Crystal Waters

Topaz and Sapphire are for the most part two average sisters. They lived with their Mom and Dad in a wealthy home. One day, they came home to their mom sobbing, all her belongings gone. Their father had disappeared and taken all of their money. Later that year, their mom went missing. Not because she left, but because she was killed. They want to get revenge. One more thing,

They're Mermaids.

[Cover art by TheFuzz]


20. Deep Down


          Ok, so this might sound totally weird, but Dakota is actually pretty cool. It turns out she loves to hunt and only hung out with the Pinkies because they blackmailed her. And get this, her tail was dyed pink! It's actually more of a teal color like mine. I think I finally have a real friend.

          We trudge along the beach, Topaz staring daggers at Marius while he tags along behind Dakota and I. Finally, we reach a small building that says Graystorm Bay Bar. I wasn't sure what a bar even was, but it couldn't be good.

          "You sure you wanna go in there, Princess?" Marius directs the question at me.

"I'm fine," I say, pushing away the fear building up inside me.

"Here," Topaz hands her dagger to Dakota. "You're going to need this."

          "Thanks but, I have one right here," She pulls out a long knife with a simple leather handle. We all stare wide-eyed as she quickly slips it back into the sheath. Dakota, sensing our inquisitive stares, blushes. "I kept it in the huge suitcases that Marina made us lug around. When we had to get clothes I slipped it into my pocket."

"You just keep getting cooler and cooler," I say in awe.

"Thanks," Dakota giggles and puts the dagger away.

          "Alright. We'll go to the bar in groups of two. Me and Saph. Dakota and Marius. Try to bribe some of the men to see if Arsenal has been here. In 15 minutes we'll meet back at the cave. Everyone good?" Topaz looks at us expectantly.

"Not good. Why can't I be with the Princess?" Marius gives me a half-smile.

          "Definitely not. After what you tried to do to me..." Topaz shakes her head. "No. You're going with Dakota. And if you try anything, anything, you're dead meat." She hisses in his ear.

          "Um, guys? I'm here too, ya know. I think I can make my own choices." I say, uselessly, since they both ignored me.

"Okay there Princess. No need to get feisty. Ready to go Kota?"

I sighed heavily.

"Excuse, me?" Dakota asks.

          "Kota. That's you're new nickname. Ready?"

"Umm, okayyy?" She trails off.

          "Well let's get moving," Marius jokingly puts an arm around her as they enter the bar and for a moment I feel a pang of jealousy. No, Sapphire, No. I chide myself. He tried to kill your sister. He is bad. Very bad. I manage to convince myself of this, but it still doesn't settle that fluttery feeling in my heart. Because I know deep down, that Marius is not bad, that he made a mistake, he is good, and I, am falling for him. I mean, seriously? Me, Sapphire Waters, the daughter of King Neptune, next heir to the throne; the mermaid who has become a part-time assassin, falling for someone. 

          Topaz and I enter the structure. When the sights, smells, and most of all, sounds, hit me, I almost fall over. You see, all these sensory objects are much duller underwater. Being on land just gives me a sensory overload. I looked around the building. It was the biggest land building I had ever seen, and was filled with flashing lights, loud music, and TONS of humans. and decided to ask the bartender if she had seen Arsenal.

          Right before I asked Topaz she said to me, "Why don't we split up? We can get so much more done that way."

          "No! Bad, bad BAD idea."I say to her, but she is already walking away. Just great.

I wander through the crowd, bumping into dancing people as I search for a familiar face. Or maybe, a wall. A wall would probably be just as helpful. Boy, was I gonna kill Topaz when I found her. I finally make it to the rough wooden wall, and lean against it, sighing. I had been standing there for a few minutes, and dare I say, my stupid feet had begun to hurt- when a man staggered up to me. He must be a merman! He looks kind of familiar. By the way he is staggering towards me, he looks like he was just transformed! Maybe he has heard of Arsenal!

          "Hi. Whaat's a purtty li'ell flowerrr like you doing in a place lahk this?" He asked, his words slurred, and barely recognizable. There's also a smell in his breath. A pungent odor that I have never smelled before, and one that makes me wrinkle my nose.

          "Um, I'm looking for a man..." I say, but he obviously wasn't listening to a word I was saying. He stumbled forward, probably bumped by one of the thousands of land-dwellers that were crammed into this small place, or.... no. I think I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Okay, now he's too close for comfort. I pull my dagger out from the hidden sheath that remains into my combat boots, which are a few sized too big. I press the neatly sharpened point into his belly. His face contorts into a sneer, and he brings his fist back.

          Before he can strike, I lunge at him, knocking him over, and pin him to the ground. The crowd scatters, a few people gasp, but most ignore the sudden commotion. He struggles, but I pull my fist back, and land a firm blow to his nose. Blood erupted and he growled in anger. I'm used to the drag of the water, so on land, I must be stronger and faster, because I don't have hundreds of pounds of pressure to fight against.

          While I was distracted in my thoughts, the strangely familiar man flipped me over, and started hitting my face mercilessly. Blow after blow landed, and I could feel the skin on my cheek tear under the sudden abuse. I kicked him off, then scrambled franticly to get my dagger that had been kicked to the side. I risked a glance over my shoulder, and saw that the man was a meter away from me. No! I wasn't going to make it to the dagger! I did the next best thing, which was to put my back to the wall, curl up, and wait for the hits to come. They never did. I looked up, and saw the best thing I've ever seen in my life.

          Marius was sprinting towards the oblivious human. His expression was going to give me nightmares. At least it wasn't directed towards me. Faster and stronger on land, Marius barreled straight into him, knocking him into the wall. He then picked the man up with his hands on his collar, and stared deeply into his eyes.

          "If you ever. EVER. Lay another hand on Sapphire, that will be the last thing you ever do."

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