Crystal Waters

Topaz and Sapphire are for the most part two average sisters. They lived with their Mom and Dad in a wealthy home. One day, they came home to their mom sobbing, all her belongings gone. Their father had disappeared and taken all of their money. Later that year, their mom went missing. Not because she left, but because she was killed. They want to get revenge. One more thing,

They're Mermaids.

[Cover art by TheFuzz]


25. A Lost Love


They are gone.


All of them. 


Sapphire. Marius. Dakota.


          I sit here in my cell, all too familiar with my surroundings, crying. Everyone escaped, everyone but me. Arsenal is dead, his brainwashed men aren't. I'm starving, I haven't eaten in a day. I'm thirsty, but no one brings me water. If Sapphire was going to rescue me, it would've been a long time ago. They will not come for me. This is where I am going to die. I will die like my father, broken, without dignity. 

          I can't cry anymore. I feel like everything in me was ripped out, by Arsenal, by losing our mom, by breaking Neptune's heart. I call to the guards, but all they do is stare straight ahead. The only sound is that of their breathing, chests rising and falling. I wish I could write Sapphire a letter for when I'm gone. Telling her that she was a great sister, telling her to move on without me, live a happy life with Marius, but I can't. I have liquid lead in my veins, I can't move.

           I wish that when I die, I will still look like my mother, pale, but beautiful even in sleep. I wish that even if Sapphire never finds my body, she will know that I am gone, but that I will be waiting for her.

          I am startled by a sound at the door, breaking me out of my depression and self-pity. I hear a small, click, then the door swings open, emitting a bright light. A gleam of my golden trident catches my eye. There stands Sapphire, holding her trident, hand in hand with Marius. The men are caught off guard. Sapphire runs to my cell, while Marius fights off the men. She pulls out a small vial, and pours it on the bars. Immediately, they sizzle and fall to the ground with a clang. Saph pulls me into a tight embrace.

           "I thought you were gone," She says. We both start to cry, out of joy, and out of exhaustion. We look to Marius who is fighting off the last two men. "I need to go help him, you stay here," Sapphire springs into action, deflecting and dealing blow after blow, until finally, she stabs a guy in the leg and he falls. All the men are on the ground.

"Thanks, Princess," Marius breathes.

          "Hey, you've saved my life countless times. I think it's my turn to pay you back," She gives him a quick kiss, I put my hands over my eyes.

"Ew! I sure missed a lot while I was gone," I giggle.  

           Suddenly, the man that Saph stabbed in the leg jumps up and pulls out a small dagger. He plunges it into Marius' side, then collapses on the floor. Marius cries out and staggers backward.

          "Marius!" Sapphire runs to his side and catches him before he hits the floor. She rests his head on her lap. "No, no, this can't be happening!" Tears stream down her face.

           "It's ok, Princess," He smiles weakly. "Live your life and know I'll be waiting for you, up there," He points upwards and sighs. "You have Topaz. We rescued her, we did it!"

"We did it," She repeats sadly. "Don't leave me, Marius!"

"I'm sorry," Marius says. "I-I love you, Sapphire."

          "I love you too!" Saph is bawling. Marius shudders and sighs heavily. "Marius?" She shakes him. "No, Marius no!" She gives him a light kiss on the cheek and stands up.

"Sapphire," I say.

          "No, Topaz! He needs to die in his rightful place, the water," Carefully, Saph and I pick up Marius. He looks like he could be sleeping, except for the gaping wound in his side. We go back to the cave where we were transformed. Saph sets his body into the water. "Marius, I'm so sorry I couldn't save you. You risked your life for Topaz and I so many times," She starts to cry again. The only sound is the water crashing against the rocks and Sapphire's angry sobs. A ripple goes through the water. 

"What the-?" My voice is cut off by Marius coughing and sputtering in the water.

         "Marius!" Sapphire runs and jumps into the pool. "I thought you were dead!"

         "I-" Marius's eyes loll back into his head, unconscious. When Saph starts to freak out, I leap towards the water.  As soon as I hit, I feel the tingly sensation once more, and my tail returns. I can breathe underwater! It feels amazing to be in the water again. I spot Sapphire, shaking Marius, who is floating on the bottom. He has his tail, that means he's alive! Slowly, Marius eye's flutter open.

"Marius! You're alive! I was so worried about you!" Saph hugs him tightly.

         "Guess I couldn't stay dead for too long, I knew you'd need me, Princess," Marius replies, and places his hand on her once tearstained cheek. Just like his old self. Saph smiles, but I roll my eyes.

         "Well, now that everyone's alive, let's get back to Dakota. She's going to be ecstatic," I swim ahead, eager to share with Dakota all that has happened.

         When we arrive back at the lab, Joe is running around frantically, digging through all of his potions and bottles.

          "Ahhh. Topaz! I'm so glad you're okay! I see that my acid worked in getting you out of your cell. If you really don't mind, I must get back to Dakota," He veers around the corner with one of his concoctions, almost tripping on his own feet. I follow him into his office. The sight of Dakota makes me stop dead in my tracks. Pale-faced and shaky, Dakota is on the brink of death. The monitors attached to her are beeping loudly and flashing red-lights. Joe opens her mouth and pours a blue-green liquid down her throat. She makes a gagging noise and opens her eyes.

"Topaz," She croaks.

"Dakota! Joe what happened?" I grab her hand, trying to soothe her shaking body.

          Joe pushes up his coke-bottle glasses, "Apparently, the blade she was stabbed with had poison in it. It's slow working and very rare. All of a sudden, her heart rate dropped and she got really shaky. I've been trying to find a cure, but nothing is working. The best we can do is make her comfortable. I don't think she'll last long," Now it's my turn to cry. He smiles apologetically. "I'll give you some time," Joe walks out leaving Saph, Marius and I.

           "I'm gonna die aren't I?" Dakota asks weakly. I nod slowly as a tear slips from my face. "I'm glad they rescued you, Topaz. I'm glad it's me, lying here, and not you. Is Marius okay?" She points to Marius' side, almost completely closed up.

"He's fine," Saph answers and smiles at him. "Just a little cut."

"Was it one of the guards that did this?"

"Yes, but we put him in the water and now he's healed," Saph says.

          "But all of the guards have poisoned blades. You have to get the potion to heal him, otherwise he'll end up like me!" Dakota sighs as her eyes start to close.

"No Dakota, don't leave!" I cry.

"Sleep-too tired," She mumbles and at once all the monitors stop beeping.

"Joeee!" Sapphire calls.

          He comes rushing in immediately, "Yes, Sapphire?" He then looks to the Dakota on the bed. "Oh," He adjusts his glasses, "I'll be a moment." Joe wheels the bed out of the room and returns a few minutes later. "I'm so sorry for your loss."

           "Thanks Joe," I pat him on the back. "You did the best you could," I motion to the vial that he's holding in his hand. "Is that the cure?"

           "Indeed. I jut couldn't find it quick enough," He hangs his head. "Is that a fresh wound?" Joe looks at Marius' side.

          "Uh, yeah." He says, glancing at the strip of flesh hanging loosely on his side.

          "Well, have a seat. The antidote just needs to be heated slightly, although it will hurt a lot when applied." Joe replies before scuttling off to the hot stream of water, powered by the volcano's rocks.

          Within a matter of minutes, Joe returns with a steaming flask of shiny purple liquid.

          "Lay down, and put this in your mouth." He instructs.

          Obediently, Marius leans back on a spare bed, and puts a small piece of drift wood in his mouth to stop him from clenching and breaking his teeth. Sapphire hurries around and stands by his side, her hand on his now bare shoulder. Joe swiftly pours the serum onto the wound. Then, with a terrible cry, Marius starts to convulse on the bed.

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