Project: Feral

The U.S.A. been devastated by a virus that has been in movies, books and stories for centuries. some say it came in a flash, some say it was slowly crawling towards them as if they saw it coming. The world has sealed and quarantined the entire US continent, but for how long will the virus stay there? Whenever someone thinks of the U.S.A. they think of the horrifying creatures that now tread on its streets and roads... These creatures are, as some say, the minions of the Devil himself, and some blame the world and its people for their own mistake. One man stands in the way of this virus, only one. The virus wants to spread and grow like fungus, but this man will end the virus, or will he? Does he have what it takes to save his beloved home? Or will it all be too much for him to handle? This is a plague...This is a war. (first story)


3. Training

I was dreaming how I fended of those ‘zombies’ when I yelped as I plummeted to the ground, waking me up. Sharpshooter jumped awake at the sound and looked at me, chuckling. “Bad dream?” He asked amused. “Oh ha-ha, actually, I had a great dream; I’m not used to bunk beds yet.” I replied, my own amusement rising. “If you fight zombies like the way you snore, you’d definitely be the one-man apocalypse.” He said sarcastically. We both laughed until our stomach muscles started cramping up. We regained our composure and headed towards the shower stalls. As we finished up, Sharpshooter asked me my name. “Anderson, Jake Anderson.” I answered. “My name is Barry Smith.” He told me. We walked back to our crew quarters and got dressed in our armor. He directed me to the training facility and I could already see it was another huge room. I saw the general standing near a boot-camp-style training course. I walked over to him and looked at the course. “Ok, this is a basic training course, but with a spicy twist.” He explained, grinning.

I walked over to the start point, waiting for the whistle. As soon as my ear starting ringing I jumped under the wires, not touching them at all. I accidently touched a tip of the wire with my arm and felt electricity course through me. I heard the general laughing and he exclaimed at me, “I told you the course had a spicy twist… or maybe more. If you are going to fight zombies, you need to utilize your powers” I continued to crouch under the wire until I was at the end. I quickly stood up and sprinted towards the high metal wall I had to climb over. At least it had a few rocks I could hold onto, my spider powers are still jumpy from the electric shock. I started climbing the wall until I reached the mid-section, stopping to gather my senses. As I hold on I could feel the rocks and metal heating up. I couldn’t hold on for much longer as the heat felt as if it’s burning my skin. Eyes closed, I concentrated hard and could feel the pain subside. I opened my eyes and saw my skin was a brown-grey color. I was saved by my extra layer of armadillo/rhino skin protecting me. I continued climbing the wall to the very top. I jumped from the peak of the wall to the ground, making a safe-roll as I hit the ground hard. I sprinted to the next obstacle, a rope in the middle of a long chasm. I jumped far and latched onto the rope. I looked to the top of the rope and saw it was being cut by a mechanical arm. The rope snapped and right before I fell, I spawned my wings to clear the rest of the chasm. The general offered me a 5 minute break as I landed almost on top of Sharpshooter.

“Ok, so far so good, now let’s test your senses, step into the dark room.” The general spoke with optimism. I walked into the room. Everything went black as the door closed. I heard a voice coming from nowhere. I soon recognized it was the general. He spoke, “Ok, now this is going to test your night-vision, your smell and your hearing abilities, get ready.” I took a deep breath to slow my heart rate down. I heard something zoomed past me, and again, and again, and again. The object hit me on the back and I flew into a wall. I groaned and stood up, ready for whatever it is. I focused on my hearing, heightening it. Before the object zoomed past me again, I stretched my arm out to give it a quick feel, like a spider would use its sensory hairs to make out what the objects around them are. It was a large rubber ball, a painful one I might add. I created my protective skin again and kicked the ball in mid-air like a soccer player. I could hear the ball go the other direction. I did it several times to slow it down and I grabbed the ball quickly and let it drop to the floor.

I activated my night-vision to give myself a slight edge. Something came out of the wall. I inspected it and saw it was a big dog. I wondered to myself why the best general of the military would use a mingy dog as a training tool, until it leaped at my face. I wrestled the dog off me. The dog stood on all fours and I saw it had rabies, and something else. The dog’s head split into two, but still very much alive as it growled, I screamed into the darkness, “Umm… general? What is that thing? I’m as sure as hell it’s not a dog.” The general’s voice echoed throughout the room, “That, my friend is a dog the scientists tested on. It’s also infected by the zombie virus like the humans, except you need to be bit more times by the zombie dog than a human zombie.” He explained. This is going to be a challenge, fight and risk getting infected by a dog or flee from the room virus-free. Fight it is. I created my protective skin again as the dog leapt a second time at my face. I held it back as the slobber dripped on me. I threw it into the wall behind me and brought up my tiger claws. I turned around and felt the dog’s teeth sink into my arm, luckily I had armor on. I thrashed my arm around to get the mutt of my arm. I took part of its mouth into my hands and literally pried it open. The dog let go and growled at me, getting more aggressive. I swung my tiger arm and landed a hit on top of its head. The dog squirmed helplessly on the floor. I stomped on it and walked out as the room’s doors open.

“That all you got, general?” I asked coolly, dusting of some of the slobber from my shoulders. “Unfortunately yes, that’s all for today, you proved your worth. A few months of this and you’ll be a great soldier.” He congratulated as he slowly walked away. Sharpshooter walked up to me with a smile and spoke, “That was awesome, and I saw you on the screen over there fighting a zombie dog.” “Thanks, it was a work-out though, that dog got the jump on me twice.” I replied. Sharpshooter and I walked to our rooms. When we entered I remembered something as my stomach growled. “Where’s the food around here?” I asked, clutching my aching stomach. Sharpshooter grinned at me and kicked a piece of dark-painted wall. The wall came out along with two trays of my favorite food, pasta. I grinned back at him and took the plate. I slowly took the first bite, Sharpshooter watching my movements with focus. “What?” I asked him. “I want to see your reaction when you taste the pasta for the first time.” I ignored his comment and took a bite, immediately tasting it was like no other pasta I ate before. This pasta was much more moist and firm than an Italian restaurant. I ate the rest of the pasta with much more vigor, ensuring I savor every moment. I finished up my plate with a sigh of satisfaction and looked at a laughing Sharpshooter. “Enjoyed the food?” he asked tucking into his bed. I shook my head and snuggled into my own sheets, drifting off to sleep.

Nearly two weeks has passed and I am enjoying my time here at the base. I never left the facility since I got my suit. Every day it’s the same routine: train, eat, sleep, and repeat. I made my way to the training room again, to get my final evaluation. I stepped onto a pad and let it take me to the roof. The goal was simple: as soon as the pad gets close to the ceiling, try to keep yourself from getting flattened by making yourself like a human pole. The ceiling was smooth so I can easily slip if you’re not counting the pad pushing stronger up as you progress. It took me about an hour to feel the pressure actually slip into my mind. “Ok were up to nine tons.” The general spoke from below. “You are lifting Eleven tons of force.” It was then that I started to just… give it a little push. “You are now holding fifteen tons of force now.” The general yelled. My blood pressure started to rise dramatically as I keep myself from becoming the superhuman pancake. “Congratulations, you just broke your record of 20 tons of force.” I willed myself to go on. My knees started to buckle under my weight. I felt the adrenaline kick in and did something I could describe as awesome. My biceps double in bulk and almost tripled my strength. “PUT MORE LOAD ON ME!” I yelled down. “We reached our max! Forty tons of force.” He yelled back. “Jake, get out of there.” I moved my body inch by inch until I was on the edge of the pad. I jumped from the pad, hearing the knock of the pad hitting the ceiling. I made a safe-roll to keep me from damage. Every soldier was cheering including Sharpshooter, and excluding Natasha as she just stared at me angrily from across the room.

The next day came quickly and I was glad it did, because I’m going on my first military mission. I ran towards the control centre and instead of finding the general, I saw Natasha leaning against a table in her own jump-suit armor. Her armor was a rose-red color and black lines on her armor parts, similar to my green stripes. Her visor was lying next to her. Her visor was also red, but instead of my shark teeth, the front of her visor had black wave-like figures. On her breast plate, the same wave design was there. My guess is that every ‘superhuman’ had their emblem, like my Jurassic claw. I wonder what her abilities were. I walked up to her. Ok man, be cool. Be calm. Be composed. And she’s looking at me; I should probably put my visor on so that she won’t see me sweating. I quickly pulled my visor over my head and let the glass close off my eyes. “What do you want?” she asked annoyed. “The general called me here so that I can go on my first mission. He said I would have a partner with me. I was hoping it would be Sharpshooter, but I won’t mind if you are my partner, after all, we are just friends, right?” I explained. She looked directly at my eyes and I’m starting to get worried. I stared back into her eyes, hoping she would stop. “Sharpshooter is out on a mission. Looks like I’m babysitting you after all. ” She said. “Yep… wait what?” I asked. I don’t need a babysitter for her information. I have my own powers. “Get ready, here comes the general.” She stated quickly turning her body to the oncoming general. “Well, well, well. Ok Natasha you will be keeping an eye on Jake as he will prove his worth saving and not feeding him to the undead. Your mission will be to usher injured soldiers from a crashed Black Hawk to the waiting convoy. It’s somewhere near here. You will be taken there via the Little Bird. The convoy will arrive within one hour after you land. No other further information is required and/or presented. Get going.” He spoke with an approving smile playing on his mouth.

We walked away from the control centre and I followed the rest of the way where Natasha is going. I walked into yet another large room, yet every vehicle in the military arsenal is in the room. This must be the hanger and garage. She motioned her hand towards a Little Bird with a few soldiers sitting on the rails the copter has installed. I reluctantly sat on the bench as it was outside of the helicopter. “Better buckle up.” A soldier next to me spoke before the engines fired. I felt the helicopter take off and I can already say the way it is swaying and the fact that I’m literally sitting on the edge that this is going to be an unpleasant ride.

5 minutes of torture and we landed safely on the ground. “You ok there buddy?” A soldier asked me. I can only nod and say, “I think I have a new respect for the air force. That was pretty scary, dangling on a small ledge with only a seatbelt keeping you from five-thousand feet of hard rock and metal.” He chuckled a bit. I could see the smoke coming from the Black Hawk crash site. We all split up into teams, two in each group. I had to pair up with Natasha. Natasha walked ahead, not waiting for me to unbuckle my belt. “Hey wait for me!” I screamed after her. My faint noise hearing served me well as I heard her groan from annoyance. I finally snapped the buckle open and ran over to her. Military grade belt buckles are not my favorite. As we walked to the crash point I started a conversation. “So, what is your call name? You know, like Barry is called Sharpshooter.” I asked curiously. “My name is Siren, not exactly my favorite. I’m called Siren because like in Greek mythology, I lure people to me to create a distraction, lead them into a trap or ambush, that kind of stuff. The main reason is that my voice can be used in different frequencies and if I use it loud enough, it’s the same as your power roar.” She explained. Now I’m impressed by this woman.

About a third of the way to the objective I heard a grunt from somewhere and I pulled Natasha to a wall to hide. “What are you…?” She started before I pressed my lips onto hers. As much as I enjoyed this, I have to find out what is making that grunting noise. I pulled back from the kiss (if you can call it that) and turned my head around the wall. I saw a single zombie shuffling about. I looked at Natasha (who is still frozen from the ‘kiss’ I gave her to shut her up.) and motioned to her to stay put. I silently took a few quiet steps towards the zombie before something landed on my back and shocked me. I used at least most of my strength to look back and see that Natasha was holding a stun gun. The pain went away and I could see the zombie turning its head to me. The zombie’s facial expression was blank as expected, but quickly turned into a hungry expression and launched itself at me. Since electricity fizzles out my powers, I only had my two hand guns and a sword to protect me. The zombie sprinted towards me and I pulled my gun out and shot it in the head in one swift movement, thanks to the visor’s targeting system. The blood spat across the pavement as the zombie fell towards the ground. I heard the howling of the other zombies again. I ran over to Natasha and grabbed her by the arm and yelled, “THE ZOMBIES ARE ATTRACTED TO THE SMELL OF BLOOD, LETS MOVE!”

Instead of pulling her by the arm, I thought to myself that I had to speed things up. I stopped, picked her up bridal style, spawned my brown falcon wings and leapt from the ground. I flapped my wings to where the Black Hawk is and glided towards the crash site. “Why did u kiss me back there?” Natasha asked her voice still shaky. “I thought it would shut you up so I can listen to whatever was following us and I just did it. Wasn’t a kiss really, more of a method to shut someone up and why did you shock me back there? I can’t use my powers if I am electrocuted.” I asked. “Sorry, I was still shaky from the kiss… I mean method you used and accidentally shocked you instead of the zombie.” Even though I was watching the sky I could tell that she was blushing, because her skin temperature was rising, especially her cheeks.

Within a few more seconds we reached the crash site of the downed Black Hawk. I steadily made my descent to the ground. “Can you please hurry it up and land already?” Natasha asked impatiently. “What is with you? What did I ever do to you that you would hate me?” I asked, a bit of rage trickling in my voice. I landed and dropped her onto the ground. “About time you landed.” She avoided answering my question. I grinned as she tried to get up off the ground. I offered my hand to pick her up, but she swatted it away and rather kicked herself up. We walked over to the crashed helicopter and saw the pilots and few of the soldiers were alive. I saw a certain white crosshair emblem on a piece of metal armor. I tried to remember where I saw it when it hit me. “Sharpshooter? Barry? Are you here?” I asked worriedly. I helped some of the soldiers out of the copter and saw Sharpshooter lying motionless on the floor. I can feel the sadness and rage overwhelm me. I heard shooting coming from behind me and figured the soldier’s wounds must have lured some zombies here. “Shoot for the brain otherwise you’re wasting bullets!” I yelled out the helpful information. I heard the guns blazing behind me.

I cried onto Sharpshooter’s body. He was my friend. I then remembered an animal power that might save his life. I placed my hands over his chest and focused heavily. I let electricity flow through my hands and into his heart. You got to love electric eels. Strange that when I receive electricity it hinders my powers, but when I use my own it doesn’t affect me at all. I had to send electricity to his heart for a complete minute. I stopped and listened to his heart. I heard nothing, but before I pulled away I heard thump. Thump...thump…thump…  I almost jumped from joy. “Sharpshooter’s alive!” I informed the others. “Hey brother, what’s going on?” That question he just asked caught my interest. Did he just call me his brother? “What do you mean? It’s me, Jake.” I tried to talk sense into him. “Let’s get you out of here buddy. I NEED A MEDIC AND WHERE IS THE CONVOY?!” I yelled at the others. Sharpshooter lifted his hand and pointed towards a belt he was carrying on his waist. I took it off and saw it was plastic explosives, enough to blow the entire New York to kingdom-come. I flung the belt into the zombie horde and triggered the timer. The explosion was huge, luckily my power-roar held the explosion back from reaching us.

The helicopter joined in on the fight and lowered the ropes for the soldiers to climb up/down. Looks like the general called in the sniper crew, about time. They slid down the ropes and walked up to me. “Requesting orders, lieutenant.” One of them asked. I like the sound of that, Lieutenant Jake. I walked over to them. “Ok, first thing I need is for one of you to stay in the helicopter and shoot from there, so that we have cover fire. Next I need two of you to go into one of those building’s but make sure it’s clear of any zombies.” I explained. He replied immediately, “Yes sir. Alright let’s move!  Jonathan, cover us in the chopper. Willis, come with me.” I turned my attention back to the zombies in front of me.

I tried something a bit more complicated than a tiger arm. I focused all my power on my arm as it changes. I could feel my arm elongate and become thinner. I opened my eyes and looked at my right arm. It was long and flexible like an octopus’s arm. I moved my arm back and let it whip forward. The tip had a hard bulge on it. The whip like arm wrapped itself around a zombie. I thrashed the zombie into a whole horde of them like bowling pins. The soldiers, including Natasha and Sharpshooter, climbed into the helicopter as I provided some time. “Jake! Let’s go!” Natasha screamed at me from above. I latched my octopus whip around a support strut of the helicopter. The helicopter rose as I held on. We flew towards the two snipers on the estate building and picked them up as well. I let go of the helicopter and spawned my wings. I flew close to the opening of the helicopter so I can get in. I climbed in and was greeted with smiles all around; even Natasha had a small smile. We flew home, and by home I mean the military base. What is happening?

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