Paint the sky

A wolf pack mourns over their dying leader


1. The message

Karina lay in her den next to her mate, Bron, with her pups Gill, Saki, Tala, and the runt of the litter Kanea. 

A messenger Omega bursts through the vine door with no warning yelling

"Princess Karina!! something terrible has happened!"

"Finis, omega, calm down" she gasped.

"I'll try to." He stopped panting. 

"Now what seems to be wrong Finis?" She gently nuzzled Saki.

"Your father. I got a help notice from the Message Owl. He said that Tyranny, The leader is in trouble up to his muzzle."

"Where is he?" Karina pondered

"The Valley" Finis said cautiously looking to see if anything was going to attack. 

"The valley?!" Karina stood up and whirled towards Bron. "I'll be back, if not, no don't get to that. Take care of the pups for me."

She ran out the door, and howled to her pack mates. 

"Pack meeting! I am ever so sorry to interrupt your daily lives, especially since i am only the princess. I have a very important message for you. Our leader, My father Tyranny, has been trapped in The Valley."

Whimpers came from the gathering crowd.

"I have decided to take two of our greatest warriors and one flyer with me to rescue him. I have chosen Staria, and Mira as my warriors and my Flyer to be Skytaker the Great Horned Owl."

Howls arose from the pack, and The chosen few raced to the front and jumped up by Karina. 


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