I Kidnapped 1D

A girl called Kimberly Kim for short. She moves to England to go to her all time favourite band One Direction and she loves them so much she kidnaps them after she buys her own apartment (she's 19)


7. My Dream Girlfriend

Sophie' P.O.V

I just woke up and I was getting ready for school I had recently moved to London in England I am originally from Doncaster I was here to meet Louis to meet his band I had never seen them he only told me about them today. I know Louis how? well I was his best friend in high school even though I am 18 now, and he said that there is a boy Harry? who is 18 as well he better be cute. I was at Louis's door and was about to knock but someone walked out going to leave he had curly hair and he was tall but he looked about 18 that must be Harry, he accidentally walked into me when he shut the door I must have been close he turned around and apologized "Whoa sorry darling I didn't see you there." he said while laughing I looked into his green eyes that were the best eyes I had ever seen, "hi I'm Harry you must be Louis's friend." I nodded then he yelled at to Louis "LOUIS YOUR FRIEND IS HERE!" Louis must have been excited because he got here awfully quick while also tripping me and harry giggled when his tripped "Oh heyy Sophie this isn't my house its hard to explain but you got here in the right time because we were jus about to leave." "oh so your name is Sophie thanks for telling me Lou." Harry interrupted then a girl walked out with three other boys "Okay you guys can leave but you are not allowed to..., oh hi you must be Louis's friend hi I'm Kimberly the boys have been living... well staying here for a while and I was just about to say goodbye..." I nodded while I shook her hand "Okay just to save every ones breath this is Sophie my friend from Doncaster." Louis said in a loud voice , "Okay can we go now not to bug you but I am standing extremely close to Sophie but I can't move not that I mind but its kind of squishy." I stepped back going all red.


Louis's P.O.V

Well we are now friends with Kimberly after we saved her but a problem I asked my friend and I said she would fall for Harry she most likely will, they are even the same age BUT... Kimberly loves Harry as well okay we have to split those to up when I get Harry and Sophie dating if I can. "Okay we are all going out to a fancy place to celebrate  buy as much food as you want its on me." I said when Kimberly left. then I am going to leave Harry and Sophie in the same room and dim the lights down so they eventually will kiss perfect plan

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