Crystal Waters

Topaz and Sapphire are for the most part two average sisters. They lived with their Mom and Dad in a wealthy home. One day, they came home to their mom sobbing, all her belongings gone. Their father had disappeared and taken all of their money. Later that year, their mom went missing. Not because she left, but because she was killed. They want to get revenge. One more thing,

They're Mermaids.

[Cover art by TheFuzz]


16. Disbelief


           "The person who hired me was... Arsenal Waters." My heart stops. The first thought that forms in my mind is, Our father hired someone to kill us?

           "Are you sure?" Topaz asks. "I think you are getting him confused with someone else. I-I mean that's our father. He wouldn't do that to us," She looks at me, "Would he?"

           "Considering what happened to mom, I think he would. I'm sorry Topaz, we have to take Marius with us to the Caribbean. Maybe he can help us find Arsenal. There's all the more reason to hunt him down," Topaz hangs her head.

          Within minutes Marius is tied up with a bunch of different fisherman's knots. There is no possible way he can get out. Topaz grabs Marius' dolphin, Knight, and assigns Dakota and Macy to ride him.

          "But what if the dolphin is mean?" Macy pouts, her fiery red hair floating with the current. "Knight belongs to Marius, the bad guy, what if Knight tries to buck us off?"

"Ya, I agree with Macy. No way am I riding that thing," Dakota links arms with Macy.

           "Fine. You two can stay here while I go relax and enjoy the Caribbean on my own," Marina says. For once, I'm actually glad she's here.

           "Hmph," Dakota grunts. "We'll ride on that stupid dolphin. Come on Mace, let's get this over with."

            "Thanks Marina. Alright, Topaz will ride on Star with Marius for the first shift. I'll ride on Kona with Marina. Actually, how about Marius swims alongside Topaz and Star, Topaz will keep an eye on him. Everyone ready to go?" I ask.

          "Wait!" Marina calls out. Here we go again, I think to myself. "Can I puh-leassee ride Kona on my own? Star is strong, she can take both Sapphire and Topaz." She bats her eyelashes.

          "Not happening, Blondie," Marina looks offended. "Marius is going to be tied to Star too. We need to preserve their energy. We are only a day away from Graystorm Bay. Alright everyone, let's get moving!"

          We set off at a steady pace, stopping every hour or so for a rest. Marius is getting really tired which is good, he won't have the energy to escape. Kona and Star have fantastic endurance, I think it's from the fish they have been eating. Marina and the Pinkies are constantly complaining, no change there. Topaz is still in disbelief about our father, I can't blame her. I am not hurt as easily, but I stopped trusting people a long time ago. I guess she just hoped that we could change him. She knew that she couldn't deep down inside, but now Topaz is finally realizing the truth, our father is an evil man.

          "Let's stop here for the night," Topaz calls out, breaking my trance. "Tomorrow, the Caribbean calls us!" With that, the Pinkies give a small cheer, grab their bags, and hurry off to get their "beauty sleep" for the night.

           We tie Marius underneath a small rock ledge and find our own cave to spend the night. Luckily, Marius was so tired during the trip, he spat out any information we needed. Now, we have lots of leads on Arsenal. I pick out a small cave while Topaz ties all three dolphins outside.

           "You know Topaz, he was never our father. I mean sure, he's our birth father, but he's just an evil man. He never cared about us or mom, you just need to forget about his relation to us. I know you hoped he would change, but obviously he isn't going to. Just an evil man, remember that. We need to get our revenge and bring him to justice. Neptune is our real father, even though we're adopted, he is the one who cared for us when no one else did. He let us live in his palace, he fed us, he bought us dolphins, he paid for our education, he gave us his money to spend. Neptune did all of that for us, Arsenal did, what? Stole our money, left us, left our sick mother to die. Who is our real father?"

           Topaz starts to cry, which is hard to tell because we're under water. This is one of the few times, I've seen her this upset. "Neptune. Neptune is our real father. I'm sorry, Saph. I really hoped that Arsenal would change, but like what you said, he is evil," Topaz squares her shoulders. "He is an evil man, and we will get revenge."

"That's my girl," I give her a quick hug. "Now go to sleep, it's been a hard day."

"Sapphire?" Topaz asks.


"Thanks for being there for me. I love you, sis."

"That's what sisters are for. Love you too Topaz."

          We've never really had a heart to heart before. We were raised to mask our emotions and carry on, no matter how much it hurt. I'm glad we both got to let off the load on our shoulders. I know that finding Arsenal is going to be super tough and emotional, but I know, as long as I have Topaz on my side, we're going to get through it, together.



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