"Shhh you'll wake the baby"

(HARRY STYLES FANFICTION!!!) Lou Teasdale (Harry Styles' hair stylist) has gone on Holliday leaving Harry incharge of Baby Lux. Harry loves hanging around with Lux and takes her to the park to play most afternoon's but this one afternoon he bumps into this girl called Annabel...


4. Well not much happening...

Annabel's P.O.V

When I got down to the park there were no other dogs so I decided to let Bracken have a little run so I took Bracken off her lead and she bolted strait away into the river. 

"BRACKEN!!! Come out of there.. now!!!!" I yelled across the park.... nope still no Bracken! I shouted on her two more times before she paid any attention to me. 

She came running up to me with her ears flapping around in the wind. I bent down and praised her "Good girl" Just as I said that Bracken began to shake and she splashed me with water! I wiped the water off my face and through a stick for Bracken to chase to make her go away from me for a while. When Bracken finally got over to the stick she laid down next to it and rolled on the old stick, then soon chewed it into a million pieces!

I had given up on her now and sat down on one of the swings leaning back on it but not taking my feet off the ground. I got my phone out of my pocket and began to check my facebook messages:

Jade likes your status:

Soooo tired! Why does my dog all ways have to wake me up so early!? xxx sent yesterday at 6:08


Hahahahahahhahahaha poor u :D xxxxx sent by Hazel today at 8:01

lol xxx sent by Jade today at 7:55


Well... Not much happening on Facebook like usual... I looked up over the top of my phone to see Bracken destroying her third stick and smiled at her getting the camera up on my phone and took a picture of her. I got back on facebook and posted the picture on my timeline labelling it  "I feel sorry for that stick! ;)" 

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