Légitimement Mariés [Harry Potter]

COMPLETED: Harry Potter Marriage Law. Fremione. Post Hogwarts. Fred may have survived the Battle of Hogwarts, but now he has a new challange - being married to Hermione!


7. Se réajuster nonchalamment en public

Casually readjusting oneself in public


Hermione had seen the Burrow clean before, but what she had never seen was the Burrow stay clean for so long.

There was no pile of shoes at the back door. There were no mud-tracks on the floor inside the house. Everyone had simply gotten into the habit of taking their shoes off, and putting them away. There were no piles of washing in their respective baskets, littering the floor of the bedrooms. Everyone had learned to put their clothes away where they belonged. However, Hermione suspected that this could have been due to the addition of wives who would tell their husbands in no uncertain terms exactly what would happen should they not do as they were bid.

Hermione looked down towards the bottom of the long piece of parchment in her hand. It had been a few days of very hectic word towards her own wedding. The only major task that was not yet ticked off was the arrival of her parents.

Henry and Marian Granger were staying with the Weasley's where they would be able to meet the entire Weasley family properly (sans Charlie who had not been able to take time off from work), but also be able to attend the wedding of their beloved daughter. Mr Weasley was going to pick them up from the muggle train station, and then side-along apparate them to the Burrow. Much to the amusement of Hermione, he had been the most eager of the family when it came to volunteering for this task.

Hermione nervously tried to smooth down her hair, even though she knew her efforts to be futile. She just needed to do something with her hands.

She sat down on one of the sofas in the Burrow's sitting room, putting her list down next to her. She glanced at down at her words, most of them crossed out as a result of their achievement.

She closed her eyes in an attempt of relaxation. There was, after all, only two more days until her wedding.

She had only been resting for a few seconds when she felt a heavy weight rest down beside her. Her eyes instantly fluttered open, and upon focusing, she saw that it was Fred next to her.

"Is there anything that you need help with?" he asked her, glancing down at the parchment.

"There is nothing that we can do yet. The only thing that we can do is wait for my parents. Your Dad should be bringing them any second."

It was then that Hermione saw what she thought was a flicker of fear on Fred's face.

"Will they like me?" Fred asked, his face not as robust as it usually was.

Hermione laughed at him.

"Of course not!" she replied.

A look of absolute horror was briskly taking over Fred's already pained facial expression. Hermione, upon seeing this, began to laugh heartily.

"Why not? What have you told them? They don't think I'm some kind of escaped criminal, do they?"

"No, you goose. The only reason why they might not like you, is because we're getting married. You're going to be the one that is taking away their baby."

"Oh," was all that Fred was able to say before he and Hermione head the cracking sound, so distinctive to apparition.

Hermione instantly bounded off the sofa, and flung open the door. She threw herself into the waiting arms of a woman whose hair would have been as bushy as Hermione's own, had it not been placed into a tight chignon at the nape of her neck. Her face was almost the spitting image of Hermione's, save for the odd laugh line. This must have been Hermione's mother.

Hermione then leapt into the arms of the man standing next to her mother. This balding man must have been her father. He had a kind, round face, and he was the picture of vitality, from his laughing blue eyes, to his jolly red cheeks and smiling mouth.

When he saw his daughter, he let out an almighty laugh. Even from his nervous position inside the house, Fred could not help but let out a chuckle, for no one could help but laugh when Henry Granger laughed.

Fred watched this scene unfold before him with a sense of joy. At least they did not look angry with her, or more importantly, him.

"Fred. Fred? Come out here and meet my parents."

Fred snapped out of his trance, and followed the sound of Hermione's voice.

"Mum, Dad. This is my fiancé, Fred. Fred, this is my mother Marian, and my father, Henry."

Fred shook hands with the both of them.

"It's a pleasure to meet you both," he said to them, smiling broadly.

"There's more than one of you, isn't there?" said Marian, waving a finger at Fred, who looked back at her with great confusion.

Henry chuckled at his wife, before explaining her to his future son-in-law.

"What Marian means, is that the last time we were in Diagon Alley together, you had a look-alike with you."

Comprehension dawned on Fred.

"Yes. I have a twin brother, George."

"That's it!" said Marian, laughing vivaciously.

"Right-o," said Mr Weasley as (to the astonishment of Henry and Marian), he began to levitate the Granger's luggage. "We had better get inside, out of the weather. It does not quite feel like spring yet, besides, I'm sure that Molly will be happy to see you both again."

Mr Weasley ushered Hermione's parents inside, with Hermione and Fred following closely behind.


If the Burrow had been crowded before, Hermione surmised that it would be close to breaking point now.

The backyard had once again been smothered in warming charms, and the wooden tables would soon be receiving a work-out under Mrs Weasley's scrumptious cooking.

"Is there anything that i can help with?" Marian asked, wide-eyed as she watched Molly magic the food about the cramped kitchen.

"Oh, don't worry yourself about anything dear. I've got everything under control here, but perhaps you could check on the others outside. I they have the tables ready, I can start to put the food out, ready for us to eat."

Hermione had also been in the kitchen, watching the exchange between her mother and Molly with great merriment in her eyes. However, this joy was shocked out of her when she heard a very surprised scream escape from outside that sounded suspiciously like her mother.

Wondering what in the name of Merlin could have prompted something like that (perhaps she had been bitten by a gnome?), Hermione rushed out the door to the aid of her mother, only to almost collapse into a fit of giggles when she did get out there.

"YOU GET THOSE TABLES DOWN HERE AT ONCE! You ought to have more respect, especially when Mr and Mrs Granger are here!"

Hermione had not heard Mrs Weasley come outside, but she had jumped about a foot in the air when Mrs Weasley had started shouting at her sons. She could practically feel the frustration emanating from her as she took Marian by the arm and led her back inside.

Fred had instantly stopped the running commentary about whose tactics were the best, as soon as he had seen his mother.

He chanced a look at Hermione, but then proceeded to raise his eyebrow at her when he saw that she was bright red with suppressed laughter. This was not the Hermione Granger that he knew, but it did nothing to make her less attractive to him.

Hermione did not notice the way in which Fred had been looking at her, so she want back inside to check on her mother to the sound of two, slightly less-than-gentle thuds of tables once again contacting level ground.


"So, Ron, were Luna and yourself together long before this marriage law was passed?"

"Ummm..." said Ron, uncomfortable with the number of eyes that had swiveled in his and Luna's direction as a result of Marian's question. "Sort of...I guess."

"Right," replied Marian, frowning slightly, "I'm sorry if I seem a bit put off by all of this, it did come as a bit of a shock, and it has been rather difficult for me...for us, to come to terms with the pace at which everything is happening. That and you have to admit, the idea is a little absurd...no offence to the magical community, but..."

"Oh, don't worry," said Luna, smiling brightly, "we think it is a bit strange as well. My father quite agreed with me when I said I thought that it was downright mad!"

Hermione didn't know whether to laugh or not. The image of Luna, of all people, admitting that something was ridiculous was a little odd, in and of itself, but it was also extremely hilarious. She felt Fred twitch a little beside her in what she supposed was concealed laughter.

Marian and Henry, both of which had greatly enjoyed their time with the Weasley's, did nothing to hide their laughter, and soon everyone along the table was wiping tears of laughter from their eyes.

"Well," replied Henry once his own contagious laugh was under control, "at least my Hermione is joining such a wonderful family. I would like to propose a toast, to Fred and Hermione. I know that you will have a great life together if you always remember to count not what is lost but what is left."

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