"Shhh you'll wake the baby"

(HARRY STYLES FANFICTION!!!) Lou Teasdale (Harry Styles' hair stylist) has gone on Holliday leaving Harry incharge of Baby Lux. Harry loves hanging around with Lux and takes her to the park to play most afternoon's but this one afternoon he bumps into this girl called Annabel...


18. The same boy!

Annabel's Pov -


It was freezing outside! 


I pulled my coat closer to my chest as I glanced either side of the road before crossing. When I crossed the road and went into the pizza place I had noticed a familiar face talking to the person at the take away pay place.


It was the same boy from the park. THis was my chance to show him that I was a sophisticated, young ady!


He seemed pretty flustered as the man was was spluttering and saying his name "It's you!" He spluttered "Its Harry STyles!" thiis made me question 'How the hell did that man know who he was' 


"Yes I am HArry sTyles" the tall curley hairred boy sighed as the man made him sign the card. 

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