Légitimement Mariés [Harry Potter]

COMPLETED: Harry Potter Marriage Law. Fremione. Post Hogwarts. Fred may have survived the Battle of Hogwarts, but now he has a new challange - being married to Hermione!


16. St Mungo's

St Mungo's

"I just don't understand it," said Ginny, shaking her head and waving her wand over Hermione's abdomen once more.

"Maybe I'm only half pregnant? Maybe there is a baby in there, and there's something wrong?"

"Mione, please don't be ridiculous. It's impossible to be half pregnant. I'm sure there's nothing wrong. Maybe I should owl Mum and see what she says-"

But Ginny was quickly cut off by Hermione as she pulled her shirt back over her stomach and stood up from her supine position.

"Don't tell your Mum anything yet. I don't want to get anyone's hopes up yet."

"You'll have to find out somehow."

Hermione took a minute making sure her clothes were once again neat, and wrinkle free.

"I'll go to St Mungo's. Surely a healer will be able to sort all this out."


"Verity? Verity!"

George Weasley's voice reverberated around the store making several customers turn their heads in alarm.

Flashing a broad grin in their direction, he spoke in a falsely reassuring voice.

"Nothing to worry about! Go back to your shopping!"

He quickly turned and disappeared behind a curtain, running down the stairs two at a time.

Nope. The situation had not improved in the two minutes since he had last laid eyes on it. A sticky substance, with the colour and consistency of pitch had decided to cover almost every surface of the workroom, and it was quickly spreading to any area it had not yet infected with its noxious appearance.

George pricked his ears up. He could hear a whistling getting closer. If this was Verity...

The tune stopped right as soon as it had reached the level of George's ear.

"Whoa, what in the name of Merlin did you do down here?"

George scrunched up his face in annoyance as he looked at his twin.

"It wasn't me. It had to have been Verity. I put her in charge of making the base for the Amortentia. I told her not to leave it near an open flame..."

Fred's eyes surveyed the damage – not that there was all that much to see, but he did spot a few large and uncovered cages against the side wall.

"Oh no," he moaned, "It'll take hours to wash all this out of the pygmy puff's fur – and we'll have to do it tonight."

"Angelina'll kill me if I'm late again... I can only imagine what Hermione will do with you..."

The pair stood looking morosely at the devastation, until Fred piped up.

"Dibs on using the Floo first!"

He ran back up the stairs, leaving George to contemplate his own thoughts and potential punishments.

Reaching the designated fireplace, he threw in the required pinch of Floo powder and he proceeded to shout the name of his home where he knew Hermione would be waiting for him.

"Mione!" his flame-framed floating head shouted into their lounge room.

There was no answer.

"Hermione! Where are you?"

Still no answer.

Knees beginning to ache, he retracted his head back into Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes to grab another pinch of Floo powder.

This time, when he threw in the power, his entire body joined it and in almost no time at all, he was transported back home.

Stepping out of the fireplace, he swept his eyes over the obviously empty room.

'Maybe she's in the kitchen,' he thought, 'it is almost time for dinner.'

But there was no one. Nor even the sizzle of meat, or the warmth that only one of his mother's donated Sheppard's Pies could provide. Everything was as clean and empty as it had been when he and Hermione had left that morning for work.

He retraced his steps back over to the fireplace, where he Floo-ed himself back over to the shop.

Once he had brushed the soot off himself, he went in search of a scrap of parchment, quill and bottle of ink. Quickly penning a note to his wife, Fred attached the note to one of the shop's mail owls and sent it off to do his bidding.



The last pygmy puff bounded off the damp towel, and landed in the safety of its cage, rejoicing at the fact he was back with his friends.

Fred stretched his neck upwards, massaging the tension away with the tips of his fingers. His eyes moved to look at the clock on the wall. It was nearing 9pm and he still hadn't heard back from Hermione.

His twin was at the other end of the room valiantly attempting to scrub the black goo from the furniture. Magic had proved to be futile.

"Hey, George?"


"We haven't had any owls arrive this afternoon, have we?"


"You alright here if I head off? I haven't heard anything from Hermione, and I just need to check that she's ok."

Without raising his head from the task he was focused on, he waved his hand at his brother.

"Yeah, go. I'll lock up. I don't think I'm helping the goo situation here anyway."

Leaving George to it, Fred collected his things and apparated himself down the street. Something didn't feel quite right about the whole situation, and he didn't want to waste the time walking back home as he usually did.

Arriving just outside the front door, he let himself in to the flat, once again discovering a lack of delicious smells and warmth. In fact, it was completely devoid of any signs of life.

"Maybe Ginny will know where she is...in fact, they're probably doing something together, and lost track of time."

With his wand, he made glowing flames appear in the fireplace. Taking a pinch of Floo powder from its pot on the mantelpiece, he threw it into the flames casting a light of incandescent green across the room.

Shouting the name of his sister's residence, Fred felt as though his head had completely left his shoulders as it hurtled forwards to be met by the feet of his one and only brother-in-law.

"Merlin!" Harry yelped, slopping half his cup of tea on his lap, and causing an acutely unpleasant warm and sloshy feeling in his pants. "Fred, you scared the-"

"Hi Harry," replied Fred, ignoring the look of disgust on Harry's face as well as his response. "Have you seen either Ginny or Hermione today?"

"Yeah, Hermione invited Ginny over to your place a few hours ago, she didn't look too good actually, now that I think about it."

Immediately a feeling of panic coursed through Fred's body.

"What do you mean, she 'didn't look to good'?"

"Err...what would your mum call it?...she looked a little 'peaky'. Maybe you should try St Mungo's. They may have gone to see a healer."

Not even allowing himself the time to say goodbye, Fred whisked his head back home to grab yet another pinch of Floo powder.

The flames were once again emerald green when Fred shouted across the empty room.

"St Mungo's!"


As calmly as he could, Fred walked over to the witch behind the reception desk.

"I was wondering if you could tell me if Hermione Weasley is here?"

The bored-looking woman gave him a sour expression over the tops of the talon-like nails that she was presently filing.

"May I ask what relation you are to her?"

Fred resisted the urge to get angry and tried to keep himself as composed as possible while he replied.

"She's my wife."

The witch picked up her wand from where it was laying on the desk, and gave a tap to what appeared to be a blank piece of parchment.

The page instantly filled with minute purple writing which was now being scrutinised by the receptionist.

"Second Floor," she replied in that same uninterested tone.

Fred turned and bounded up the stairs two at a time, all the way to the second floor where he reached the monotonous pale yellow of a waiting room.

The air was faintly malodorous. It was a curious mixture of urine and decaying flesh, desperately trying to overpower the more obvious smell of disinfectant. Wrinkling his nose in disgust, he tried to ignore it as his eyes scanned the room.

He finally spotted her, and Ginny, over in the far corner. Ginny was nonchalantly reading a magazine. Meanwhile, Hermione was sitting next to her, hands carefully intertwined in her lap, but otherwise looking tense.

He was over at her side in no less than three strides.

"Mione, what's going on? Are you ok?"

Before Fred could get his answer, a healer appeared at the end of the narrow corridor.

"Mrs Weasley?"

Hermione wordlessly stood and made to leave, sending an apologetic look towards Fred, but she was soon stopped by Fred's hand on hers.

"Can I come in with you?"

Hermione sent an enquiring look at Ginny who was already furiously nodding her head, before going back to her magazine.

"Yes, you can come in with me," she said in a low voice to Fred.

The pair followed the healer down the long, dim corridor to a small room at the very end. It was so typical of a muggle doctor's office that the familiarity seemed to make Hermione un-tense her muscles just that little bit.

Hermione and Fred each took their seats, and waited for the healer to cast some light on the situation.

"Well, Mrs Weasley, I assume this is Mr Weasley. I'm sure you want to know the answer as soon as possible, so I'll get straight to the point. Your suspicions were correct. Congratulations, you're pregnant!"

A breath seemed to escape from Hermione, while Fred turned to look at his wife with the most absurd expression on his face.

"We're having a baby?" he finally asked in a faint voice.

Hermione nodded her head wordlessly, a small smile creeping onto her face as she did so.

"We're having a baby!" Fred yelled as he picked Hermione up from the ground and twirled her in midair, kissing her entirely on the lips.

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