Crystal Waters

Topaz and Sapphire are for the most part two average sisters. They lived with their Mom and Dad in a wealthy home. One day, they came home to their mom sobbing, all her belongings gone. Their father had disappeared and taken all of their money. Later that year, their mom went missing. Not because she left, but because she was killed. They want to get revenge. One more thing,

They're Mermaids.

[Cover art by TheFuzz]


19. Into a New World


          "WHAT?!" Marina shouts.

          "Oh, can it!" I reply, sick of all the Pinkies' complaining. "What we really should be worrying about is how to get legs."

          "Guys, I think I found something." Saph says triumphantly. "On the map it says that there should be an alchemist here who can help us." She points to a small shack hastily drawn out , and it's in the same bay that we were!

          "Okay, well instead of staring at the map, why don't we get a move on, our legs aren't going to grow themselves." Marius says. I glare at his direction in response. Boy, did I hate him. Especially when he hits on my sister. I know he saved our lives and stuff but something about him still seems shady.

          We all dive beneath the surface, and before we know it, we see a small shack with bubbles coming out of the chimney. Someone is home, and obviously very busy. We swim quickly inside. There is a small figure hunched over a worn down wooden table, mixing some chemicals that glowed strange colors.

          "Excuse me, sir?" I ask. He spins around, obviously startled to have visitors. The merman iss obviously old, you could tell by his head -which was 99% bald- and those crazy green eyes that were protected by glasses, with one lens shattered.

          "Oh, my. I must have gotten so caught up in my work, that I didn't even notice that I had visitors!" He says in a wheezing, cackling laughter that makes me cringe. I back up a little, startled. 

          "Hi, My name's Topaz, and this is my older sister Sapphire we're the daughters of King Neptune, and we were wondering if you could help us get legs." I ask him, unsure of how he would react. His crazy, nearly toothless smile vanishes within a second.

          "Now that's some dangerous business you're getting yourself into, Princess. But no matter. I can still help."

          "Thank you, Sir." Sapphire exhales in relief.

          "Oh, no. No formalities needed. Call me Joe."

          The aged merman drifts over to a shelf that is made out of driftwood, and takes off a big vial of glowing pink liquid.

          "Before you drink this I need to warn you of something. When you're on land, sometimes your tail will randomly appear. I suggest that you find some way to hide it, unless you want to end up in the zoo."

          "What's a zoo?" I ask. Joe waves away the question.

          "Now, each of you need to take a sip. Then, swim into the hidden tunnel behind my shack. There's a path that leads to an empty cave. There, you need to pull yourselves onto the land, and your legs will grow. Also, don't inhale water, or else the potion will stop working, unless you want to be mermaids again. Finally, take some underwear and clothes from my chest over there," He says, pointing to a bamboo chest against the wall. "You'll need them."

          One by one, we pass the vial around, each of us taking a sip. Next, we each grab a bag from the chest, containing clothes. "Thank you so much  Joe," Sapphire calls out before we leave. "We'll never forget you!"

          Our group swims around the back of his shack and sure enough, there was the tunnel that led to the cave. One at a time, we swim through, Star and Kona trailing close behind. I have to remember to reward them once this whole crazy adventure-thing was over. After swimming for a few minutes in a dark maze of tunnels that was constantly twisting and turning, we emerge into a vast cave, with a single beam of light entering through a hole in the top. We all surface and look around.

          "This must be the cave Joe mentioned." I say, my voice bouncing and echoing off the cone-shaped walls.

          "Okay, let's get started!" Saph says, with fake enthusiasm. 

          Marius swims to the opposite end of the cave, where theres was a convenient kelp curtain. Apparently, the mer-people have been using this cave for generations to go on land. I put my tan hands on the rim of the cave and hoist myself out of the water with a grunt. I continue to drag myself farther and farther from the serene water. Within a matter of minutes, something I stare down at my shimmering orange tail, a look of horror and amazement on my face.

          I look over at Sapphire, and her deep blue tail is doing the same. She catches my gaze, and we smile at each other. Further down, we can hear the Pinkies shouts of 'Ew!' and 'SO GROSS!' Finally, my tail was all gone and all I have are two naked legs. I reach over for my bag of clothes and open it. Inside, there is underwear, a v-neck t-shirt, and some some shorts. I have never actually held some in my hands, let alone wear them. I pull the shirt over my head, then go to slip on the shorts. As it turns out, I have no idea how to put them on.

          "You need to stand up!" Sapphire calls over to me. This could get interesting. I lift my butt off the ground, then slowly slide out one leg under me at a time. Now, I push up with my legs. I did it! I go to lift one leg, but end up sprawled on the floor. How can humans like using legs! It's so hard and inconvenient! Besides, with a tail, you don't even need to wear shorts of pants or even a skirt. 

          Sapphire walks over to me. She reminds me of a baby shark, trying to swim for the first time. Somehow, she had managed to get her shorts on. She is also wearing a coral colored tank top. "Here. Let me help you." She says. "Stand up again." I stand up, wobbling, and she comes over, and has me put my arm around her neck.

         After Saph helps me into my shorts, we go over to help the Pinkies. Macey and Marina were shrieking about how they wanted their tails back and didn't want to help find our "dangerous" dad. Macey was crying, saying her mother will be so mad. Marius was being, well, Marius. He quickly changed, hopping onto one foot trying to put on something Joe described as "jeans".

          "Okay, look. The only reason I signed up for this crazy trip was to enjoy a relaxing vacation. And this," She hisses and gestures to her bare legs, "is anything but. Come on girls, we are leaving!" Macey eagerly stumbles into the water and disappears beneath the surface. Dakota looks a bit hesitant. "Dakota, we don't have all day, lets GO!" Marina demands.

          "Umm-uh, well I kinda want to stay here. I've had lots of fun, and I want to help Topaz and Sapphire." Dakota cringes, waiting for Marina's response.

          "Excuse me?"

          Dakota stomps her newfound foot defiantly. "You heard me. No. I'm. Staying. Here."

          "Well, fine! But don't come crying back to me when you get hurt. Bye Dakota, have fun with you new friends," She sneers and does a perfect dive into the water.

          That was interesting. "Alright, girls, and Marius. Let's go get Arsenal!" For once, Dakota cheers and starts chatting away with Sapphire, like they had been best friends forever. I kick Marius' leg and tie his arms with a rope that Joe gave us. "You're not going anywhere," I yank him up and laugh as he falls back down onto the grainy sand.

          "Topaz, cut it out," Sapphire gives me a look and helps Marius up. He grunts in appreciation. I mean, on land, Marius looks pretty hot, but that still doesn't excuse what he tried to do to my sister. Whatever, I roll my eyes and weakly trudge up the sand, already dreading what is to come.


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