My Princess

Zoe is a very sad scared girl... Can Niall help her and give her confidence or even make her feel she is loved or does he make things worse?


6. Falling Deeper in Love



Zoe POV:

I can't talk or open my eyes put i can hear everything what Niall said to me or is saying to me. How can he think that it was because of him i'm in hospital. I love Niall so much i just want to wake up.


Niall POV:

Zoe still didn't wake up i could cri all night i didin't go home yet every night i selpt on the chair. Later that night i noticed a hand on my head WHAT WHAT NO IT CAN'T BE ZOE IS AWAKE I LOVE HER SO MUCH :))) I GOT THE DOCTOR. The doctor said we can go home we just have to be carefull because she did get stabbed and has a bandage on her tummy.

we got home and decided to go to bed i brought Zoe to her room i was just about to leave when she said i realy liked that kiss you gave me when i wasn't awake yet i blushed a little till she started crying i said why are you crying don't cry Princess she looked at me wih worrid eyes and said m-my d-dad i-i'm s-scared i told her okay i can sleep on the floor in your room she looked at me and said what no you are sleeping in my bed :) i lyed next to her untill she started to take my t_shirt of and she said I LOVE YOU and every time i look at you i fall deeper in love then i took her T-Shirt of untill we wehr just lying there in underpants we cuddled and i had sparks in my hole body it was so good touhing her body i wanted more but i decided to stop there because i didin't want to heart her tummy where she got stabed so we fell asleep in each others arm.


Zoe POV:

I woke up to a smiling niall i just had to smile too because yesterday night was amazing he asked me shall we get breakfast beautifull. HE CALLED BE BEAUTIFULL. i said yeah sure shall e have a movie day and watch movies all day :) Niall agreed we went to get some cornflakes and sat infront of the telli watching movie all day till we orderd a Pizza we ate it all up. 


Niall POV:

Now it's good Timing to give her my promise wring that says Princess on it and ask her to be my Princess and let me love her forever.

we went to the Couch and sat beside each other i looked deep in to her eyes god she was beautifull and asked her: Zoe Parker will you let me love you forever can i hold your hand and never let go can i treat you right and with love do you Zoe want to be my Princess forever?



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