"Shhh you'll wake the baby"

(HARRY STYLES FANFICTION!!!) Lou Teasdale (Harry Styles' hair stylist) has gone on Holliday leaving Harry incharge of Baby Lux. Harry loves hanging around with Lux and takes her to the park to play most afternoon's but this one afternoon he bumps into this girl called Annabel...


8. I was just wondering...

Annabel's POV


Well that was highly embarrassing!


I let Bracken off the lead again after I could no longer see the boy, Bracken set off as fast as a lightning strike.


I got my phone out again and posted on twitter saying:

Well that was highly embarrassing! Bracken decided to run up to a lad in the park and make a fool of me by not coming back! Ugh... #Bracken ;) xxxxx


one minute.. why was the boy looking at me through his window anyway? Did he like me?


After a while I decided to head back up out of the wood, Oh god! The boy with the baby was still there!


When I got up to the swings the boy called me over.. When I got over to him he smiled at me then said "Hey, I was just wondering... What's your name?"


"oh, my name is Annabel" I stuttered to him as I tried keeping Bracken under control, but as soon as I knew it Bracken began to jump again and began to get giddy.. I said to him "well, I have to go because Bracken is getting all jumpy again.. bye" I began to walk away.


Just then I heard the boy shout over to me "well, I will hopefully see you around.. Annabel" He smiled at me before facing back to the swings, pushing the baby higher and higher.

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