When you open your eyes

Ally jones was a fan of one direction but she wasn't a directioner. She told her best friend Kara, that she liked their songs and that she thought they were cute but she wasn't really obsessed and didn't like them much. One ordinary day, her eyes flew open and there she saw a handsome young boy with curly hair and Beautiful green eyes........


1. A bad day

Ally's POV

I was having a horrible day right now. My head was pounding, I failed a test because of my rival,my other best friend betrayed me,my parents blame me for everything, my boyfriend cheated on me. I just feel like crying. I have more problems than ever. I'm not even thinking the right way. Everything was a disaster!  

Harry's POV 

I just left by myself. I left without any bodyguards or any of the boys. I decided to leave for awhile cuz i needed a break from arguing everyday with the boys. Everything changed, we used to be happy together but then one day, we just started fighting. I drove myself as far as I can from the mansion I share with the boys. I wore a blue hoodie and dark shades as a disguise because this was definitely not the time for screaming fans and paparazzi. And then I got of my car. I guess this place was far enough. It was a simple town with average houses. That's when I saw a girl about to be hit by a car...

Ally's POV

I was just about to cross the street to get to my home street and that's when I heard a loud noise of a car coming my way. But then I didn't look. I was too depressed,frustrated,in pain and suddenly all my energy was lost that I couldn't even move. That's when everything went pitch black.                   

Harry's POV

I had to do something! Was she crazy! She was just standing there not paying attention! That's when I pushed her back from the car and everything went pitch black.

Haley's POV (Ally's mum) 

I got out of the house worrying about my daughter since her classes ended at 3:40 and it was already 5:00 and she still wasn't home. When I got to mary st. I saw a boy in a hoodie next to Ally and they were both unconcious. I had to call my husband Ed and my son Mike. Ed carried Ally while my son and I put both the stranger's arms by our shoulders and brought them both home. Instead of bringing them to the hospital I decided to bring them home because they didn't seem to have any injuries or wounds. Ed lays her in her own bed and in the right side of her room was an extra bed so we lay the stranger in the other bed. We leave the room to let them rest. Oh what has my daughter gotten into this time?



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