Légitimement Mariés [Harry Potter]

COMPLETED: Harry Potter Marriage Law. Fremione. Post Hogwarts. Fred may have survived the Battle of Hogwarts, but now he has a new challange - being married to Hermione!


22. Famille


Hermione had experienced grief before.

It was this part of her life which she had dealt with since adolescence, and now it had reared its ugly head in young adulthood.

It was something which she thought that she would have been able to escape after Hogwarts. Voldemort had been defeated, and therefore her life would be good. That was how she had worked out the equation in her head; however, now that she had the chance to properly reflect, she realised how naive and childish this sounded.

She ought to have known better than to expect a better life. Perhaps she didn't deserve one, and that was why bad things kept happening to her.

On the odd occasions when she would speak, her voice would be hoarse from disuse.

When she ate, it was only because Fred reminded her that the baby needed something to eat too.

The death of her father had also brought forward the beginning of Hermione's maternity leave, and this left her with all day to ruminate on her thoughts.

Hermione had somehow convinced herself that all she wanted to do was stay in bed al day; however, being almost eight months pregnant made this almost impossible. A pregnant body was simply not made for spending all day in a supine position. In a fit of frustration, Hermione then started to pace.

One step at a time, she would walk up and down the small amount of space that made up her lounge room and kitchen, feeling so utterly despondent hat her face would literally show no emotion at all. Her arms would either hang limply by her sides, or gently rub the top of her stomach when the baby kicked at her ribs.

At first, Fred let this happen, thinking that perhaps this was Hermione's way of dealing with the recent death of her father. After all, she was only dealing with the news of her father's sudden death. She had watched as the doctors and nurses do everything they could, only for it to fail.

One week passed, then two weeks went by, and still Hermione remained within her stupor. Fred was completely at a loss about how to deal with this situation. In the past, he and his family had grieved together. That was how they had gotten through everything that had gone on. Hermione, however, was refusing to let anyone in. Her face remained an impenetrable mask.

Fred, doing what he always had done, turned to his mother for support.

Molly tried to hide her worry with the food that she brought around every couple of days– all of Hermione's favourites – but would inevitably end up leaving their flat with her mouth set in a grim line as she bestowed her son with a hug and words of comfort and luck. She maintained the hope that Hermione would deliver the baby in less than a couple of weeks, and that would be enough to spur her into her old self.


Immense pressure.

That was all that Hermione could feel low in her pelvis as she lay in bed. She was trying her hardest to get a few extra hours of sleep under her belt. The baby was due in just a few days, and sleep was something that she desperately needed before then.

However, the only problem was that she needed to keep using the loo all the time.

Doing her best to wiggle her body over to the edge of the bed, Hermione swung her legs over the side and forced herself into a sitting position.

Her vision went a bit funny for moment – lots of black spots that took a few seconds to clear – before her dizziness cleared and everything righted itself, and she was able to get herself up to go to the toilet.

Not wanting to wake Fred, she did not turn on any lamps. Instead she grazed her fingertips against the walls and furniture to determine her position as she walked around their flat. After bumping her upper arms and hips into various bits of clutter, unseen in the dark, she made it to the bathroom where she was able to finally give herself a bit of light.

Although Hermione relieved herself with no mishap whatsoever, however, she found that the feeling of pressure within her abdomen did not alleviate as it usually did after she had used the toilet. Using one hand to hold onto the edge of the bathtub, and the other supporting her lower back, she attempted to get herself into a standing position.

However, putting weight onto her legs seemed to prove more difficult that what she expected, and with a light thud she landed back onto the toilet seat after only being able to hover several inches off the seat.

Rubbing at a sore spot on her back near the base of her spine, she braced herself once more and tried to stand again. Now, not only was her back sore but for the second time that night she was feeling dizzy.

Not wanting to compromise her safety, and simply wanting to get back to bed, Hermione opened the bathroom door a fraction and called out for her husband.


There was no response.

"Fred?" she called out a little louder than before, hoping it was enough to wake him without waking their neighbours.

She was able to make out the light rustling of bed sheets before a very groggy-sounding response came out from the opened door.


"I'm in the bathroom, and I'm feeling too dizzy to stand up. Can you help me get back to bed?"

Almost immediately Hermione heard footsteps approaching, and Fred's head popped itself around the door frame.

"You okay?" he said, his voice distinctly less sleepy than what it had been previously.

"Not sure," replied Hermione. "I just got up to use the loo, and now I can't really stand up on my own. My back hurts as well...more than usual, that is."

Fred only nodded, and knelt down to help Hermione pull her pyjama pants back up to her hips. He was accustomed to the dizzy spells that Hermione had been having over the past couple of weeks. At first he thought it was because she spent so much time standing up and walking around. So, he tried to get her to rest more, but Hermione being herself simply couldn't follow through with that request.

Putting one arm around her, he used his free hand to hold onto one of hers and managed to guide Hermione to a vertical position. Almost immediately Hermione's knees almost buckled beneath her as she felt a small flood of warm liquid between her legs. Fred watched in horror as her face suddenly became devoid of colour.

Looking down, Hermione's eyes widened as she saw a dark grey patch spreading across crotch of her pale grey pants.

"No, not now..." she groaned as the pain in her back slightly intensified. It was a squeezing pain that started at her lower back and wrapped around her sides to her stomach. She closed her eyes, and slowly let out the breath that she was holding.

Fred, despite being male, was not entirely ignorant of the situation, and he knew instantly that Hermione was possibly going into labour. Well, not possibly. It was an absolute. Hermione was definitely in labour.

"Time for St Mungos?" Fred couldn't help but let out a small chuckle in his excitement. He was finally going to be able to meet his son.

"Yes," Hermione breathed out as she put her arm around Fred to further support herself.

Fortunately for them, it was a short walk down to the pub where they could get through to muggle London, and then catch a cab to the hospital.

Helping Hermione back into their room, he sat her on the edge of their bed whilst he calmly went around the room and picked out come clothes for Hermione to change into. Kneeling down before her, he gently pulled her damp pyjama pants off before guiding her feet into a clean pair of loose fitting yoga pants.

"How are you so calm?" Hermione could not help but ask Fred.

Fred smiled a little at Hermione before helping her pull her long-sleeved pyjama shirt off.

"Remember that I have a lot of siblings. Although I was young when some of them were born, there are some things that you retain the memory of no matter how young you are."

Hermione nodded at him before pulling on the clean shirt which Fred had handed to her.

"Now, can you stand up to walk down to the street or would you rather me carry you?"

Hermione's dizziness had cleared somewhat now that she had been sitting upright for a few minutes, and the pain in her back and sides had reduced to a dull ache.

"Yeah, I think I'll be okay."

"Are you sure?" Fred wrinkled his eyebrows, scrutinising Hermione as he stood up from his knees.

Feeling greatly reassured by Fred's obvious care and concern, she nodded her head at him once more.

"Yes. I'll let you know if I need help. I think the pain in my back was a contraction, but it's gone now, so I'm pretty sure I'll make it down before another one."

"Ok, then let's get going. The most important thing is to get you to the hospital on time. I can come back later to grab a bag with spare clothes and other things."

Hermione let Fred help her off the bed, and the pair of them slowly made their way out the front door and down the stairs to street level.

Along Diagon Alley there were no other people about, owing to the fact that it was indeed the middle of the night. Thankfully, the gas lamps were on and they were able to make the short distance to The Leaky Cauldron without mishap. Hermione only had to stop once for a contraction, and even this was quickly relieved with the help of Fred rubbing her back as they stood together in the cold air.

Thankfully the pub was empty as she and Fred walked through it and through to Charring Cross Road which was beautifully festooned with Christmas decorations. There were a few people meandering the streets on this side of the pub; however none of them paid attention to Hermione and Fred as they quickly hailed a cab and made their way to the hospital.

Hermione was still not up to verbalising how she was feeling, so Fred made a point of tightly holding onto her hand throughout the entire journey. He knew that every time that she gripped at his hand a little tighter, she was experiencing a contraction. Then, he would use his thumb to stroke the back of her hand and whisper comforting words into her ear. Although he did not outwardly show it, he would cringe a little inside whenever Hermione squeezed his hand tighter. Although he was no expert, he knew that childbirth was one of, if not the most, painful thing a woman would have to endure and he felt truly angry that the Ministry had forced this situation upon them. In that moment, Fred wanted nothing more than to put himself into her position so that she didn't have to experience it, but he knew that it was a wild and crazy idea that could not possibly eventuate.

In a relatively short space of time, they reached the hospital. Fred immediately handed over the cash needed to pay the driver, before jumping out of his side of the car and bolting over to Hermione's side. Opening her door, he helped her out of the car and together they made their way to the entrance of the hospital. This time, they had to stop twice on the way in because of Hermione's contractions. Without even having to time them, Fred knew that they were getting closer and closer together.

Finally making it into the hospital, the witch at the front desk directed them up to the third floor where the staff would be waiting for them to arrive.

The healers seemed rather practiced in their work, and as soon as Fred and Hermione arrived to the correct level they whisked Hermione away in a wheelchair to the delivery suite. Fred ended up having to jog slightly in order to catch up.

Hermione did not even have to do any work to get into the bed that was set up for her. The healers merely used their wands to levitate her from the wheelchair onto the thin mattress. A thin white sheet was draped over the lower half of her body, and a female healer could be heard snapping gloves onto her hands.

"If you just let your knees drop to either side, I'll be able to let you know how much you have dilated. We'll also keep a close eye on the time so that we know how far apart your contractions are. On a scale of one to ten, where do you rate your pain right now?

Obeying the requests of the midwife healer Hermione dropped her knees and tried to gauge her level of pain. It had certainly intensified on the journey to the hospital.

"It's about a five or six out of ten, during a contraction. But I would say a one or two at the moment..."

Hermione trailed off with that sentence as she felt the now familiar clenching of her abdomen. The contractions now encompassed her entire belly, not just her back and sides. Panting through it, she groped wildly at the side of the bed, looking for Fred's hand to hold onto.

"On second thoughts," she replied after the contraction was over, "I change my answer to an eight or nine out of ten. That was definitely the worst one yet."

Beads of sweat were beginning to form on Hermione's brow; however now that the contraction was over she appeared considerably calmer, considering the situation. After a moment or two of physical examination, the healer removed the gloves from his hands.

"I'd say you're only dilated about two or three centimetres, but there's still plenty of time for that to change."


Hermione spent the time between contractions counting out the minutes. The time between was shorter overall, however, there came a point where they simply stayed at three minutes apart.

The healer had returned for another physical examination saying that she had progressed to five centimetres.

Hermione's eyes bulged out of their sockets.

"I've been here for four hours, and it's only another two centimetres!" she practically screeched. Feeling utterly exhausted already she lay herself against the mound of pillows that Fred had piled behind her on the bed.

"Yes, it is progressing rather slowly. If we don't see a significant improvement in the next couple of hours we may have to think about giving you a potion to help speed things along."

Hermione let out a massive groan.

"Why can't I just have the potion now, and get it over and done with.

The healer shook her head at Hermione.

"We had procedures and protocols to follow. You haven't yet reached the criteria for us to be allowed to give you the potion."

"Screw the protocol!"

Admittedly, Fred had to stifle a smile at Hermione's choice of words. At least she never ceased to surprise him.

"Mrs Weasley," said the healer, suddenly serious. "We can't yet give you the potion to speed up labour. I suggest that you use this opportunity to conserve your strength for the later part of labour when you will actually have to push."

Minute by minute.

That was the only way Hermione could think of to get through it. The contractions were now getting further apart. It was only a slight difference of perhaps a few seconds, and still the healer did nothing but check to see how many centimetres she had dilated.

The last fifteen minutes of the second hour seemed like they would never pass. The contractions were still happening, but with very little effect. Hermione had only dilated half a centimetre in the entire two hours.

Finally, the healer returned with a vial of slightly fluorescent purple potion.

"I do have to warn you," she said as he handed it to Hermione, "many women say that labour gets infinitely more intense after they take the potion. There is no going back from here. It is a very effective potion."

"I don't care," replied Hermione. "I just want this baby out of me!"

As soon as the potion reached her stomach, Hermione felt its effects, and whatever pain she had been feeling before tripled. It was all she could do to let out the biggest scream of her life.


"Fred?" said Hermione during a lull in contractions.

"Yeah," he replied, his voice sounding much more exhausted than what it had been during the previous seven hours.

"What if I make a terrible Mum? With Dad gone, I am just feeling so overwhelmed. The other day it took all my strength just to get out of bed to shower. How am I supposed to take care of a baby?"

Another contraction took over at that point, before Fred had the chance to reply. He simply held her hand with one of his while stroking her hair with the other hand, whispering words of encouragement in her ear.

"You're doing so well, Hermione... just a little longer and we'll be able to hold and cuddle our baby, and be a proper little family."


The contraction had eased enough for Hermione to stop straining, and she hunched slightly over her bent knees, tears escaping down her face.

"Fred, I can't do it anymore," she sobbed, lifting her head to look him in the eyes.

Taking her face into his hands, Fred used his thumbs to wipe away her tears.

"Yes, Hermione, you can do it. I love you so much, and I know that you're going to be just fine, and that you're going to be a brilliant Mum. You're going to make your Dad even more proud then what he was."

Hermione sucked her bottom lip into her mouth to stop it from trembling as she stared at her husband.

"You said that you loved me..."

She meant it as a statement, but it seemed to come out as more of a question. That was the first time she ever remembered him saying those words to her.

"Of course I love you. Look at what you're doing for me. How can I not love you? You're so smart, funny, beautiful, and you put up with me. What more can I ask for in a wife?" he said, punctuating his words with a kiss to her cheek.

The healer, with her impeccable timing, motioned for Hermione to drop her knees once more.

"Ok, now we're getting somewhere!" she said with a hint of triumph in her voice. "You're finally at ten centimetres. It's time to push."

With the guidance of the healer, and Fred never letting go of her hand, Hermione used every exhausted muscle within her to push out her son.

"Slowly for the shoulders..." the healer cautioned. "That's it... just a little more..."

With one final bellow expelled from her lungs and her eyes scrunched shut Hermione pushed and a loud scream rent through the air as the newest Weasley was born into the world.

"Yep, he's definitely a boy," laughed the healer as she placed the screaming baby on his mother's chest.

Opening her eyes and looking down at her newborn son, Hermione felt the greatest sense of peace pervade her being. She looked up at Fred with wide eyes only to see him looking down at the baby in awe.

With a pair of surgical scissors, the healer directed Fred to cut the umbilical cord, and the baby was whisked away to be quickly cleaned and wrapped in a warm blanket.

Hermione felt a pang in her heart as the staff took the baby away to do this, and she only took another breath when he was placed safely back into her arms.

"Hey there," she heard Fred's voice beside her. "Hey, that's your beautiful mum holding you, and I'm your daddy."

She saw Fred's finger reach out and gently stroke the baby's cheek. It felt like the room and all its distractions melted away. Hermione's heart swelled with love during this tender moment as they became a family.

Totally absorbed in the face of their little son, Hermione could not help but think of one thing which was missing.

"We never did agree on a name for a son, did we? I guess we're going to have to think quickly now."

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