Légitimement Mariés [Harry Potter]

COMPLETED: Harry Potter Marriage Law. Fremione. Post Hogwarts. Fred may have survived the Battle of Hogwarts, but now he has a new challange - being married to Hermione!


8. Je te prends comme femme, horriblement et légitimement

I take thee to be my awfully, lawfully wedded wife


Hermione shifted slightly under the warm covers, attempting to get comfortable. She moved a little to the left, then the right, onto her back, and then onto her stomach. She slipped herself onto her back once more, lifting the covers as she raised her knees, allowing a gust of cold air to swish underneath.

She vigorously rubbed at the goose-bumps now covering her legs, while glancing at the clock on the wall above Ginny's bed. It was too dark to see the position of the hands, so she grabbed her wand from the shelf above her, and with it lit, she squinted at the clock.

It was just past five in the morning, and Ginny continued to snore in the bed opposite; but sleep did not come to Hermione once more.

The wedding was to begin at midday, so she still had plenty of time to sleep, if she wanted. Hermione desperately wanted to sleep, because only sleep could blot out all of the recent events. However, her overactive brain would not allow her this one mercy.

It was for perhaps an hour that she lay there, under the warm covers, contemplating her life as Mrs Hermione Weasley.

Finally, she decided that a hot shower might calm her nerves.

She groped around in the dark, trying to find everything that she needed to have a shower. Finally she managed to make her way out of the room, unharmed and without disturbing Ginny.

However, her success was short-lived. She had opened the door and walked smack-bang into another person. A very solid and tall person.

Pressing her lips together, willing herself not to make a sound, she looked up at the offending obstacle that was literally blocking her attempt at finding calm and peace.


"You know Hermione, it's bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding."

"Huh?" said Hermione, still feeling a bit dazed.

"What are you doing up so early? Were you so excited to see me that you just couldn't wait a few more hours?"

This spurred Hermione's brain into action once more.

"Ha, ha, very funny. I was actually on my way to have a shower, so if you don't mind..."

She moved, so as to make her way over to the bathroom, but Fred continued to block her path, giving her wicked grin while he was at it.

"Oh, if only you'd gotten out of bed sooner, we could have had a shower together. I'm all for helping the environment and saving water."

"Don't be disgusting," whispered Hermione, suddenly acutely aware of all the other occupants of the house, who were still asleep, but could wake at any moment and find her in what she thought to be a slightly compromising position.

She managed to push past Fred, but not so fast that she was able to ignore the wiggling eyebrows of her fiancé.

"See you later, Hermione."

"I'll be the one in white," she replied sarcastically, not quite able to completely ignore him.


Hermione turned to water to her ideal temperature (scalding hot), and quickly divested herself of her clothes before the cold air could nip at her body too much.

The hot water was a great relief. She let the pressure beat on her back for a few minutes to stave off insanity. Lathering a small amount of shampoo onto her fingers, she carefully massaged the suds into her scalp. Rinsing the bubbles free, she moved to loofah her body clean. Under the ministrations of her hands, she felt to muscles become supple and more relaxed.

Finally she summoned the courage to turn the water of, and she released herself back into the now, slightly less arctic air, and quickly dressed herself.

Knowing that nobody else in the house would yet be awake (she had heard Fred go back to his bedroom), Hermione stole down the stairs, careful to avoid the creaking ones, to make herself a cup to tea to drink while she waited for her hair to sufficiently dry.

Sitting there in the tiny kitchen, Hermione had never felt so alone or so small. Despite their best efforts to change the law, there was no loophole that could be found.

Hermione wondered why changing the law had been so difficult. So many people were opposed to it. It was such an archaic thing to do, barbaric even. She thought about the reason for it, or rather, what the Ministry said was the reason, 'To repopulate the Wizarding community, and to encourage a more peaceful magical society that is free of prejudice'.

How the Ministry of Magic expected to create a society free of prejudice when married couples were more than likely to hate each other, was beyond Hermione. Nonetheless, it made her think of Fred.

Did she hate him?

No, of course she didn't. It was the law that she hated.

Did she like him?

She couldn't answer this. Everybody liked Fred, but did she like him?

Sitting there with her mug of tea, Hermione resolved to do the only thing that she could do, and that was to make the best out of it. In fact, thinking about of this made Hermione remember something that her mother had told her when she was a little girl, scared about going off to Hogwarts.

'Never complain of what you have, always remember that you are fortunate to have it.'


Hermione was growing exceptionally impatient. She had been sitting in the straight-backed chair for over an hour. Ginny was in the process of styling Hermione's hair for the wedding. The only indication that some magnificent transformation was taking place, was the incessant tugging of strands, followed by a splashing of potion. Ginny had completely covered the mirror that Hermione was facing, muttering about some kind of reveal that was supposedly going to take place.

"Mione, please sit still. You don't want a lopsided hair-do, do you?" Just think of all the photos!"

"I don't know what you're doing up there. I've never had much success with it, so I don't know what you think you're going to achieve," grumbled Hermione, wincing slightly as Ginny gave the roots an extra tug.

After a couple of  minutes, and some wand-waving, Hermione's hair was complete.

"Can I look now?" she asked the red-head.

Ginny shook her head.

"Nope, we still have to do your make-up."

Hermione groaned, because this time it was not only Ginny that was fiddling about with her. Angelina was helping as well.

Ginny and Angelina had agreed to be Hermione's bridesmaids. In spite of her previous lack of vision, Hermione knew that she wanted Ginny to be one of her bridesmaids. She then thought that Angie would be the most practical choice as another bridesmaid, seeing as Fred has chosen George to be his best man anyway.

Both girls were already dressed in their china blue frocks. The only thing that Fred had insisted upon was having a brightly coloured wedding. So, to match the intense blue, Hermione had chosen a bunch of vibrant yellow daffodils for Ginny and Angie to carry.

It all looked so out of place in the weather, which was still cool, but Hermione thought it appropriate seeing as it was, technically, the beginning of Spring.

It was then, during Ginny and Angelina's ministrations, that Marian waltzed herself into the room with her usual gracefulness. Her hazel eyes cast themselves downwards, towards the chair that Hermione was sitting in.

"Hermione, my darling girl, you look beautiful. Fred won't know what hit him. How could he not fall in love with you when you're looking as gorgeous as this!"

"Thanks Mum. You're not looking too bad yourself."

Marian twirled on the spot, putting her hands on her hips, giggling as she went. The knee-length skirt of her chocolate brown sheath dress poked out from beneath the matching taffeta jacket.

"Your father said something along those lines," she replied, "but today is not about me. It is about you, and what a wonderful bride you will make. Or rather, you will make once we get you into your dress."

Mrs Weasley had chosen that moment to enter, and within a hundredth of a second, her voice was reverberating off the walls.

"You're not dressed yet? Quickly. We can't keep everyone waiting!"

Hermione only had time to offer one small smile of apology, over to her mother and Mrs Weasley, before the latter was bustling over, brandishing her wand.


Hair in place?

Hermione raised a hand to ensure that every strand had been smoothed into place.

Make up?

She had checked her face in a mirror before she had left the house. It was charmed into place.

Hermione looked down at her dress, moving her hand across the heavy fabric, making sure that not one wrinkle was present. She turned her head to look at the train. It was fanned out behind her in an elegant pool of white.

She felt her father standing behind her. He took her slender fingers into his and brought them up to his mouth to kiss them He took comfort in the fact that it stopped them from shaking, even if it was for only a moment.

The music began, and Angelina began to move forward. One foot moved in front of the other, not too fast for the music, nor too slow. When she had moved about halfway down the aisle, Ginny stepped forward. Hermione watched their china blue backs glide down the aisle, getting smaller with every step. Why, oh why did the aisle seem so never-ending?

The music changed and the congregation stood. Hermione felt her father give her arm a gentle, but insistent tug. She too put one foot before the other, and walked towards the black-covered back of Fred.

'At least he's wearing black dress robes and not bright purple with lime green polka dots...' she thought rather randomly.

She kept her eyes fixated on the front of the tent where the tufty-haired ministry official stood.

At long last, she and her father made it to the front. She felt his hand being replaced as her own was moved from his into Fred's open one.

Hermione chanced a look into Fred's face, not quite able to fathom the emotion that was held there as the officiating wizard spoke.

To Hermione, it felt like she was trapped in a giant bubble, only dimly aware of her surroundings as the official used his wand to bind them. It sounded like someone else was speaking as she pledged herself to Fred.

"I, Hermione Jean, take thee, Frederick Gideon, to be my lawful wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish, till death do us part.

The final band of light was emitted from the officiator's wand, and Hermione Granger became Hermione Weasley.

"You may now kiss your bride."

Hermione held her breath as she leaned forward slightly. She could see Fred coming closer, so she closed her eyes before feeling his lips brush against hers.

A loud cheer erupting from their guests startled them apart. From the corner of her eye, Hermione was just able to see her mother and Mrs Weasley dabbing handkerchiefs under their eyes. She was able to see a grinning Harry and Ron, each sitting with their respective partners, also grinning.

Hermione looked over at Fred and she couldn't help but smile at him.

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