"Shhh you'll wake the baby"

(HARRY STYLES FANFICTION!!!) Lou Teasdale (Harry Styles' hair stylist) has gone on Holliday leaving Harry incharge of Baby Lux. Harry loves hanging around with Lux and takes her to the park to play most afternoon's but this one afternoon he bumps into this girl called Annabel...


16. How rude!

Annabel's P.O.V


eventually I got off of the phone and began to get to work tidying the house but all of a sudden my tummy rumbled and I felt really hungry. MmMmMm Food! I briskly walked down the stairs and got the pizza take away menu and began to skan the menu.. I will have a pineapple and Ham one with a bottle of lemonade.


As I waited for the pizza guy to pick up I looked down at bracken and saw she had been starring at me from her bed for quite a while now. I blew a kiss to her before the pizza guy picked up,


"Hello. This is carenzo's Pizza takeway parler. How may I help you?" A guy said in a very board rapetetive voice.


"May I have a ham and Pineapple pizza for one and a lemonade too please." I said cheerfully.


"Okay, it wil be ready in ten minutes. See you there" he mumbled to me before hanging up.


How rude!

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