A wounderful baby for harry

harry and darya just became a couple. three mounts of love.but then darya get pregnant. will their love be strong enough?? and whats wwith the other boys??? read it and u will find out


1. anniversary

HARRYS PROVE:                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Me and Darya are now 3 woundeful mounths together. I love her so fucking much and every time i see her eyes i have to kiss her beautiful lips. Let me tell u that Darya is one of the funniest girl of the world. She is beautiful and clever. It doesnt bother her that i am in one of the biggest boybands on the world or that the fans hate her. She always laughs abpout the hate tweets the fans are sending her. These are somee reason why i love her so much. And thats why i want to make a amazing dinner for our 3th anniversary. ´Wake up beautiful´, i said to her. ´Good morning handsome and happy anniversay i love u´, she said with her beautiful morning voice. ´Happy anniversay too and of course i love u too ´, i said. ´And because i am the best boyfriend on earth i made u  ur fav breakfast and later i will get ur present´, i said. ´´ Oh thats so sweet and u will get ur present too styles, she sair with a wink. I smiled and carried her bridal style downstairs. After half an hour Liam came over an took Darya shopping cause i had to plan our dinner with Louis. I was so exited and i really hope she will like it. ´I made the best dinner ever´, Louis said .´Cool mate i hope she will like it too´, i said and checked all the things for the dinner i want the night to be perfect.                                        Darya´s prove:                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I know harreh is planning something cause : 1. I could see it in his eyes and 2. Why else Liam would take me out on harry and I´s anniversary. I bough a nice dress and a pair of black heels . Liam bough some adaidas shous and a bracelet for Danniele. Danniele and Liam are one of the best couples ever. They are engaged and pregnant . I am so happy for them and i hope harry and me will be like them one time. So now we are going home. Liam dropped me home . I had my new dress on with my new high heels. I opened the door and saw a way full of roses. I followed the rose way till the living room where i saw harry with a tablle fulll of food,                                                                                                                                                                                                       Harrys prove : ´Happy anniversay, i said . She has tears in her eyes. I walked to her and kissed her on the lips. ´Thank you harry this is woounderful i couldnt be happier´, she said. We sat down and talked for hours while eating this amazing meal which was cooked of Louis one if the best cookers in great britain. After hours she stand up and said with a winke : ´Lets go to the bedroom and i will show u my present for u´.What can i say? It was a amazing night with lots of magic and LOVE.

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