Légitimement Mariés [Harry Potter]

COMPLETED: Harry Potter Marriage Law. Fremione. Post Hogwarts. Fred may have survived the Battle of Hogwarts, but now he has a new challange - being married to Hermione!


4. Un coup de main

A helping hand


Hermione squelched together the eyelids of her already shut eyes even tighter. The sunlight coming through the bedroom the bedroom window was like flood-lights on a sports-field.

She felt one tiny second of respite when the light was dimmed for a moment; however she knew that the feeling was doomed. She felt a heavy weight pounce onto her, and Ginny's voice screeched into her ear.

"Wake up! We're going dress shopping!"

Hermione rolled herself onto her side while Ginny moved herself over to sit at the foot of the bed.

How could Hermione forget that today was the day in which she was going to be choosing her wedding dress for a wedding that she did not really care to have?

Her eyes adjusted to the light that was streaming through her eyelids, and she contemplated the idea of opening her eyes and greeting the day.

"Hurry up and get ready," said Ginny, now standing from her place, "Mum's waiting downstairs and she's starting to get a bit frazzled."

With that command, Ginny left the room. Hermione groaned and rolled over once more.


Madame Malkin was completely run off her feet. The tiny store was brimming with soon-to-be brides from all over Britain. Each was looking to buy their own special wedding dress.

When the horde of present and future Weasley women entered the store, Madame Malkin paled considerably before delegating them to a small corner of the store while she finished attending to the other customers.

However it was a relatively short space of time before the group was browsing through racks and stacks of dresses, shoes and accessories.

Hermione was having a much more difficult time getting into the spirit of things. She had never had a 'great vision' for her wedding that she had spent a lifetime dreaming about.

She was not quite sure what her dream wedding entailed, but she was sure it included marrying someone that she loved. This was considering the fact that she and Fred had not even spoken since they had agreed to marry each other.

Angelina was only having a slightly less difficult time that what Hermione was, so they paired up and agreed to help one another in their search for a wedding dress.

Angelina had held up at least a dozen dresses for Hermione to see, but not one had yet caught the brunette's eye. Angelina was getting impatient with every excuse that Hermione threw back at her.

"Too girly."

"Too lacy."

"Too frilly."

"Too plain."

Angelina grew exceptionally exasperated with Hermione's monotonous stream of complaints. She, herself, had found her dress long ago, by this point.

Her dress was a figure-hugging crimson red number. The skirt flared at the bottom to reveal the most delicate white and gold coloured lace that frothed out. Against Angelia's dark skin it looked heart-stoppingly beautiful.

Luna had picked out a dress in 'sun colours, for luck'. With the tires of ruffles, and giant yellow rose under the bust, she looked more or less, like a giant, sun-coloured hair scrunchie.

Despite Dee's decidedly exuberant personality she had picked the most demure dress out of all. An ivory skirt with a beaded bodice was all that was needed to make Dee shine on her fast-approaching wedding day.

Hermione thought that Ginny had picked the most beautiful dress of all of them, and this was punctuated by Mrs Weasley's tears that had started the moment that Ginny stepped out of the dressing room. The dress even matched the olive green of the bridesmaid's dresses that Ginny had chosen.

Vines of green lace edged up the silky white underskirt, and around the bodice. It gently peeked out from under the organza overlay of the skirt, giving off a very elegant, but modern look.

Everybody else had not only picked a wedding dress, but bridesmaids dresses and accessories as well. Hermione, much to the chagrin of Madame Malkin and the shopping buddies, was still aimlessly wandering around the store, not knowing where to look next.

To say that everybody was getting crabby, was an understatement.

"Hermione, dear," said Mrs Weasley in the calmest voice that she could muster, "everyone else is getting rather hungry. Why don't we go and have something to eat, then we can continue the search for your dress after lunch, when we are all refreshed and recharged?"

Hermione meekly nodded her acquiescence, and the group stumbled down Diagon Alley to a cafe that was open, a little way from the other clothing store, 'Twilfit and Tattings'.

A quick bite to eat soon took the edge off her frustrations.

Despite all of Hermione's trepidation and insecurities about the marriage law, she managed to find her wedding dress within a second of entering 'Twilfit and Tattings'.

Her eyes raked over the whole shop as they entered the store and immediately spotted the ivory creation. The mannequin did its beauty no justice.

A silk and organza skirt billowed out impressively, while the ruched bodice with silver accents would eventually cling to her every curve deliciously. The hand-made sleeves were crafted entirely of crystal beads, and would grace her shoulders in the most elegant manner.

Everything else was wiped from her mind as she strode over to the sales assistant, and asked if she could try it on.

Hermione did not even bother looking in the mirror of the change-room. She just pulled back the curtain and stepped forward into what would become her family in a few short weeks.

Ginny gasped while Molly put her hand on her mouth; tears gathered at the corner of her eyelids.

"You look beautiful," said a very pregnant Fleur. Molly had sent her a message, asking for her help when she saw that Hermione was going to be very resistant towards choosing a wedding dress. Fleur had been very obliging, thus her sudden appearance in the store.

"Fred will be absolutely gobsmacked when he sees you," said Angelina with a very wide smile.

That was when Hermione's mind was jolted back to the exact purpose of today's shopping expedition.

'I have to talk to him..." thought Hermione, "We are going to be married, we can't do that without at least talking to each other first.'

Hermione took the dress off and paid for it. It was slightly above her price range, but the effort that she went through to find it made it worth it. It made her achieve what she thought to be impossible. It made her feel beautiful.


"Hi Fred," said Hermione in a low voice.

Hermione walked over to where Fred was sitting beneath a giant oak tree in the garden of the Burrow.

"Hey Hermione," he replied in an equally low voice.

Hermione sat herself next to Fred, and for a few minutes, they sat in silence, watching the fireflies make pretty patterns against the darkness. Hermione smiled every time that she saw a gnome trip over its own feet and fall flat on its face.

"Sooo," said Fred, trying to break up the awkwardness, "I heard that you and the other girls went shopping for wedding dresses today.

"Yeah," replied Hermione as though the event meant no great deal to her.

"Cool. Did you pick out something nice?" said Fred, in a cheerful voice.

"Yes," replied Hermione, as she nervously shredded leaves into a pile in front of her crossed legs. She tried to match Fred's energy. She did not want to be a whingy and whiny wife before they were even actually married.

"Oh good," said Fred is a voice that was leaning slightly towards the cavalier, "You can tell me if this matches it."

Perplexed Hermione looked over to where Fred was rummaging around in his pockets. Out of one, he pulled out a small, black velvet box.

He opened the box to Hermione's gasp. Nestled in-between the soft fabric was a simple gold ring, topped with a single, but nonetheless impressively sized diamond ring.

"Oh, Fred. It's beautiful."

"Hermione, I know that this is not the best of circumstances, but would you be willing to become my wife."

"Yes, Fred, I will."

Fred guided the ring onto her finger before putting single kiss on the cheek that was closest to him.

"Thank you," said Hermione, the place where he put the kiss was left burning, but she spoke with more confidence than what she had before.

"Actually, I was wondering if you wanted to be my - for lack of a better way to put this - plus one, for Percy and Dee's wedding?"

Fred chuckled at Hermione's use of language.

"Sure, I would like that...but only if you would be my 'plus one' for Ron and Luna's wedding."

Hermione giggled out a yes, before letting out an almost inaudible sigh of relief.

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