When you open your eyes

Ally jones was a fan of one direction but she wasn't a directioner. She told her best friend Kara, that she liked their songs and that she thought they were cute but she wasn't really obsessed and didn't like them much. One ordinary day, her eyes flew open and there she saw a handsome young boy with curly hair and Beautiful green eyes........


2. Waking up to a surprise

Harry's POV

I woke up to an unfamiliar place. I was laying in a plain white bed. In the left side of the room was a purple bed with butterfly designs and a girl with long,light brown and beautifully curled hair laying on it. She was the girl I saved. She was very beautiful, the most I've ever seen. She was asleep. I peeped outside the room and observed. It was a two story house. It was very lovely and big but not as big as our mansion. I explored the house and all the rooms were elegantly decorated and big. I realized no one else was there but 2 sleeping maids. I decided to go back to the girl's room. I observed her room. The wall paper was lavender,the room was big, the room had a bathroom connected to it. The bath room had a big bathtub and shower in it. It had a toilet,mirror and sink too. I looked at the pictures in the girl's room. The pictures were consisted of her. The wallpaper had a huge name printed in it that said Ally. Her name must've been Ally. I just stared at Ally until I see her wake up.

Ally's POV

My eyes flew open and all I saw was a handsome young man with beautiful emerald eyes and brown curls. "Who are you?"He asked. "I-I'm Ally Jones". "You look familiar" i replied. "Yeah, I should be, I'm Harry Styles, from a band called one direction". "It's nice to meet you". He says. "It's nice to meet you too,I'm not really a huge fan of you're band but my best friend Kara is". "Well that's good, and if you're wondering why I'm here it's because (he explains the whole story)". "oh well, thankyou so much for saving me"! I get up and hug him. "No problem" he says. 


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