My Princess

Zoe is a very sad scared girl... Can Niall help her and give her confidence or even make her feel she is loved or does he make things worse?



Zoe POV:

What Niall just asked me to be his Princess what shall i say well i do love Niall with all my heart but i'm not good enough for him he looked me straight i my eyes and i said yes babe i love you more then anything in the hole world.


3 Month later


Niall POV:

I'm so glad that Zoe isn't hurt anymore. I have a surprise for her we are going on holiday to Greece a little place called giolava it's tiny and we can rent a house for 3 month and have fun on the beach oh it will be great i just have to tell zoe :D

i went up in to our room yes OUR room and sat beside her she was putting make up on i told her to pack her suitcase we are going to Greece this evening our flight leaves she had the biggest most beautifull smile on her face.


Zoe POV:

We are going on holiday this evening wow i looovvveee NIALL so freaking much.

later that day we went to the airport got on to our plane and i fell asleep on Niall lap he woke me up because we where there we got of the plain in a Taxi and went to our house we just had a quick Pizza and went to bed :) 


Niall POV:

I woke up to warm sun shining on my skin i played with zoe's hair untill she woke up we had a quick breakfast and umpacket our stuff.

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