I Kidnapped 1D

A girl called Kimberly Kim for short. She moves to England to go to her all time favourite band One Direction and she loves them so much she kidnaps them after she buys her own apartment (she's 19)


3. The boys enjoyed my company

Harry's P.O.V

I don't know why they like Kimberly that much she freaks me out I went to go to see if the door was open luckily it was I went in to see Niall I peeked in the room and they were both sleeping. I wasn't going to leave because the other boys liked it here, Louis even said that he liked his new home, to me this is torcher. I went to unpack a few things for Kimberly. I found her TV and plugged it into the wall.

30 minutes later...

I had unpacked everything and they are all spotless then Kimberly walks in "Oh hey sleepy head." once she rubbed her eyes she saw me in her living room with everything unpacked "What how did you escape and why didn't you leave, and omg this looks amazing , now you just need to do upstairs." we both giggled and I walked up to her and grabbed her hand I dragged her to the couch and we sat "You will probably say no but can I please leave." she shook her head I thought It would work but it didn't "I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN YOU WERE UP TO SOMETHING!" she grabbed me by the arm and pulled me up, she kicked me in the stomach and it really hurt she pulled me back up again and dragged me back to the ordinary old grotty room, and I just sat on the bed waiting for the other guys to wake up "AHHHHHHHH!!" I heard Kimberly scream and I wanted to help her but the door was locked "Ki- I was going to yell her name but it might be my mum. "Lou, Lou wake up Lou, wake up! He woke up  it took a while and he was tired and looked angry "What is it Haz." "I-I heard Kimberly scream and I-I'm scared." he hugged me "it will be fine." I looked at him and leaned on his shoulder "AHHHHHHHH!" there's the scream again this time Lou heard it as well.

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