I Kidnapped 1D

A girl called Kimberly Kim for short. She moves to England to go to her all time favourite band One Direction and she loves them so much she kidnaps them after she buys her own apartment (she's 19)


6. My Ex Girlfriend

Zayn's  P.O.V

we all heard Kimberly screaming and we all wanted to help I looked around to look for something then I realized that I only saw 3 heads where's Blondie I tried calling him he answered YUSSSSSSI thought to myself "Uh hi Niall." "WHAT DO U WANT I FUCKING JUST WOKE UP!" Niall screamed at me "Look its an emergency Niall Kim is downstairs with a girl and Kim is screaming, help her!" after I finished speaking he hanged up I heard him running downstairs or Kim was running upstairs I don't know but I hope Niall helps her.

Niall's P.O.V

I just finished my phone call with Zayn and he was telling me to help Kimberly, after that I hanged up and raced downstairs. I swore I had seen her face before but who is it ahhh so annoying I took a picture of her and sent it to Zayn maybe he will remember, I had sent and after a while he sent a text came back saying: OH NO NOT GOOD SHES FOUND ME, THATS MY EX AND SHE WANTS TO KILL ME SHE SAID SHE WOULD FIND ME!!!!! after he sent that I panicked everything was broken downstairs and I couldn't find the key so I tried texting Kimberly and she said back: in the cupboard opposite her bed I ran back upstairs into our room and looked for the key, it was on the top shelf under her clothes. I went out of our room and went to the boys room unlocked the door and Zayn was first out to 'save the day' he went downstairs till I couldn't see him who knows what he'll do.

Zayn's P.O.V

After I had been freed by Niall my plan was to escape as quick as I can to find a policeman. I ran downstairs and I was about to race out the door but Taylor (My ex) went in front of the door holding a gun, I gulped.

"Zayn noooooo." She was about to shoot me when Harry went in front of me "Move Harry or I will shoot you." Taylor yelled at Harry I was very scared "Wait let me tell a little story okay." Taylor nodded and Harry kept looking at Louis I looked over there and Louis was on the phone I was guessing to the police "Okay so there was this girl called Taylor." Taylor nodded putting the gun on the ground while me and Harry still had our hands in the air." Harry winked at Kimberly scared while telling the story that's when Kimberly went to pick up the gun "And that Taylor girl had put her gun on the ground which was a bad idea so she turned around and there was Kimberly behind with the gun and was about to shoot Taylor." that's when Harry texted Kimberly something I tried to look over but all I could see was the words wait and police I was very confused I wanted to be a part of this too.


Harry's P.O.V

We had the perfect plan and the police should be coming any minute, Zayn wasn't with us when we discussed the plan but that was good because he distracted her that bad thing was she was about to shoot him but I saved the day by going in front of the gun she was going to shoot me but I asked if I could tell a story she said fine and that's when she put her gun down and Louis called the police and Kimberly sneakily took the gun then when the police get here Kimberly will give the gun back to Taylor the perfect plan. The police was just outside but the sirens weren't going off because Louis said not to put the sirens on just incase she made a run for it. "You can have the gun back now." Kimberly sad while winking to me, Taylor looked very confused while she was taking the gun "Okay time to shoot Zayn." That's when the police came in and saw her about to shoot, dozens of police came in after and said "HANDS UP NOW NOW NOW!" Taylor put her gun on the ground and the police took her away


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