Crystal Waters

Topaz and Sapphire are for the most part two average sisters. They lived with their Mom and Dad in a wealthy home. One day, they came home to their mom sobbing, all her belongings gone. Their father had disappeared and taken all of their money. Later that year, their mom went missing. Not because she left, but because she was killed. They want to get revenge. One more thing,

They're Mermaids.

[Cover art by TheFuzz]


23. Trapped!


          When I roll over in bed, I see that Sapphire isn't there. She must've gone to get some food. Oh well, I roll back over. 

I'm awakened by a frantic knocking on the door and the desperation in Dakota's voice.

"Topaz! TOPAZ!!! Let me in right NOW!" She screeches.

"Fine, fine, I'm coming," I grumble and unlock the door.

"Topaz! Saph--gone--run--out!" She pants.

"Dakota. Sloowww down. Just tell me what happened!"

         "Well, Sapphire came to my room and said you were still sleeping. I told her that she was all lovey-dovey to Marius. She freaked and ran outside. She's been gone for a long time."

"You told her about what she said to Marius?" I groan. "Ok, when did she leave?"

"Umm, about 4 hours ago?" Dakota says.

          "Why didn't you tell me sooner? Ugh! I realized last night that Arsenal was the one in the bar who started to beat Saph. I forgot this morning. He must've caught her, or something! Sapphire's in trouble, we need to go help her. Get Marius and meet me in the lobby in 15 minutes. I'm going to go get some food."

           When I arrive in the lobby, I spot a man in a brown trench coat huddled against the window. He looks suspicious, though I know better than to approach him. I think I'll follow him. He heads outside and makes circles, trying to lose anyone following him. This is easy. I smile, He's finally going in a different direction. Towards a bunch of dark, narrow alleys. My conscious tells me to stop, turn around, go back to Dakota and Marius. But my curiousity gets the better of me and I keep following.

          Eventually, after a series of twists and turns, he turns into a small alley. Don't go, don't go, my mind screams. I grit my teeth and step into the alley, only to be greeted by the one and only, Arsenal. 

          Quickly, I scan my surroundings, looking for a way out. I see a small door at the end, it must be a passage to where Saph is! One of Arsenal's men step behind me, blocking escape. Dakota and Marius will realize that I won't be meeting them in the lobby. They'll come save us, I know it! I decide to give up now, saving my energy for the getaway.

          "Well hello, Topaz. Reunited at last!" He gives me a lopsided grin. "You were just as easy as Sapphire to capture, if not easier. Would you like to see you're dear sister?" I remain silent. I will not give this evil man any victory over me. "Not talking, I see. Stubborn little girl you always were. I'll get you to talk, soon enough. Put her in a cell," He waves to me as I'm grabbed by my arms, and dragged towards the door that leads to Arsenal's dungeon.

           The door clangs behind me, as I'm left in a dank, dark, metal room. It's about one sixth the size of a servant's quarters.

"Topaz? Is that you?" Sapphire emerges from the corner of the room, bloody and bruised.

"Oh my gosh! Saph! Are you okay?" I rush to her side.

          "I'm fine, the bleeding has finally stopped. I seem to have a knack for getting in these situations," She laughs half-heartedly. 

         "I'm so glad you're okay," I give her a hug. "Don't worry, we'll get out of this. We're stronger than he is," Saph smiles then presses her hand to her cheek.

"What happened?"

          "This morning I got up early and couldn't sleep. I decided to go and talk to Dakota. She told me what I said to Marius, and I wanted to take a walk to blow off some steam. I saw a man in a brown trench coat and followed him into an alley. Arsenal's men jumped me, I fought, but they were too strong. Arsenal threw me in a cell and gave me this," She lifts up her hand and shows me a long gash on the side of her face.

          "I'm such an idiot! I went and got myself caught, now we're both stuck in jail." I sigh, frustrated, and call to the guards. "Get me some hot water in a bucket, a clean rag and some gauze," I demand.

They frown, "We have orders not to give you anything."

         "Well, we need this. Unless, you want one of Arsenal's prisoners," I gesture to Sapphire. "to die of infection. I bet he'll be really happy with you if that happens. Now go!"

           One of the guards runs off while the other one stays. He stands directly in front of our cell, making sure we don't try to do anything. The other returns, handing us a small bucket with steaming water and a relatively clean towel. I snatch it from his hands, and get to work on Saph. I clean her cuts and get rid of all the dirt.

"Did you bring the gauze?" I ask the guards.

"No. Arsenal said it could be used in the wrong way. You are only to have the bucket and towel," He says.

          "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard! I just want to wrap up the cut on her cheek that Arsenal gave her with his knife!" By now I'm yelling, but I don't care.

"It's ok Topaz, calm down," Saph sets her arm on mine.

          "No! I will not calm down! We're stuck in this ridiculously small dungeon at the mercy of our crazy psychopath Father! He took all that we have. He killed our mom. He left us to die. I hate him! I hate him!" I start to cry, which never happens. Sapphire wraps her arm around me and wipes away my tears with the hot water.

          I will kill him. I will kill Arsenal and get back our money. He will regret all that he ever did to us. He will be sorry, and he will pay.


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