we'll know who they are. Besides their identification ring, each experiment is built to look beautiful. Why design something to work, when it can work and look good? Good looks have never hurt anyone- unless incorporated into a weapon. A weapon which can use its aesthetics in more ways than one.

These Sisters are about to go through a rocky time though. It’s the eve of their 15th birthday, but instead of celebrating together in the safety of our compound they will wake up apart, lonely, but most importantly, outside for the first time...

We don’t know how they’ll fend, but we know that they’ll find us soon enough. At least, we believe so; we don’t know what will happen. They could forget about us, become corrupted, die... but letting them out is a necessity. It’s time for them to go.

We built each of these Sisters for a purpose.


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