A wounderful baby for harry

harry and darya just became a couple. three mounts of love.but then darya get pregnant. will their love be strong enough?? and whats wwith the other boys??? read it and u will find out


2. a night with effects

2 weeks later :


darya´s PoV


Me an El are on a shopping trip to find something for louis cause he and el  have their second anniversary. I feel a bit sick , Els is  a bit worried but suddenly she ask: Did you guys use protection??? OH NO!! ´´We might have forgotten that....... . ´´ Its okay we will get you u a test and i am sure that Harry will be happy and all of us will support you.´´´

So now i am home sitting on the toiltet and waiting for the results.

And then... theres a plus! I start to cry , how can i be a mother ???? Will Harry leave me?? ;

Suddenly theres a knock. ´´Darya are you fine?? Why are you crying?? Please open the door.´´ Harry says.

´´OK´´, I say and open the door.

´´Whats going on love ??? PLEASE TELL ME.´´ Harry says.


´´I am p-p-re-g-nant... I say.


´´Wow thats...good I think , we will do it together AND I WILL BE A FATHER!!!´´ 


´´THANK YOJ HARRY´´´, i say luckily.

We spent that night cuddeling in our bed.





At the moring ( sorry but now i will write in the past cause its easier for me :) )

Darya´s Prov

I felt sick and rushed to the toilet and ....puked.....I felt soo fucking bad.

´´Love we will get trough it´´, Harry said.

´´I love you´´, I said.

´´ Love you too so because i am a perfect boyfriend i made you breakfast and after that we will watch some Disney movies while cuddling together´´, Harreh said.

´´ Oh thats perfect´´, I said and kissed him.


5 hours later

Harrys Prov


I am soo lucky to have such a amazing girlfriend like her. I was a bit afraid of that baby but i know we will get through it and everything will be fine. I called my mother and told her about the baby she said itll be okay and i was so lucky to have the support of my mum. So Paul called me and said that we have to go on a 3 month tour and I was so angry cause I know Dada wont be that lucky and I didnt want to leave my pregnant girlfriend.  I knew i had to tell her but how???

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