My Princess

Zoe is a very sad scared girl... Can Niall help her and give her confidence or even make her feel she is loved or does he make things worse?


9. Shopping

Zoe POV:

We went shopping and bought so many things we got home and we were realy tired so we went to bed. 


6 Months later


Niall POV:

Today we are finding out if we are having a little girl or boy. we got in the car and drive to the doctor a couple of minuits later Zoe said i can come in she looked deep in to my eyes and said we are having a boy the biggest smile grew on my face when she said that because i wanted to teach him Football and everything. After the doctor we went to buy paint so we can paint baby horans room we painted it blue we had his room all finished with a bed and everything we even had clothes.


3 Months later:


Zoe POV:

I woke up with so much pain i think our little prince is on it's way i woke Niall up crying he knew straight away why he carryed me bride style in to the car and we drove to the hospital Niall held my hand Fight the hole time till we heard crying he is here our Sam Horan Niall had tears uín his eyes the doctor said we can go home in a couple of hours




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