When you open your eyes

Ally jones was a fan of one direction but she wasn't a directioner. She told her best friend Kara, that she liked their songs and that she thought they were cute but she wasn't really obsessed and didn't like them much. One ordinary day, her eyes flew open and there she saw a handsome young boy with curly hair and Beautiful green eyes........


3. He's part of the family now

Harry's POV

After we talked for a bit more from her waking up, Ally's parents came home. They imediantly hugged her. I just stayed in her room peeping outside. Allysa Annabelle Jones! I hear her mum call. She had such a beautiful name. What mum? What exactly happened? *explains* Thank goodness you're okay. Now step aside. She says to her. She comes over to me. Oh thankyou very much for saving my daughter you have no idea how grateful we all are. I'm Ally's mum, Haley. We owe you so much. Tell me is there anything we can do for you? It's really no problem maa'am your welcome. But is it okay if I stay here for awhile since I still won't get along with the boys? Of course. You can stay here for as long as you want. But what about your clothes? I can call my private assistant Kelly to get my clothes from my place. Okay then I'll cook some dinner first. She said then left. I called Kelly and she said she'll be here soon.

Ally's POV

"Uh so Harry, how long do you think you're gonna stay?" i ask. "I still don't know, but it probably might be a long time before I leave". "So where do you wanna stay, in my room in the extra bed or the guest room"? "I'd rather stay in your room it's less comfy in the guest room" he said smirking. "You tried the bed in the guest room?" i said while laughing. "Yeah" he replied. Ally!Ed!Mike!Harry! I hear my mum call. Oh well, it must be dinner.

Harry's POV 

We sit down on the dinner table which had 8 seats. I sat next to Ally. I look at the food hungrily. It stayed awkwardly quiet as everyone kept on  staring at the food. Haley stared at all of us and yelled dig in! So boys Harry will be part of our family for awhile so be nice and treat him like a family member, the boys nod and go back to eating. And Harry dear, make yourself at home she said and I nod.After eating, I heard a doorbell. I opened the door and it was Kelly. I took my suitcase from her and told her to go. Ally told me to pack my stuff in her extra cabinet and so I did. Harry you can take a shower in the guest rooms shower because my bathroom has girly bath stuff but in the other shower the bath stuff are for the same genders. Ally said. And I laugh and go. I finish showering and dress up. And then I went to Ally's room. G'night Ally. G'night Harry. I closed my eye lids.











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