"Shhh you'll wake the baby"

(HARRY STYLES FANFICTION!!!) Lou Teasdale (Harry Styles' hair stylist) has gone on Holliday leaving Harry incharge of Baby Lux. Harry loves hanging around with Lux and takes her to the park to play most afternoon's but this one afternoon he bumps into this girl called Annabel...


13. Wes Hawy"

Harry's POV

"so, Harry I have put all the stuff you will need to look after Lux in the front room, I hope that she will behave for you sweetie!" she paused after age said that and looked down at Lux sat at my foot playing with my shoe laces again. Lou picked up Lux as she began to squirm in her mums arms Lou asked Lux "are you going to be a good girl for Harry"

Lux looked up at me and began to nod her head eagerly giggling "wes mummy, Me wiw be good giwl for Hawy! Wuve you Hawy!" she gave me a teethe grin before trying to escape even more. This time she succeeded and Lou let her down.

"just let her sleep in one of your spare rooms and she will be fine Hun. Don't let her get her own way all the time Hazz." Lou said with a huge grin she had on her face as she said the last words before she left "well, thanks again Harry.. I will pay you back for this. I promise!"

Just then she picked Lux up again saying this time in a more put on 'happy voice' "well, I will see you Honey in a couple of weeks, I love you baby" I could see a tear form in the corner of her eye as Lux said

"Wuf you two mummy!" and Lux have her a big cuddle.

This was really cute to watch actually because I know how it feels leaving Lux.. It's difficult!

Lou gave Lux to me as she kissed me on the cheek whispering "keep my baby safe Harry, I'm trusting you darling"

She smiled and waved at Lux one more time before we followed Lou rot he door and waved her off. Lux shouted "bbbbyyyeeeeee mwumeeeee"

I even felt a tear welling up for no apparent reason! But I soon shook it off and carried on with what I was going to do.. I plopped Lux down and sauntered through to the docking station and put some Florence and the machine on.

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