Crystal Waters

Topaz and Sapphire are for the most part two average sisters. They lived with their Mom and Dad in a wealthy home. One day, they came home to their mom sobbing, all her belongings gone. Their father had disappeared and taken all of their money. Later that year, their mom went missing. Not because she left, but because she was killed. They want to get revenge. One more thing,

They're Mermaids.

[Cover art by TheFuzz]


1. Hunting


         I wake up in my bed and shake my hand to illuminate the bioluminescent plankton. They glow as I swim out of my room and into my sisters bed.

          "Sapphire, Sapphire! WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD!" Sapphire leaps out of bed and starts flailing her dagger wildly. "Saph, chill it's me."

          "Wha, huh? Is breakfast ready?" 

          I shake my head, "No we have to go to the kelp forest and catch some fish. Are you in the mood for Opaleye?"

"Ugh! I'm hungry, but yeah, Opaleye sounds delicious!"

          Saph checks her shimmering blue tail and the matching bikini top. She goes into her closet and grabs her trident, the same color as her tail, engraved with the letters SW. Sapphire Waters. I'm Topaz Waters. In case you're wondering why we have gemstone names, it's a family tradition. The names also match our tails, Sapphire's tail is blue, and mine is gold.

          "Ok let me go grab my dagger, and we'll be on our way." I swim into my room and grope under my pillow for the topaz encrusted dagger that my mom gave to us. I also press a portion of the wall and a panel slides out holding my golden trident. I grab it and head back into Sapphire's room. "Saph, ready to go?"

"Yup lets go get some fish!" She exclaims excitedly.

          We swim around the staircase, trying to avoid the servants. I tell Sapphire to meet me outside the gates at our special spot. I head to the stables and grab our dolphins, Kona and Star. I hop on Star, and grab her dorsal fin while I tie Kona to my saddlebag. It holds my dagger, a canteen full of kelp juice, and an extra spear head that can attach to my trident's handle. I hold my trident in one hand, and Star's reins in the other. I urge Star faster and she flies over the palace gates. I peek over my shoulder to make sure that the guards didn't see me, and Star swims to the cave. We swim in and surface where Sapphire is waiting for us.

"Where were you?" She asks angrily.

          "Sorry, I had to fill up my canteen and grab you an extra spearhead. You're welcome." I hand her Kona's reins and saddlebag.

"Oh, thanks. Ready?"

"So ready!"

          Saph and I ride Kona and Star to the edge of the kelp forest and tie them up. They can't come with us otherwise they'll scare off fish. But we stick our daggers in the belt, just in case. Saph and I grab our tridents and enter the forest just as the sun starts to come up. Perfect timing. I spot a Garibaldi and lunge at it with my trident. Perfect! Right in the tail. I pull it in, and cut its head off. I stick the fish, head and all, into my belt. The dolphins love the heads. We swim deeper into the kelp and spot a school of Señoritas. They may be small, but they're delicious. Total, Saph and I spear 7. We head into the caves and get a small bass. Just as we are leaving, we spot 3 Opaleyes. 

          "Mmmm, I have a craving for Opaleye." I wink at Sapphire and we throw our tridents at the same time. She hits 2 and I hit 1.

"Nice shot."

           She grins and we reel them in. I quickly slit their throats before they can swim away. We head back to where Kona and Star are patiently waiting. I feed Star some Señorita heads, her favorite, and Saph feeds Kona the Bass, and Garibaldi heads. The rest are for later. We take a swig of Kelp Juice and put the fish in our saddlebags. I climb onto Star's back and Sapphire likewise. We stop by the reef to watch all of the beautiful fish, then head back to the palace. We drop Star and Kona off at the stables and sneak back into the halls. We are just about to go inside the kitchen and cook the fish when Neptune strides up.

"Well, Well, Well, where have you girls been?"

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