Crystal Waters

Topaz and Sapphire are for the most part two average sisters. They lived with their Mom and Dad in a wealthy home. One day, they came home to their mom sobbing, all her belongings gone. Their father had disappeared and taken all of their money. Later that year, their mom went missing. Not because she left, but because she was killed. They want to get revenge. One more thing,

They're Mermaids.

[Cover art by TheFuzz]


24. Revenge


          I wake up groaning, and roll over. Then I remember where I am. Sitting upright, I gasp in pain, my hand pressed into my cheek. Ew, ew, EW!!!! There are flies buzzing all over my open wound. I hate the land! If we were underwater, this cut never would have gotten infected! My vision spins, and a wave of nausea sweeps over me. No. I have to stay strong. For Topaz. I'm the one who got us into this mess, and I'll get us out. I glance over, and Topaz is still asleep, tossing and turning fitfully. I reach over and shake her shoulder gently.

          "Wha...AH! Your cheek!" She screams.

          "But I thought you cleaned it!" I yell in reply.

          "Well obviously, the water wasn't as clean as we thought it was."

          "Whatever. I'll be fine. Anyways, didn't you say that Marius and Dakota were coming to save us?" I ask, somewhat impatiently.

          "Yeah, they'll probably be here soon."

          "How much time has passed anyways?" I ask.

          Topaz squinted in the direction where a thin beam of light shone under the door. "I dunno, maybe four hours?"

          I groan in reply. "Hey, Arsenal! Get your lazy butt down here right away!"

          My insult was followed by the sound of feet dashing down the stairs angrily. "What did you just call me, girl?"

          "Lazy. And if you think that's insulting, then you have no idea what I'm capable of."

          "Oh, really?" He sneered.

          "Yeah, and at what point did you decide to slaughter our mom? Was it before or after your serious brain trauma injury? Because you can tell it really took a toll on your common sense." I spat in his face. That really pushes him over the edge. 

          "You useless, insolent, ungrateful girl!" He screams at me. I calmly meet his furious gaze. Fueled by hot fury, he brought his fist back. Rolling backwards, I dodge his punch, then in his moment of confusion, kick him as hard as I can between his legs. He wails in agony, causing the guards to rush in. The whole time, Topaz had been watching the exchange, her eyes wide in shock.

          At that moment, Dakota and Marius bust through the heavy metal door, armed with our tridents, and the weapons of their own. Swinging his muscled arm, Marius split the lock on our prison. I am so overwhelmed with joy that I run right out and jumped into his arms. After a brief hug, he pulls me back, and asks with concern in his dark eyes, "What happened to your cheek, princess?"

          "It's a story for later." I reply. "Topaz and I can take Arsenal. You and Dakota take the guards."

          Still cringing on the ground, Topaz and I approach the criminal like an angler fish watches its prey, each of us tightly gripping our tridents.

          "You killed our mom. Now we're gonna get revenge." Topaz said.

          "Any last words?" I ask, to which he stares defiantly, hate burning in his eyes.

          "You wouldn't" He answers venomously.

          "Oh, but we would." Topaz insists,

          "Together?" I ask.

          "Together." She replies.

          I hold out my trident, and she places her hand on top of mine. Together, we plunge the deadly points into his heart, savoring the look of fear and shock on his face as his last breath is exhaled through his mouth. Within a split second, all I can feel is the most intense agony I've ever felt in my life. My head spun and my vision blurred. I remember collapsing onto the ground. 

          "What happened?!" Dakota's panicking voice floats to my ear.

          "She's sick. Real sick. She didn't heal all the way from the fight at the bar, and now she has an infected cut, so her body is virtually under attack." Marius's voice sounds like he's speaking through plastic wrap.

          "Oh, let's just get her into the ocean." Topaz said, her voice sounded really slow. I remember one last struggle for consciousness, then beautiful blackness.

          I open my eyes and look around. I must be in Joe's shack. I drift upwards, and swim to a mirror, glad to be underwater again. Looking at my reflection, I notice that my gash is no more than a thin pink line stretching from the top of my ear to the bottom of my jaw.

          I glance behind me to see a worried looking Marius.

"Wha-what happened?" I ask groggily.

         "After we got you out of there, we took you to Joe. He gave you some medicine and the infection went away."

"Where's Topaz," I glance around, not seeing my sister or Dakota anywhere.

          "Um, I don't know how to say this, but she didn't escape from Arsenal's place," He looks sad.

"WHAT?!? But Arsenal is dead!" No, No! Not Topaz.       

          "He is, but his men captured her. Arsenal seems to have brainwashed them. They only obey orders from Arsenal. I think there's a chip somewhere that we have to deactivate, but for now, Topaz is in the dungeon. We have to get her out quickly, the men only guard her, but don't give her food or anything. Apparently, Arsenal was the only one who 'fed' his prisoners. I've been trying to think of a plan, but I can't think of anything," Marius sigs and runs his fingers through his hair, which I think is extremely attractive, but I keep my thoughts to myself.

           "What about Dakota, she made it out too, right?" The thought of my two best friends in that horrible prison makes my head spin, I am forced to sit down.

           "She did," He nods grimly. "But, she got cut by one of the guards on her side. Dakota almost bled to death until we put her in the water. The water stopped the blood flow and Joe gave her some medicine. She's in his office, resting, while he monitors her."

           "Let me get this straight. Topaz is on land, trapped, and we're down here in the water, resting?" I hiss. "How long has it been since the fight?"

"About eight hours," Marius replies.

         "Well, we better get a move on. I am not letting my sister spend one night in that terrible place," I get up quickly, making my head spin even more. I swim forward, determined to get to my trident, only to have Marius place his arm on mine.

         "No, Saph, you need to rest. I'll get Topaz," His eyes are filled with genuine concern. My eyes brim with tears, wanting Topaz, wanting to go back to the palace with Neptune, wanting to be healed.

          "But, Topaz is down there all alone, and who knows what will happen to her, and–" I was cut off by Marius pressing his lips tenderly on mine. I stood there, tensed up in shock.

          "Rest, princess. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I lost you."

          "No." I say defiantly.


          "No. Topaz is my sister, and in the name of Neptune, I'll go get her."

          Marius sighs in defeat. "Okay, but I'm coming too. Don't do anything stupid."

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