Crystal Waters

Topaz and Sapphire are for the most part two average sisters. They lived with their Mom and Dad in a wealthy home. One day, they came home to their mom sobbing, all her belongings gone. Their father had disappeared and taken all of their money. Later that year, their mom went missing. Not because she left, but because she was killed. They want to get revenge. One more thing,

They're Mermaids.

[Cover art by TheFuzz]


8. Eluded Capture


          When Topaz and I approach the Alaskan Salmon Breeding Grounds, I start to get really excited. There are thousands of huge salmon, just roaming around. I motion to Topaz and Star swims over to me.

          "Topaz, let's do the whirlpool," The whirlpool is where you have your dolphins go at top speed, on their own, circling a school of fish, creating a whirlpool. The salmon become tired and deprived of oxygen and water, then you stick them with your trident.

           Kona starts at a slow pace, herding a group of about 20 salmon into a circle. Star gradually joins in, the fish are starting to look for a way out. At full pace, dolphins can swim up to 20 MPH. But Star and Kona are retired racers, trained to hunt, so they can go up to about 23 MPH. I float by the side of the circle and after about 3 minutes, the fish aren't looking too good. I blow a shrill whistle and immediately the dolphins halt. We throw our tridents at the fish, striking them down one by one. Eventually, one shining silver salmon is left and simultaneously Topaz and I lunge our tridents at it. Hers catches it on the tail, and mine hits it on the stomach. It thrashes wildly, before going completely still. Using my net, Topaz scoops up all the fish while I am enlisted to find Topaz and Star. After we had killed some salmon, they swam off to catch their own fish.

          I venture out to the North side of the breeding grounds. Plankton are raised there for food. Sure enough, there's Kona and Star, chirping wildly and spinning around in the masses of plankton. "Okay Star, that's enough, you can get more later, " I lecture and she looks at me briefly with a moment of regret while I click my tongue, and slowly, Star swims over. I tie her to my belt. "Come on Kona, I have some fish," I wiggle a salmon head and Kona just looks at me before resuming spinning and catching plankton. I sign in frustration, "Hey Kona, look at this," At this point I feed Star the salmon head. Kona immediately swims over and nudges my hand. I clip her into my belt and feed her another head. "Gotcha!" Kona can't stand Star getting food without her. Relieved, I climb onto Star's back and she moves at a slow pace. "Must be all of that plankton, girl," She nickers and I pat her side. "C'mon, we need to get going," I urge her faster and just as we reach the clearing where Topaz was, they halt. "Star, Kona, let's go!" Still they won't budge, I look around in the murky water strewn with fish guts, something isn't right. Where is Topaz? My thoughts are interrupted by a wire mesh net being thrown around me. I flail my trident while Star whacks the attacker with her tail. Without avail, I finally give up. Star noticing me not fighting anymore, stops too. Tired and hopeless I turn around and see the Grounds Patrol. Great. "Let go of me!" I shout harshly. 

          "Hello Ms. Sapphire, Neptune is offering a great reward for the runaway princesses," He hisses the "s" and sends shivers down my spine. 

"Where is my sister?"

          "Oh, well, let's just say she is safe locked up. She's a fighter, that one," The Patrol pauses as if remembering where he imprisoned her.

"Oh yea, well so am I!" Angered, I slam the butt of my trident into his stomach, he doubles over and I knock him out with a punch to the temple. I tie him up and stuff him in a closet, after grabbing the keys from his belt.

          I sneak around the "prison," avoiding any guards who spot me. Finally, I reach a tower-like structure and can just spot a shimmering gold tail. I stick the keys in the lock and it opens with a slight creak. Stealthily, I pull out my dagger and some medicine from my belt. "Topaz, wake up!" Topaz groans and rolls over on her side. I see a nasty bruise under her jar and mutter under my breath. "You need to get up NOW! The rest of the guards will notice their leader stuffed up in a closet," This makes her laugh a little and she groggily sits up.

"Umm-wh-where excatly a-am I?" She asks questioningly.

          "Well, I'm guessing the Patrolman came up behind you and threw a net over you. You struggled and he had to knock you out."

          "Now that you mention it it does hurt, ow," Topaz tenderly touches her jaw and flinches. I hand her a hot pack and she places it on her sore mouth.

          "So we kind of need to get out of here soon, 'cause the guards are coming and I don't want to have to make them all merman skewers," Topaz giggles and slowly swims out of the stall, I lock it and throw the keys against the wall. That'll take them some time to retrieve those. 

          Cautiously we head over to where the unconscious guard is flopped over in the closet. Topaz's eyes are flashing with anger.

          "This is for throwing a net at me, punching me," Topaz slaps him, hard, on the cheek. "And this, is for hurting my sister!" She whacks him in the eye.

          "Okkaaaayyyyy, Topaz, let's leave before you hurt the poor guy." She's scaring me, just a little.

"Hmph," She grunts and swims out. I shake my head, That's Topaz for you.

          As we head back out to find the dolphins, we are extra wary about being spotted, and constantly look over our shoulders. Finally, we spot Kona and Star, indulging on even more plankton and some salmon. I quickly swim over to Kona and kiss her on the forehead. "C'mon girl, we need to go now," I get on her glossy back and check over my shoulder one more time. Just Star and Topaz. "Ready Topaz? I was thinking about heading to..." I quickly consult my map, "Um- Graystorm Bay by the Caribbean Islands."

"Are you sure? That is a long swim, about 4 days if we hurry," She looks at me doubtfully.

          "Kona and Star can take it, they have good stamina. Besides, Graystorm Bay is the last place Arsenal was seen. We have to follow any lead we can get," Topaz sighs and starts to swim ahead of me on Star.

          "I hope it doesn't live up to its name. Let's go, but we need to make sure Kona and Star get to rest often," I nod, "Annddd, I get at least 8 hours of sleep." Oh Topaz! I agree and we start to head south towards the Caribbean Islands and the long journey ahead of us.



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