Légitimement Mariés [Harry Potter]

COMPLETED: Harry Potter Marriage Law. Fremione. Post Hogwarts. Fred may have survived the Battle of Hogwarts, but now he has a new challange - being married to Hermione!


9. Champagne



Ron watched on as Fred and Hermione swirled together on the dance floor. The cake had been cut and the bride and groom followed the custom of feeding each other cake.

They were smiling at each other, and, at least on the outside, they seemed happy.

Why then could Hermione never seem that happy with him? Ever since Ron had known Hermione, he had observed her ability to be successful in everything. Yet, they had never been able to make it work between each other.

Sure they had always remained as friends, and they shared an uncommon bond, but he was at a loss as to why she couldn't love him when he cared about her so deeply.

A tiny flame burned inside him. He was not quite sure what it was, but he knew that it had the chance to grow exponentially if given the right fuel. He felt it growing ever so slightly now, as he watched Hermione take a wrong step and fell ungracefully into Fred's arms, laughing the whole way.

A hint of a smile touched Ron's face as he remembered one of their own dates. He had taken her to a restaurant in Hogsmeade where he knew a live band was going to be playing. It had taken quite a bit of convincing to get Hermione out of her chair, and once she was out of it, Ron could see exactly why she had been so reluctant.

His toes still tingled as he recounted in his mind the number of times that she had stepped on them.

He sighed and put away those thoughts as Luna came to sit beside him.

"She seems almost happy, doesn't she?" said Luna to Ron as she grasped his hand into hers.

"You do know that they both don't want to marry each other?"

"You can't always trust everything that people say, Ronald."


The party had ended; all the guests had gone home. Hermione and Fred had gone inside, into the Burrow to get changed out of their wedding clothes.

This had been the routine for all of the previously married couples of the Weasley family, before they would apparate to a cottage that the family had rented on the opposite side of Ottery St. Catchpole, specifically for each of the weddings.

While they were not able to go on a honeymoon straight away, each couple was able to spend the night of their wedding in the cottage as a means of privacy on their first night as man and wife.

As she was getting changed into more casual clothes, Hermione thought about the reception they had. It had been rather lovely, except for the short space of time where the story of Uncle Bilius' interesting habits had been brought up once again. Hermione had frowned with disapproval while Fred had roared with laughter at her side.

Hermione knew that herself and Fred had to give the appearance of being a happily married couple, but she wondered how much of it was really constructed when it came to Fred. After all, he had kept his arm around her waist for almost the whole evening.

Not that she was complaining, mind you. It had been rather comforting to have him there.

The couple had moved around the tent together, seemingly happy as they mingled with their guests, relaxed under the influence of champagne.

"Knut for your thoughts," whispered Fred to Hermione, immediately snapping her out of her reverie.

Hermione shook her head as if that action alone would clear her brain. She had decided to wait for Fred downstairs, and she did not realise how deep in thought she actually was.

"Oh, I was just thinking about today. It's been really lovely, hasn't it?"

"Yeah," said Fred, "It was pretty good. I didn't get a chance to tell you earlier, but you looked really beautiful in your dress, with your hair done up and everything..."

Fred trailed off towards the end, slightly embarrassed by what he had divulged.

"Thank you," said Hermione quietly, cheeks now tinted pink, "you looked rather nice yourself. Were they new dress robes?"

Fred nodded.

"I thought the occasion called for it. After all, you only get married once."

Hermione did not really know how to answer this, so she only smiled before changing the subject.

"I guess we should get going."

She held out her hand towards Fred, so that he could grasp it and they could apparate together.

Fred felt oddly calm as he clasped her hand in his.

"Ready? One...two...three!"

They both felt the familiar jerk behind their navels as they left the comforting sitting room of the Burrow.


Fred and Hermione reaching their destination, sounding like a whip being cracked against the air. The air around the cottage was so still that the intrusion of their arrival scared several birds out of some nearby trees.

As much as he did not want to, Fred was forced to let go of Hermione's hand as he fished around in his pockets for the key to the front door.

He could have used his wand, but it was suddenly important to him to not use magic for every tiny thing.

Finally, after much rummaging he pulled the tarnished silver from the inside of his jacket, and within moments they were inside, basking in the warm glow of the fireplace. Clearly a family member had already been here to set everything up.

Hermione looked around approvingly. The brown sofa looked so inviting next to the rest of the wooden antique furniture.

Fred led her through this, past a small kitchen, to what seemed to be the only bedroom in the cottage.

Hermione saw that their luggage had indeed arrived safely, but she wasn't too interested in that at the moment. She was keener to follow her nose back to the kitchen that they had just passed. If she wasn't mistaken, there would be some of Mrs Weasley's onion soup for supper.

Fred had apparently smelled it too because he had wordlessly left Hermione in the bedroom, and headed straight to the kitchen.

When Hermione peered in, she saw that he had already begun to heat up the stew, and was now slicing bread.

"Want some?" he said, looking up from the loaf to Hermione.

Hermione eagerly nodded, and set to finding where bowls and cutlery were stored. In her journey, she found that some kind soul had deposited a bucket of ice and several bottles of champagne. She gathered up some champagne flutes as well.

"Want some?" she asked Fred, inclining her head towards the champagne.

"Yes," replied Fred in what seemed to be an extremely grateful tone.

The soup warmed through in record time, and soon they were sitting in front of the fire, enjoying their supper, and sipping at the champagne.

A few glasses later found the pair of them very relaxed, and a few more after that found them a bit beyond relaxed. Both Hermione and Fred were sitting on the floor, with their backs resting on the sofa, and Hermione's head resting on his shoulder.

"Fred," sighed Hermione, "we're going to have to sleep with each other, aren't we?"

"The bed is big enough for us to each have our own side for tonight. We can sleep in single beds after that, if it will make you more comfortable."

"You know that's not what I mean."

She turned her head to look at him.

"I do hate stating the obvious but, we are going to have to have a baby. Actually we're going to have to have three."

Fred sighed, not knowing what to say, but he was saved the effort because Hermione was continuing to speak anyway, albeit in a slightly panicked tone that was getting more hysterical with every passing word.

"What am I going to do with three children? I bet the ministry didn't spare a thought for those who have responsibilities to fulfil at work. How dare they assume that all us women automatically want to become mothers? Some of them are only 17, what are they going to do? How can we live a life that only the ministry wants us..."

Anything else that was said after that was not heard by Fred because he did the only thing that he thought might silence her frenzy. He kissed her.

To his incredible surprise, she began to kiss him back.


Hermione awoke to light streaming through the completely inadequate curtains that covered the windows of the cottage's bedroom.

Her head hurt, and oddly enough her body ached all over as well, like she had done far too much exercise.

She thought quick. They couldn't have.

Panicking, she pulled at the twisted sheets until she could see her body underneath them. Sure enough, she was completely nude.

Pulling the sheet tight around her body, she felt the lump next to her sprawl out before making a noise that was halfway between a groan and speech.

"Oh shit."

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