One Direction Imagines

Just 1D imagines.Comment your name,hair and eyes colour.NO DIRTY IMAGINES!!!


1. Imagine for everyone with Louis

 "Louis this is beautiful!",I gasped as I lightly traced the locket he just looped around my neck, with the tips of my fingers. I looked ahead into the mirror as Lou stared at me, his sparkling blue eyes gave his features a soft look as he stared at me with a smile. It was a beautiful silvery locket shaped like a heart and it had a key hole right in middle of it. I toyed with it turning it around to stare as the light reflected off it making it glimmer as it caught the light. He pushed my hair to one side of my neck and placed his head on the other side nuzzling his nose in my shoulder. "And guess what?",He mumbled as he kissed my neck gently making my heart skip a beat. "What?",I giggled as his lips tickled the bare exposed skin on my neck. "I...have the key to it.",he laughed as he looped his hands over my waist pulling me close to him, until my back rested against his chest. "Huh?",I giggled, slightly confused at what he said. "This locket, opens up. And I have the key to it...",he whispered in my ear smoothly. "Where is it?",I said turning around placing my hand lightly on his chest. "Right here..",he gestured as he put his hand in the neckline of his shirt and pulled out a necklace similar colour to mine, but shaped like a key. He took it off his neck and put the key in the lock which lay on my skin. As his fingers brushed against my skin I felt a familiar heat on the cheeks. And I knew that they had turned red from the smile on his face. He fiddled with the lock and opened it gently, moving back but not before placing a kiss on my forehead making me warm from inside. I lifted the locket with my hand and looked inside to see a picture of me and Lou....on our first date. " kept this!",I gasped. "Of course....(y/n)..",he whispered as my name rolled of the tip of his tounge making a shiver of delight run up my spine. "Look what's on the other side.",he smiled, running his hands through his light brown hair. I looked on the other side and engraved on it were 3 words. "To my pearl....",I read aloud. "Louis,this is beautiful! I love you so much!",I said crashing my lips into his then immediately pulling back with a sad look on my face. "What happened?",he said lifting up my chin with his fingers. "I didn't get you anything.",I said, guilt weighing on me. " could give me this...",he trailed off. "wha...",I got cut off as his lips pressed to mine catching me off guard, as my tummy fluttered and my heart beat increased banging in my chest. His tounge licked at my lips asking for entrance, which I gave by parting my lips. Our tounges played with each other as my cheeks flared in colour. My head spun slightly, and my breathing came in short gasps as he pulled back, grinning at me.

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