Project: Feral

The U.S.A. been devastated by a virus that has been in movies, books and stories for centuries. some say it came in a flash, some say it was slowly crawling towards them as if they saw it coming. The world has sealed and quarantined the entire US continent, but for how long will the virus stay there? Whenever someone thinks of the U.S.A. they think of the horrifying creatures that now tread on its streets and roads... These creatures are, as some say, the minions of the Devil himself, and some blame the world and its people for their own mistake. One man stands in the way of this virus, only one. The virus wants to spread and grow like fungus, but this man will end the virus, or will he? Does he have what it takes to save his beloved home? Or will it all be too much for him to handle? This is a plague...This is a war. (first story)


8. Gaining Lost Hope

Jake looked around the white area and asked himself, “Am I dead? What is this place?” Jake saw a door open in front of him, but has no idea what’s on the other side of it. “I never knew Hell would be like this.” He joked to himself and slowly walked forward towards the door, waiting for whatever might happen.

“Hello Jake,” A voice rang out to him. When the intense brightness escaped his eyes Jake could see that the room was a small science lab. He saw a holographic representation of someone he thought he would never see again, his father.

“I know about the gun you placed behind the photo, so I switched it with a trigger to knock you out and let you wake up in my private laboratory. Listen, there’s something I have to tell you,” The holograph continued, Jake intent on listening to his father’s words, “I knew that you have special abilities since birth and I was keen on studying them for the final key to make a cure for death. I was on the brink of discovering the one key to the planet’s ultimate survival, but everything changed when your brother came in the lab that day… Nickolas entered my lab somehow and demanded for the cure, but I was selfish and sabotaged the one thing that could have let us very well be immortal. Nickolas took the cure from my hands after I dosed it with the military’s new weapon, the LQP-79 virus. When Nickolas took it, I just watched as he changed into the devil,” Jake almost saw the tears in his father’s eyes, and his own tears was not far behind, “He took both the cure and the virus and escaped from my lab, that’s when I started from scratch again. I was so blind, I was a fool to inject the virus into the cure and create the super-virus. I made this video log to tell you how to stop Nickolas’ super-virus, but it involves killing him…” Jake was just listening to his deceased father’s voice, understanding the situation given to him. “Jake, please stop him before he infects the world, the more he infects the stronger he grows. You are not alone in this, however, as I have finally created the REAL cure. There is a syringe in the left cabinet of my work desk; it contains both the cure and the last part of your real power. You will unlock the abilities of mythical creatures, things like dragons, the Pegasus, the Cerberus and the most dominant of them all, the legendary Phoenix. Also, your other animal powers will increase in strength and power. All of that comes with a price… you will unleash possibly your worst enemy yet, but chances are high that nothing will happen if you take the cure.”

Jake was trying to take in all of that information as his father’s hologram stated the last things, “You may or may not activate a new enemy, but just know that I know you’re able to defeat it and Nickolas. Nickolas is going to start the war anytime soon and I have been infected by him. Jake… please stop him before it’s too late, remember this one thing; I am proud to call you my son, I’m proud of you. Goodbye…” Jake’s eyes were full of tears as the hologram showed how his father transformed and the video end. Jake’s hands curled up into fists and shook violently. Jake let out a huge roar of anger. He made his way to his father’s work desk and opened the drawer, finding the cure laying there. He took it out and confirmed it was dusty of age, but still good enough. Jake slowly dispensed the content into his bloodstream, feeling stronger than anything he felt ever before. The direct opposite of the Darkness happened. Instead of letting him feel pain and anger, the cure let him feel relaxed. Right then and there he made a vow, “I’m going to avenge you father, and my best friend. This time Nickolas has gone too far. I’m going to stop him.” Jake grew out his wings, but once again it wasn’t his usual pattern, the old falcon wings was replaced with dinosaur wings, but instead of the pitch black, his new Jurassic-wings was dark green with a bit of white to them. Jake flew directly upwards, broke out of the small laboratory and his house and flew to the old military base…

Jake landed outside with ease and precision on a vacant helicopter pad. All of a sudden army forces came out of all sides and opened fire without hesitation. Jake swung out his arms and created a small bubble around him, absorbing the bullet’s impact. The soldier’s ammunition quickly ran out and was left standing in front of the intruder. Jake let the bubble flow back into his body, lifted his arm and punch the ground right below him. The resulting effect was a surge of massive electric currents, like ripples of water, coming from the ground where Jake punched. The soldiers fell to the ground, unconscious but still alive. The General, oblivious to the situation, stepped outside and said, “What is going on out here?” The General then noticed Jake standing there, looking at him with his emerald green eyes. “What are YOU doing here!? Get out of here before I plant a bomb where the sun don’t shine.” “General, please let me talk to Natasha, please.” Jake requested softly, but the general retorted “She doesn’t want to see the likes of you! Now leave!”

Behind the General was a pair of sea-blue eyes staring at the intruder with fear, but it soon turned to sadness. “Jake, is that you?” Natasha Richards asked, slowly moving her head around her father’s broad biceps. “Yes, it’s me.” Jake answered. Natasha ran from behind the General towards Jake, her love. “Jake I’m so sorry I drove you away, it’s just I was scared when I saw you like that.” She said, crying onto his chest. Jake wrapped his arms around her and comforted her. “It’s ok Natasha. I wasn’t quite myself, the virus got control over me, but I found the one true cure.” Jake said soothingly. “Really, where is it?” She asked. Jake simply replied, “It’s me, I am the cure. My father had a syringe that contained the final parts of my powers, turned out one of those powers was the cure. Now we need to find Nickolas and stop this war before it really begins.” The General chipped in, “Well Jake, I’m sorry I treated you badly, but there’s no time for that now. The data we found on the computer of the research lab told of a missile launch facility where they would have tested a nuclear weapon, but the contents could still be changed to whatever they wanted it to be, in this case…” “… Nickolas is going use it to launch his virus to Asia and cause a worldwide pandemic.” Jake finished the sentenced. “General, we need as much help as possible.” “My troops will agree to help, but that won’t be enough. Nickolas would gather every single zombie to that launch facility, if we rush in with our troops, our soldiers would look like ants to the massive zombie army. Perhaps if we called for help from someone that would agree to help us.” The General suggested. He saw how tired Jake and Natasha was and spoke up, “You two go get some sleep; you both had really rough days.” Natasha hugged her father and then walked with Jake back to his old quarters.

Jake plopped down on his old bed, completely stunned his school bag was still in the EXACT same spot since the first day he came here, but his attention was drawn over to Natasha as she sat next to him. “Jake, I’m sorry I acted the way I did.” Jake immediately replied, “Its ok. I’m sorry I let the Darkness take over me, but now I am balanced and I can finally stop this war.”

“How exactly will you do that? Do you do inject them with something or touch them and they turn back or how is it done?” Natasha asked quiet curiously. She had him there. He had no idea how exactly it works, his father didn’t tell him. Guess he was supposed to work it out by himself? Or maybe there are more instructions somewhere? Wait, that would be impractical. Al in all, Jake must figure it out by himself.

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