I Kidnapped 1D

A girl called Kimberly Kim for short. She moves to England to go to her all time favourite band One Direction and she loves them so much she kidnaps them after she buys her own apartment (she's 19)


1. Going to England

Kim's P.O.V

I am packing to go to England to meet my all time favourite band One Direction and I just can't wait to meet HAZZA!!!! I just finished packing and my mum is taking me to the airport.

two hours later....

I'm finally in England and it's half an hour before the show I try to get dressed in my best clothes until I hear a knock at the door, I open the door and I nearly scream IT IS HARRY STYLES FROM ONE DIRECTION!!!!! "Hi I hear you new around the neighborhood, well I'm Harry and I live next door to you." I nearly freaked "Omg hello I'm a big fan from your band and would you like to come in and maybe help me unpack because some things are really heavy and your strong so could you please." I begged him to help me "Sure thing but my shows in half an hour so I can't be here for a while." oh no problem because I'm getting ready for that show anyways." he walks in and looks around while I lock the door so he NEVER leaves I show him to the room so he can unpack a few things and it's the spare room that came with a bed a very grotty old bed I tell him to sit while on the bed while I go get some food for us both he nods and sits on the bed I shut the door and lock it making sure he wont be able to get out, I go in my room to hide the key he hears me lock it and starts banging at the door, I unlock the door he nearly grabs me but I've been waiting for this so I push him on the bed I tie he arms to the bed which is stuck to the ground and leave locking the door "Now behave or something bad will happen." I walk back in telling him remembering about his cell phone I hunt through his pockets looking for them, then I took off he belt and pants so he has only underwear on and it is now easier to find stuff I found his phone and took it taking his pants with me. I heard another knock at the door and peek through the window its Harry's mum I went into Harry's new room and put tape around his mouth I went out of the room and locked it, I answered the door and his mum was looking for him "Hi have you seen Harry." I shook my head and she sighed and left. I shut the door and Harry's phone rang it was his mother but I declined the call I went back in to give Harry some tea. I took the tape off his mouth "can you please untie me." he begged me "Yep how else are you going to eat your tea." he looked very scared, before I untied him sat next to him and started kissing him he couldn't stop it , I even put my tongue in his mouth "Stop it get off me." He yelled at me  I glared at him and untied him, he ate his tea then wanted to go "can we go to y concert now." I thought about what he said "Yes but if you tell anyone that your staying here by force I'm going to do something bad, and you have to give me a backstage pass." he nodded in fear I grabbed him by the collar on his jacket and took him to my car he told me the direction to go he went got there in minutes.

Harry's P.O.V

I was very scared of Kim she was actually quite strong. when we got to the concert place Louis came up and hugged me "Hey Hazza who's the hot chic you brought along I looked at her and she was blushing "Um that's..." "My name is Kim." Kim interrupted me "Yea she's my neighbor." "Well I know I would like to know her." Zayn said while checking her out. "well you guys can come back to mine afterwards if you want." I looked at Kim and she had and evil grin on her face I knew what was going to happen but I wasn't allowed to say.


Kim's P.O.V

It's the end of the concert and I convinced the other boys of the band t come over to my house I tricked them like I tricked Harry. me and Harry drove in my car and the other boys drove in their own car following me, "Um Kim could I ring my mum and say I'm okay I won't tell her anything but she will be worried about me." I nodded and he had scared look on his face while I handed him his phone he dialed his mums number and talked on the phone, "I'm fine mum I have just been staying with Louis and I will be for a while cause of the concerts okay, yes I will be fine, no I don't need anything I'm fine, yep bye mum." he hanged up the phone and gave it back to me "Look I think you would be nice, I would date you your hot and everything but please let me leave you house." I shook me head "No I can't do that I'm sorry, at least you will have your friends to give you company." He had a tiny smile on his face but it disappeared "Wait when you say that are you going to kidnap them is well." I nodded, I looked at him and I saw tears were forming.

Harry's P.O.V

When I got home I hugged Louis as if I missed him and he looked confused "What's this for Harry?" I pulled away and looked into his eyes "No reason just making sure my hugs are still the best." he started to laugh a bit "Of course they are Haz it they always will be, I smiled at him "I'm glad that will be the last thing you say to me." he looked even more confused "Why would- "no don't say anything else I might die at this exact moment and you said something nice o me." they all start to laugh but I was serious I got scared of Kim she might kill me and Louis said my hugs were the best hugs!

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