My Princess

Zoe is a very sad scared girl... Can Niall help her and give her confidence or even make her feel she is loved or does he make things worse?



Zoe POV:

Niall took me Shopping he got me so many things i could just hug him forever and say thank you. Once we got home i decided to have a shower after my shower i put some skinny Jeans and a top that says "cool kids don't dance" on it and just a little jacket over the top after i was dressed i went down to Niall who was sitting and watching Football .


Niall POV:

I saw Zoe come down wow i thought she looked beautifull... i told her to come and sit beside me and she did.

we just had a little chatt about the weather till she said Niall i think i can trust you and to be honest you are like my best friend.

i blushed a little i could feel it but i looked her right in to her eyes her eyes told me she was happy so u leand in till our noses touched she had a grin on her face.



WTF he is actually wanting to kiss me shall i kiss back? I'm scared i never kissed someone before and tont know how but as i thought that his soft lips already touched mine he kissed me slowly... i started to kiss back he put his tong against my lip and asked if he could come in. I let him and we kissed for 5 min after our kiss i heard a knock on the door.


Dad POV:

I hate zoe she is a little fucked up idiot how could she find someone who looks after her. I'm going to call my friend and say thank you for finding out... well i'm going to knock on their door and kill her.


Niall POV:

Who would knock on my door at this time i didn'T want to open it i just wanted Zoe lips against mine again but i went to open the door. There was a man with brown hair asking for Zoe i asked him what he wants from her he said he was her friend so i got Zoe as soon as Zoe came he got a kniffe and stabed her she fell to the floor i Punched the man knowing it was her father.


Zoe POV:

what how why when did my dad find out i was her the last thing i remeber before blacking out was Niall hitting him i think i found my prince.


Niall POV: The man ran away. Once he was gone i called an ambulance and the police. Zoe was in hospital still not awake the doctors told me she might never wake up. i said it was all because of me i shouldn't of gotten her to the door i sat beside her all night crying hoping she might wake up i held her hand tight with one hand and cryed in to my other.

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