Project: Feral

The U.S.A. been devastated by a virus that has been in movies, books and stories for centuries. some say it came in a flash, some say it was slowly crawling towards them as if they saw it coming. The world has sealed and quarantined the entire US continent, but for how long will the virus stay there? Whenever someone thinks of the U.S.A. they think of the horrifying creatures that now tread on its streets and roads... These creatures are, as some say, the minions of the Devil himself, and some blame the world and its people for their own mistake. One man stands in the way of this virus, only one. The virus wants to spread and grow like fungus, but this man will end the virus, or will he? Does he have what it takes to save his beloved home? Or will it all be too much for him to handle? This is a plague...This is a war. (first story)


7. Sacrifice

“Hello again, brother, I see that you are here as well.” Nickolas said with a calm yet evil voice, as if he enjoyed this quite a lot. “Nickolas, why are you doing this?” Jake asked emotionless, but Nickolas’ answer made him flinch, “I want exactly what you want, I want everything.” Jake took out his gun and aimed it at his brother’s head asking, “Does that include a bullet in the head from this gun?” Nickolas started laughing mischievously. “Ha-ha! Oh brother, you do know how to threaten a soon-to-be sovereign of the world. For you see, I have gained information about a missile launch facility that has the means of transporting my zombie virus throughout the whole world. The virus has only infected entire two continents and a small country in Africa. Now I want it spread over the seas to rest of the world, my targets are of which Asia, seeing it as the biggest continent, of course. Once that missile launches, the whole world will kneel before me as the TIME OF HUMANS END, AND THE TIME OF THE UNDEAD AUTOMATONS BEGIN! MU-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!”

“I won’t let you do that Nickolas!” Jake yelled out enraged. “Oh, but I will rule over everything, and don’t worry brother, your friends are just fine. They are very much comfortable in their new place.” Nickolas inquired. A floor panel began to rise up, revealing a glass container with both Chelsea and Barry inside. Inside Chelsea was banging and screaming inside the container, but no sound came out, meaning it was sound-proof. But what was disturbing was that Barry was unconscious, had slash wounds all over his body and he had been bruised really badly. Jake ran up to the container and pulled his tiger arm back. The panel suddenly began to lower back down again, leaving Jake kneeling towards the ground to try and open the hatch again. “If you open the hatch, the pressure inside the container will simply kill them.” Jake stopped at that very word, kill. “Chelsea… She must be scared right now.” Jake began speaking to himself. “Yes, it wasn’t easy to get her into that container without using force.” Nickolas stated happily. “And Barry? What did you do to him?” Jake asked, his voice becoming more serious and lower as each word came out. “Barry? Well he resisted even more than Chelsea, you know humans, so weak yet so stubborn. Let’s just say we had to give him a hard… punishment.” Nickolas stated, but continued, “I have a test for you. I have been collecting data about your powers. Mine are gone due to it being temporary, but the zombie virus I have in me somewhat partly merged with the remaining power, so now I am leader of the zombies. But your powers somehow remain to stay permanent, so know I want to know why. If my suspicions are correct, the virus I injected you with should activate a darker side to your powers I like to call ‘The Hidden Darkness’. I want you to use that on two specially created zombies. One will test your speed; the other will test your strength. Start the tests.”

Just then, two horrifically huge zombies, the same type that attacked earlier but with rusted metallic clothes on, appeared. Tremendous amounts of pain struck Jake’s body as his fur changed to the dark purple color, but not only that, his entire body was covered with the fur and his tiger claws seemed both larger and sharper. His body size and mass increased as his arm muscles doubled in volume. “You want a fight Nickolas? Huh? YOU GOT IT!” Jake yelled out pure angry, his voice now that of a colossal and dangerous monster.

Jake stood up, his green eyes nowhere to be seen. All that remains is an unnatural white glow. The first zombie, the one testing speed, charged forward. When the zombie punched Jake, it failed to notice Jake was behind him, that he is only seeing Jake’s after-images running behind him. By the time the after-images showed where Jake was, the zombie was already decapitated. The second zombie, the one of strength, punched Jake with earth-shattering force, but was surprised to see Jake merely used his finger to stop its attack, and you could’ve guess which finger it was. Jake made a deep growl, one that would have even struck fear into Nickolas, and said with evil playing in his beastly voice, “My turn, you overgrown weakling.” Jake gave the zombie an uppercut straight into the jaw, sending the poor zombie hurdling up in the air. Jake jumped high up and slammed both his interlocked fists into the zombie’s skull, sending it crashing to the ground. When Jake landed, he simply stomped on the head, effectively killing the zombie.

“Now it’s YOUR turn Nickolas!” Jake threatened. “Just as I thought, by combining my virus with your powers you managed to turn into the monster I have been looking for. Well it’s my time to go.” Nickolas said victoriously. He pushed a button on his chair console and an escape pod formed around it. “Oh, no you’re not escaping this time! GET BACK HERE YOU COWARD!” Jake yelled out, starting to run towards the pod. By the time he got close, the pod took off. Jake grew out his wings, but they weren’t the same either. The brown, feathery falcon wings were replaced with pitch black, dinosaur wings. Jake started to fly after the pod, easily catching up to it. Nickolas yelled out through the pod, “I forgot to mention the bomb is going to be released right about now and that I lied about the whole pressure thing inside the container. It’s your choice hero, save your friends or chase after me.” Jake stopped and saw Nickolas wasn’t lying; the jet really WAS heading towards the base. Jake turned back and flew back to the base as fast as he could.

He broke the sound barrier without effort and in no time landed inside the base. Jake fell to the ground, returning back to his normal self. Jake ripped open the panel and broke the glass container. Chelsea hugged him and said, “Thank you, you saved me, but I can’t say the same for Barry though.” Jake pushed Chelsea aside and ran over to his friend’s side. “Barry? Please wake up!” Jake said, holding his friend as close to him as possible. Barry opened his eyes and spoke, “Hey dude, I knew you would come back.”  Barry coughed a lot, which was deeply hurting Jake inside. “Barry were going to get through this, don’t die!” Jake was holding back tears at this point. Barry tried to laugh, but he just coughed. “I’m sorry Jake, but we both know that’s impossible, luckily I’m not going to be a mindless zombie. There is a ring in my pocket. It has our two symbols on it, take it, I meant to give to you when all of this was over as a sign of our strong bond. Just promise me to take care of Chelsea for me, promise me you will protect her, so the same thing doesn’t happen to her.” Jake watched as his first and best friend died in his arms. Jake closed Barry’s lifeless eyelids and swore to himself, “I will buddy, I promise. I also promise your death won’t be in vain, I will avenge you, even if it means giving my own life.” Jake gently laid his shredded jacket over Barry’s body and gave him a final solute, placing the ring onto his finger. “So what are we going to do now?” Chelsea asked. Jake only stood still, staring at the ring. “Jake?” She asked again. Jake turned around to face her, his face having a dead serious look, and answered, “We have to get out of this base; the bomb is going to drop any minute.” Jake took Chelsea into his arms, grew his wings and flew out of the base.

After the flight, Jake placed Chelsea on her feet near Natasha and the rest. “Where’s Barry?” Natasha asked confused as to why Barry wasn’t brought along. Jake answered sadly, “Barry… is dead. He got killed, I couldn’t save him. I’m so sorry Natasha.” Natasha stood there, frozen. Tears began to well up in her eyes, but when Jake tried to comfort her, she pulled away. “Don’t touch me! You couldn’t save Barry, or you didn’t want to! You were able to save an entire mountain full of people, but you couldn’t even save your own friend.” She stated angry. “Natasha I didn’t mean to leave him there and let him die! I’m sorry!” Jake retorted, gently grabbing Natasha by the arm. General Steele yanked Jake’s arm away from his daughter and said sternly to him, “Leave my daughter alone! Not only is she depressed Barry died; but now you’re trying to argue with her about you doing nothing to save him! How can I trust you with her? You’re nothing but a monster! A weapon I should have used when I had the chance!” Jake grew really angry at his words, enough to slightly start the transformation again.

Jake’s transformation stopped, the only sign that showed it took place was that his emerald green eyes are now a really faint green and his tiger claw that grew out was covered in partly purple fur. Jake pinned the General against the house wall, drawing his arm back for a punch. “I AM GOING TO MAKE YOU EAT THOSE WORDS!” but before Jake could do thrust his hand forward, something stopped him. He could feel a pair of sea blue eyes looking at him. He turned his head around slightly, only to see Natasha looking at him with pure fear, the very same look that she had when Nickolas was pretending to be the Soul Catcher. Jake dropped the General and ran away… from everything. The only thing that remained at the house was his after-images, but those too faded as Jake was already miles away.

Jake’s feet screeched to a halt as he reached the only place he felt comfortable, his home. When he tried to open the door, it broke off completely. Jake threw the door away annoyed “I’m  so stupid!”. He took a step into his house, and looked around. Everything was still there, the same way he left it that day. The day when everything changed…

He couldn’t get the images out of his head about all the people that died near him. Jennifer, Barry, the people he killed that were zombies. Only now he realized what bad luck he caused to everyone, and now he hurt Natasha, the person he loved most, by scaring her and attacking her father. Everything negative flowed through his veins. Anger, despair, sorrow, fear were a few examples of what seemed like millions of emotions. “The one enemy you will truly hate and fear is yourself.” Jake said to himself as he walked towards the fireplace. He took out a gun from behind one of the pictures on the fireplace. He remembered how he placed the gun he found in his father’s old office behind that very picture of him when he was 6 years old. From that day he decided that when it became too much for him he would shoot himself. For Jake, today was that day. Jake held the gun up to his head and pulled the trigger…

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