Crystal Waters

Topaz and Sapphire are for the most part two average sisters. They lived with their Mom and Dad in a wealthy home. One day, they came home to their mom sobbing, all her belongings gone. Their father had disappeared and taken all of their money. Later that year, their mom went missing. Not because she left, but because she was killed. They want to get revenge. One more thing,

They're Mermaids.

[Cover art by TheFuzz]


3. Escape


          After being locked up in my room for two days, I have nothing to do. I can't talk to Sapphire, so we just bang on the walls to take out our frustration. Even though my room is furnished for a princess, there is nothing to do. I take my dagger from my pillow and start chipping at the wall in the corner. Saph catches on and starts working from the other side. Eventually we have small hole the width of a mouse to talk through. She rants on and on about escaping. I know we can't do this. Where will we go? Neptune brought us in as orphans and adopted us as his own. That would just be mean to leave, right? I guess the idea is kind of exciting. I mean hunting all around the kelp forest, living out on our own. We would bring Star and Kona, they would love it. Being in the wild, not being crammed in some stuffy stable. I actually consider the idea. It could be really fun. We would of course return after a while, but who doesn't need an adventure every now and then? Sapphire and I weigh out the pros and cons of leaving. We talk about our father, who killed our mother. His name is Arsenal. He married my mother just to steal her riches, we were wealthy, but then when she got sick, he left her to die. Arsenal ran off to live on land and start a new life. I want revenge. Sapphire wants revenge. We decide to personally hunt him down.

          The next day, I get all of my stuff together. I grab my trident, spear head, dagger, canteen, belt, extra bikini tops, a hairbrush, and some dried seaweed. 

"Hey Saph, are you ready?" I whisper through the hole.

"Umm, yea, do you-um-uh- by chance have an extra backpack?" 

"Are you serious? What happened to the expensive, engraved ones that Neptune got us?"

          "Well, I kinda left it in Kona's stall and she ate it," Okay, it's official. Even though she's older than me, I'm the more responsible one. I sigh and grab my extra backpack, it's small, but It'll do.

          "Okay, I got you my other backpack. Remember the plan, when Melonie opens the door to give us food, pull her inside and explain what we're doing. Get her to unlock my door, and we'll meet at the stables. We'll risk going out the side gate. Then we'll head over to the kelp forest, and double back south, behind the palace. We'll go to our cave to talk about the next step, ready?

          "Ready," I hear her stuff the her pillow in front of the hole and I cover it with my chair. I check my watch. Melonie should be brining us lunch soon.

          I hear a knock and the door being opened. Sapphire grabs Melonie by her neck, who grunts, and shuts the door. About five minutes later, my door opens.

"Hey Melonie, thanks for helping us. We will write a note so you won't get in trouble."

          "Yeah, well I kinda had no choice. Sapphire threatened me with her dagger," She rubs her neck and I laugh.

"That's Sapphire! I'm going to miss you! We'll come back, don't worry."

"I'll miss you too! Stay safe," I pull her into a quick hug and swim outside my door. 

          I slowly glide down the spiral staircase, avoiding any other servants that aren't on lunch break. I take extra caution before quickly slipping out to the stables. I hear Sapphire tacking up Kona. I hurry over to Kona's stall and glance at Sapphire, putting my finger to my lips. She nods in understanding and hikes the backpack onto her shoulders. I do the same, and hop onto Star's back. We swim out to the side gate and and quietly unlock it. It makes a small creaking noise, and we flinch. I urge Star faster, and we circle the kelp forest. I can hear the guards shouting from inside the palace with my conch shell. I left the other one in my room to pick up the sounds. I think of the note we left Neptune.

          Neptune, you have been so kind to us. We appreciate all you have done in adopting us as our own. We need some space for a while. We are going to try and hunt down Arsenal, our father. We promise to come back. Don't punish Melonie, she didn't do anything wrong. We love you, Topaz & Sapphire.

          "Um, Topaz, don't you think we should go now? I mean the guards are coming." She stares at me intently, breaking my trance. 

          "Oh yeah, urr, right," Sapphire leads the way, and I follow. I check my conch shell again and am surprised to hear Neptune.

          "They couldn't have gone far. What have I done? I should've given them more freedom, now they've run away for good." I can hear Melonie comforting him, saying it's not his fault, and that we'll come back. I kind've feel bad, but I push that thought from my mind. We need to focus on finding my father. Sapphire grins at me and I smirk. We escaped!

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