Crystal Waters

Topaz and Sapphire are for the most part two average sisters. They lived with their Mom and Dad in a wealthy home. One day, they came home to their mom sobbing, all her belongings gone. Their father had disappeared and taken all of their money. Later that year, their mom went missing. Not because she left, but because she was killed. They want to get revenge. One more thing,

They're Mermaids.

[Cover art by TheFuzz]


14. The Bounty on our Heads


          I woke up to the sound of talking. At first, I thought that it was the pinkies, but I soon realized that the voices were coming from mermen. Crap... It must be Neptune's men. I go to wake Topaz, but she's gone! She must be one step ahead of me... I swim stealthily outside our cave, and see Topaz peering out from the main entrance. She must be watching them. I'm still watching her when a large muscular hand grabs her by her hair and puller her out of the shelter. She's screaming and from what I can hear, flailing around. I swim closer to the entrance and warily peer around. There's only one man, and obviously not one from Neptune's court. He lifts his muscled arm, and I see the glittering of a knife. I glide out of the cave, gripping my trident tightly.

          "I don't know who you are, but no one, NO ONE, messes with my sister and gets away with it." I said, holding my chin high in defiance.

          "Well, well, well. What do we have here?" The mysterious man said.

           I threw my trident with the skill and power of someone who's been hunting all her life. Which I have. The trident hit him square in the wrist, causing him to drop his knife and release his grip on Topaz. She stumbled forward into my arms, and I caught her. Next, I press the button on my bracelet, grip my trident, and spin it around. I was holding my trident backwards, and jabbed the butt of it into the mysterious man's temple. 

          Next, Topaz and I tie him onto a rock using dried seaweed rope. We were positive that he wouldn't be able to get out, so we sat down and took turns napping. It wasn't long before them merman regained conciseness. I stood and placed the teeth of my trident at the stranger's neck.

          "Who are you?!" I snarled.

           He just sat there, smugly glaring at us. At my signal, Topaz stepped forward, and punched his forehead. I could hear the crack of her knuckles against his skull. That couldn't have felt good, however he didn't pass out.

          "I said, who are you?" I asked once again with exaggerated patience.

          The merman sighed. "My name's Marius."

          "And what exactly were you doing trying to kidnap me? You better have a really good reason." Topaz asked, the grudge obvious in her voice.

          "I am a hired hitman." He replied.

          "Who hired you?" I asked, shocked.

          "Can't say, but I can say that you two have quite the bounty on your heads."

          "Whatever. We need to keep moving." Topaz said, resting her hand on my arm.

I butted Marius in the head once more, and went inside to wake the Pinkies.

          "What???" Marina asked sleepily. "It's like so early!"

          "Yeah, I totally need my beauty sleep!" Macy complained.

          "Can it." I said, venom in my words. "Do you wanna be kidnapped and murdered?

The terrified glances that I received told me that they most certainly didn't.


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