I Kidnapped 1D

A girl called Kimberly Kim for short. She moves to England to go to her all time favourite band One Direction and she loves them so much she kidnaps them after she buys her own apartment (she's 19)


2. I kidnapped Harry now the rest hehe

Kim's P.O.V

I knew Harry would be lonely so I thought I would kidnap the rest, well at least Lou "So before some drinks and food can you guys help me unpack a few things." I looked at Harry and smiled he glared at me with his adorable eyes I loved him and he said I was hot so that's I start. They all walked upstairs and I followed behind but was still directing them we all got to the room and they stood there waiting for me "Okay I will go get that food okay." they all nodded I shut the door and locked it luckily I brought that key with me they heard me lock it "Hey let us out!" Zayn demanded. "NO don't yell at her Zayn she stronger than you think." I heard Harry say to Zayn, I smiled an evil smile. I walked back in with food they didn't want food well Niall he didn't really speak much but he didn't look scared either "okay one of you can stay in my room, I won't hurt you but I want a little company." "Uh I will." what who said that someone actually volunteered "Who said that?" Niall put his hand up while eating his food "I mean I don't see any harm in that I recon your nice Kim." I was very shocked at Niall and so was the rest of the boys I looked outside it was very dark then I looked at Harry's phone 11:00PM!! its past there bedtimes I started to laugh a little I walked in the room with an empty plate and everyone looked tired "Night boys." they all looked up at me I saw Zayn laugh a little bit then I heard words from him "May I have a kiss goodnight?" I smiled "of course anything for my guests." they all instantly looked interested "can I have one two." Louis mumbled I nodded at him he had a big grin on his face "okay are you prepared Zayn." he nodded getting ready I pushed him on the bed and jumped on him I started to kiss him and he was kissing me back I wen down to kissing his neck while I was taking off his top "Omg serious okay, okay I am ready." zany said everyone was just staring at us I started to un belt his pants while he was taking off my top I was kissing his chest and he groaned a little "Are you okay?" he nodded "Yes I'm fine but can we swap it's Louis's turn now." Louis started smiling "okay what ever you say but I am only doing this once." Zayn nodded and I was rubbing his abs I looked at Louis and his top was already off "Louis get on the bed." Zayn got off the bed and I did the same to Louis but we got further than me and Zayn but the time I knew it, we were naked and were have sex it wasn't as good as me and Zayn but it was good. by the time we were done Niall was clapping and cheering it was quite funny "Okay come on Niall bed time." Niall smiled "Okay honey bunch." I looked at Harry he still looked terrified so I gave him his phone but if he called anyone I was going to kill him "Thanks Kimberly." he looked at me and smiled I smiled back.


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