circle of love (one direction)

I never promised you a happy ending. You never said that you wouldnt make me cry. But summer love will keep us warm, long after our autumn goodbye. Every summer Has a story.


2. chapter 2

Rainbow continued to scream like an idiot while Harry held me in his arms. I didn't quite understand why it was that she was yelling but it was annoying. Her screams soon became silent when Harry let me out of his arms.

  "What's going on? Why are you screaming?" I asked Rainbow.   "Because that's.."   Rainbows pov   Harry went behind Marilyn and started to do hand signals to get me to be quiet. I looked at him a couple times and wondered why it was that he wanted me to keep quiet.   "Oh nevermind.. I um.. yea".   "You what?" Judging by Marilyns face I could tell she was mad.   "I'm drunk". I quickly said.   "Your drunk yet know his name?" She curiously asked once more.   "It was a guess".   "Great one too." Harry smirked at her and then looked back at me.   "I better go inside". I left Harry and Marilyn alone outside on the dark porch.    *** Marilyns pov   "Ill see you around". I wasn't to convinced with Harrys and Rainbows bull shit.   "Call me". Harry shouted as he left the porch.   "Not happening". I whispered under my breath.   How did Rainbow know Harrys name, and why did she shout it the way she did? Maybe this guy was hiding something, but how could it be that Rainbow knows more then information then I do?    I walked into the bathroom to undress myself from this uncomfortable dress. The dress hit the ground softly as I let it fall from my waist. I quickly put on my pjs and threw my hair up like I usually did.    "Are you mad?" Rain asked curiously   I didn't want to look her in the eyes because I knew that would only make me mad. "I'm just confused."   She looked at me with worried eyes "I wanted to tell you but.."   "But what? Huh? Your my bestfriend.. tell me now" I began to angrily yell.   "Marilyn .. he's no good, he's only going to hurt you". She yelled back at me with watery eyes.   "Who said I'm interested in him?" I asked.   "Just stay away from him Marilyn".   Rainbows words kept playing over and over again in my head. I had no interest in getting to know Harry even more after tonight. My head was hurting so much, causing me to not sleep.    *** Harrys pov   I should of been honest with Marilyn from the moment her ignorant friend decided to fan girl. It wasn't Rainbows fault though, she was just a fan and it was normal for her to act that way. Louis looked at me smiling, I wasn't in the mood so I flipped him off.   "What's wrong pal?" He asked.   "Chick problems".    "Erm .. you have a ?"   "No louis I do not have a vagina!" I yelled.   Louis and Perrie began to laugh like there was no tomorrow. Perrie stared at me with a smile on her face. I could tell by her red cheeks that she was embarrassed by the word I used.    "Are you single Hazza?" Perrie curiously asked, she had a look on her face like she was up to something.   "Erm? Ya."   "Good". Perrie got up from the sofa and made her way into the kitchen.   *** Marilyns pov   "Good Morning!"    I was rudely awaken by Rains dumb actions, she was jumping on my bed like an idiot. I slapped her legs a few times to get her to stop but clearly she didn't. My eyes were so tired, but I forced myself to get out from bed.   "Its to early." I snapped.   "Early?"    "Yea early". I looked at Rain who was eating an orange.   "Marilyn.. its 12!" Rainbow laughed.   "Oh my gosh I gotta go!" I rushed into the bathroom and showered quickly.    "Where are you going?" Rainbow yelled super loud.   I finished off rinsing my hair before shutting off the water, to make sure she would hear me. "My friend Perries flat."   Rainbows pov   "Flat?"   Marilyn came out from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her. "As in house."   "Yea I know, but Perrie?"   "Perrie Edwards, she's not from here." Marilyn looked at me confused once again.   The only Perrie Edwards that came to my mind was Zayns girlfriend. "Is she?"   "British? Yea". Marilyn smiled.   "Will you let me finish!" I yelled.   Marilyn dressed her self while I explained to her everything that I wanted to tell her since last night. Her face expression was now blank, it seemed to me that she was going to cry. I felt terrible knowing that I ruined her day.    "He's a star?" The words stumbled to come out of her mouth.   "Yea.. he's in a boy band, Perrie is with Zayn one of his band mates". I explained.   "Does he have umm by any chance awesome hair? Sexy style? Hazel eyes?" She looked at me with anger in her eyes.   "Yea that's him, why?" I questioned.    "Met him at the party last night".   "And?"   "Nothing, I got to go." She ran outside of the house in a hurry.   *** I pulled out my phone to text Perrie and let her know I was outside. Seconds later Perrie responded with an okay and then came outside. She was wearing a long black shirt with some white zebra print leggings. It was a simple outfit yet she made it look so sexy, something I cant and wouldn't have the confidence to rock.   "Ello Marilyn". Perrie approached me with a hug.   "Hi Perrie".    "I'd like you to meet some one". She winked.   Perrie opened the door to her flat, for us to find five guys sitting on her sofa. I couldn't help but stare, the boys looked at me with smirks on there face. Harry was shocked to see me at their flat but I didn't care.   "This is Marilyn you guys". Perrie introduced me to all the guys.   "I'm Niall." The tall blue eyed attractive blonde shook my hand and then took a seat.   "I'm Zayn".   "My boyfriend!" Perrie yelled.   "I'm Liam and this is Louis."    "And I'm.."   "Harry, I know we met". I didn't let Harry finish because I was mad at him.   He looked at me surprised with my reaction, I had rejected his hug. Perrie observed my behavior and shook her head in disgust. Louis was confused and making jokes. While the other three minded their own business.    "You two know each other?" Perrie walked over to us, curiously asking questions.    "Not exactly". I bit back.   "I met her last night". Harry smiled while still looking at me.   "When? And where?" Perrie lightly giggled.   "On my walk home from the bonfire."    "Do you like him?" Perrie asked.   "No". I took a seat on the couch next to Niall and smiled at him so it wouldn't be awkward.    Harry just looked at me the whole time, which made me feel uncomfortable. It wasn't to long until Perrie insisted on all of us to go down to the beach. I wasn't quite convinced but Louis talked me into going.   "Love it shall be fun". Louis smiled at me, his smiles was so beautiful hard to resist.    "Fine, but only for a little bit." I laughed, trying not to make eye contact with Harry.   "Ride in my car." Harry insisted.    "No, I'll walk". I knew exactly what Harry was doing, he suspected that I knew something.    "You can go in my car". Niall politely offered.   "Niall she just said she'd walk!" Harry yelled, he was mad you could tell by the tone in his voice and the frown making his eye brows crease.   "I know, but Its to hot". Nialls cheeks turned a light red.   "We wouldn't want her to melt now would we mate?" Louis told Harry while giggling.    "Louis not now". Harry put out his hand blocking him from speaking.   "Niall ill go with you". I smiled, hiding the fact that I was excited about going in his car.   *** "So how do you like being famous?" I asked Niall.   He was shocked by my question, he spit out the water that was in his mouth. I laughed as he pulled over thr free way to clean himself up.   "Who told you?" Judging by his voice he was still surprised.   "Oh and don't tell Harry I know". I playfully winked.   "Why?" Niall questioned.   "Because .. he could of told me this information last night but he didn't".    We both stayed quiet until we got to beach. Me telling Niall what I knew was a mistake, he soon realize I was a threat. Really though? I've known nothing about this band "one direction" before, why would I do anything to hurt them now that I know? I guess they weren't really known in my city.. only by Rainbow.   "I'm sorry." I sadly said.   "For what?" Niall looked at me confused.   "For bringing the whole fame situation up, your probably sick of hearing about it".    Niall hugged me for ahwile "don't worry love, I can trust you".   It made me feel better when Niall told me he could trust me. I didn't know much about this band and there fame, but to me they were just normal teenagers. They are just so care free, almost as if their not even famous.  *** I watched as Zayn and Perrie cuddled up next to each other while roasting marshmellows. Why couldn't I have a relationship like theirs? It seems like so much work to find one like theirs, but maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Perrie noticed me looking at her from the corner of her eye and smiled. I felt like such a creep for admiring their love for one another so I walked around.   "Can I join you?" I turned around only to find Niall.   "Sure".    We both quietly walked around on the beach, until Niall decided to break the awkward silence.    "I hope us being famous won't change .. well you". Niall shrugged his shoulders.    "I wouldnt change for anyone". I didn't realize how cheesy that sounded inside my head until it came out of my mouth.   "Do you have a boyfriend?"    The words that left Nialls mouth embarrassed me quite a bit. I felt like maybe he wanted me to be his girlfriend. I wouldn't mind at all, but at the same time I knew nothing about him.   "Nope". I pulled my left over hair behind my ear.   "Me neither."    "I know, I'm sure your not gay". I laughed.   "Haha, didn't realize I .. yea". Niall laughed with me even though he was embarrassed.    With out him even realizing he put his arm around my shoulders. I didn't mind, I missed the feeling of having some one actually being interested in you. I put my arm around his waist and walked with him back to the others.   "You don't mind do you?" I shyly asked.   "I started it first.. so no" Niall laughed.   Louis and Harry looked at Niall and I holding each other. Louis giggled and Harry frowned. I loved Louis's face expression it was so funny, I really couldn't help but laugh. Perrie and Zayn were no longer at our chill spot which made me a bit uncomfortable.   "Wheres Perrie?" I asked.   "She went with Zayn back to the flat." Harry gave me attitude.    "Do you want to go home?" Niall asked me curious.    "If you don't mind.. I um". I couldn't get the words to come out of my mouth since Harry was still listening to our conversation.   "You what?"   "I want to hang out with you." Nialls smile became even bigger.   "I'd love that, where do you want to go?"    "Where ever." I politely smiled.   Louis grabbed Harrys arm to pull him away from our conversation, which he wasn't included in. Harry pulled off Louis's hand off his arm and stormed off. Louis chased after him, trying to control him from what ever he was mad at.   *** Harry's pov   Marilyn didn't want to talk to me, or even want me near her. I couldn't understand what it was that I did wrong to make her treat me that way. To tell you the truth I was mad that she choose Niall over me.   "What's wrong with you?" Louis asked.   "Nothing." I continued walking to the car.   "You like her huh?" Louis giggled   "No Louis I don't, I just wanted to well eh um." I stutterd.   "You like her Hazza, don't lie."   "I think she's cute and all".   "But?" Louis was starting to get on my nerves.   "But she's into Niall." I sadly said.   "Oh..."   *** Marilyns pov   It began to get late, but I didn't mind being out all night with Niall. We were having such a great time together, I didn't think we'd have this much fun. Niall was so sweet, I wanted to be his but I knew it would be to soon. Instead I calmed my nerves and tried to play it cool when he asked me about my past relationships.   I didn't have many boyfriends back in high school, in fact I only had one. That guy was my everything, but sadly he took my love for granted. Hes the reason why its so hard for me to trust guys, if it wasn't for him I'd probably have a boyfriend by now.   "It... just didn't work out". It was hard for me to speak about my ex, I had trouble forgetting him for many reasons.   "Did he cheat on you?" It seemed like Niall regreted asking me that question but I didn't mind.   "With a cheerleader, yea". I gave him a bit of to much information.    "I don't understand why guys are like that, they leave the good girl for the you know." He took a sip from his milkshake while staring at me. His beautiful blue eyes were glowing, I found that so much more attractive.    "I know what you mean, I'm a virgen.. I'm sure he left me for not giving him some." I realized I was sharing to much information with Niall, but for some reason I felt very comfortable telling him my whole life story.   "One day you'll find that speacial some one, I think its cool how your still a virgen". The words that left Nialls mouth made me feel embarrassed yet so much respected. Never in my whole entire life would I even think being a virgen was cool. In fact I've always found it embarrassing, due to the fact that I'm seventeen almost eighteen.   "But I'm seventeen."   "So? Age is just a number. Don't rush into it." He smiled, I was surprised at the fact that he didn't find it awkward talking about sex with me.    "I guess your right."    "You ready to go?" Niall smiled.   "Only if you are". I smiled back at him while taking a sip from my delicious shake.   "Yea come on." He held his hand out waiting for me to take it.   *** Rainbows pov   I was disturbed from singing when I heard loud knocking on the door. For a second I thought it was Marilyn, but I then remembered she had a key. I curiously walked to the door and opened it, to see who it was.   "Harry?" I was literally surprised.    "Did you tell her?" He furiously asked.   "Everything." I raised my eye brow.   "Everything? But why!" He yelled.   "She deserves to know the truth, she's not just another fan." I yelled back at him.   "You could of let me tell her, I didn't say she was". He took a deep breath while pulling his hair angrily.   "I did, but you didn't do it."    "When?" He asked.   "Last night, I have no time for this so leave." Right when I was about to shut the door on him, Harry put his foot on it.   "Let me come in." He demanded.    "No, leave now". I kicked his feet off the door and finally shut it.   I've never let a guy yell at me, and I was most certainly not going to start now just because he was a pop star. He had no rights to yell at me, it wasn't my fault he fucked up. For a fact he was going to have to beg Marilyn for her to forgive him.   *** Marilyns pov   "Thanks for everything". I smiled at Niall politely.    "No problem love, hope to see you soon." He smiled back at me while nervously playing with the car keys.   "I hope so too." I removed my seat belt and made my way out the door.   "Marilyn?"    "Yea Niall?" I turned around to see what it was that this very attractive male wanted.   "Can I call you tomorrow?" He shyly asked.   "Of course, I'm sure that's what exchanging numbers is for". I playfully winked.   *** When I got inside the house I found Rainbow sitting on the couch surfing the web. She was so sucked into the laptop she didn't realize I was in the living room. I walked over to the kitchen to get myself something to drink, seconds later Rain shouted for me.   I walked back into the living room to see why it was that she was yelling. Rain held the laptop in her hand as she rushed over to me.   "What's up?"    "You were with Niall horan?" She pointed at a picture of Niall and I at tutti frutti.    "Yes, but where the hell did you get that?" I asked her. I was now upset with the fact that some one had tooken a picture of Niall and I. I didn't want to be the center attention, nor be known as the girl who's using Niall for publicity.   "Twitter, the directioners ship you guys.. well most do." She excitedly yelled.   "Wait back up.. what is directioners and ship means?" I was confused with everything Rainbow had told me.   "Directioners is the name of the one direction fandom, if your a fan your just a basic bitch. And if your a directioner your more then just a basic bitch". She spoke quickly.    "Ohh.. I see, and ship? What does it mean?" I was less confused now.   "Basically what I'm trying to tell you is that most of the fandom likes you guys together, their happy for you guys or they would be". Judging by Rains face she was really excited about niall and I hanging out.   "Calm down, were just friends." I rolled my eyes at her dumb comments.   "Oh my gosh, they already made a name for you guys! Mile". She pointed at the name trending on twitter.   "Ugh, that's not freaking funny!" I yelled.   I couldn't believe this one direction fandom was spreading rumors let alone assuming things. The funny thing is I have no clue how they found out my name or age. It spoked me out a bit to know that fans or directioners were going to be talking about me.    "Hey I shared your twitter account name". Rainbow laughed as she shared what she had done with me.   Great I thought, not only was I already being talked about but soon I'd have so many metions, I wasn't wrong either, my phone began to go all crazy. When I checked my mentions I saw a few of hurtful comments and some that were so sweet. The fandom wasn't so bad, the only thing wrong with it was the fact that people brought me hate for no reason.   *** Nialls pov   "Pal .. I've just seen some interesting pictures." Louis shouted from across the room.   I didn't have to think twice about who the pictures were about. Right away I knew they would be of Marilyn. Sometimes it was annoying to know my fans knew everything about me, but I love them all so I cant complain. I didn't bother taking out my phone because I knew what I was in for.   "What are they?" I asked, pretending to not know what the pictures would be.   "Pictures of you and Marilyn holding each other". Louis giggled while eyeing Harry.   "Aww Niall that's cute". Perrie over heard and shouted from the porch.   "And btw Mile has trended." Liam laughed.   "Mile?"   "Your ship name". Zayn yelled from outside.   "I know that smartass."   "The name is hideous." Harry frowned.   "And Marry would be cute?" I bit back.   "Actually it really, really would." Louis laughed with Liam as they both teased me.   "Did the dam paps take these pictures?"    Who was I kidding? It was obvious that they did. The directioners have respected the fact that we were enjoying our vacation. As for the fans they really werent being so respectful, they had the habbit of snapping pictures every now and then.   "They always do." Harry said with attitude.    I went on Twitter to see what it was that I was missing. There was nothing but mentions of Marilyn and I, and questions if we were together. I didn't mind the questions, but I did not like all the hateful comments being said about Marilyn. The poor girl hasnt even known me for 24 hours and some of the fans are already starting there crap. The last thing I wanted to do was make Marilyns life miserable, so I decided to tweet something.    ■RELAX, WERE JUST FRIENDSS..■   Once I sent the tweet my phone began to get even crazier and loud. I soon realized that a fan had tagged Marilyn in one of the tweets. I didn't think Marilyn would have a twitter, due to the fact that she didn't use the Internet much.   ■@swiftie101 Thanks for tagging @Marilyn_Love , would of never found it with out yaa■    "I think Niall has a crush on Marilyn." Perrie walked inside the house laughing.   "That be funny if Marilyn felt the same way." Zayn laughed.   "No actually it wouldn't." Harry interrupted with his bad attitude.   "Sounds like someones jealous." Perrie pointed at Hazza, who was still frowning.   "Very funny, I'm just saying." Hazza continued to watch the t.v while frowning.   "Ask her out". Perrie playfully winked.   "Its to soon."    As much as I wanted to ask her out I knew it was to soon. Marilyn would just find me weird for that and not talk to me. I didn't understand why Harry was upset for, but what ever the reason was I didn't want to know.    *** Marilyns pov   "What's the plans for today?" Rainbow asked.   I looked at her and tried not laughing. Rains outfit was bit rare, but cute at the same time. She had a bikini top on and some bleached high waisted shorts. For her shoes she threw on some black converse.   "We should go to the carnival."    "Are you sure?" Rainbow looked down at her phone.   "Yes, why?" I questioned.   "Your going to have a lot of people all over you." She showed me what she was reading on her phone.   The thought of not being able to have fun at the carnival upset me. All I wanted was to go and enjoy some food, have some fun on the rides and come home. But since the fans knew where I'd be they would make it impossible for me to have some fun.    "Lets just go, I'm not famous anyway." I laughed, and shook off the fear I had.   "Fine." Rainbow made her way into the bathroom.   While Rainbow was in the bathroom I decided to check my Twitter, and answer some mentions. I got a few crazy mentions from the directioners and a few hurtful ones. For awhile I followed some of the fans and tried answering as many people.   □@Harrys_Bitch where did you get this lol?□ □@bubu_1d followed ♥ & No lol.□ □@directioner4eva ill be there too. □ □Carnival today with my bestfrend :) see you guys there xx.□   I found nothing wrong with tweeting back Nialls fans, I thought it was fun. The last thing I wanted to do was be stuck up and not answer or follow back. It always pissed me off when my idols ignored me and I wasn't about to do the same. Besides just because I knew Niall that didn't mean i was famous.   *** "Oh my gosh lets ride this one". Rainbow pointed at the huge rollercoaster.   "No.. lets ride something else." I nervously said.   "How about Niall?" Rainbow winked.   "Wow, your so nasty". I laughed.   Rainbow begged me to ride the huge rollercoaster so I had no choice but to say yes. We took a couple pictures while waiting in line to ride the demonater. I did nothing but silly faces, and Rainbow endlessly flashed her middle finger.   "Just two of you?" The short man buckled in Rainbow and I.   I prayed to not fly out of the seat and die, as for Rainbow all she did was take pictures. The rollercoaster soon began to move higher and higher. I begged myself to not look down but I did, I was about ready to cry. Rainbow threw her hands in the air when the rollercoaster went faster.   "Were going to fucking die! Help! Help!" Everything seemed so blury.   "Fuck yeaa! Woooo ! Faster!" Rainbow yelled, she couldn't help but laugh at my screams for help.   "Get me down now! Omg! Omg!" I felt the tears come down my face.   When the rollercoaster stopped I immediately wiped the tears from my face. Rainbow looked at me and began to laugh even more, I pinched her a few times to get her to shut up.    "Ok ok stop." Rain pinched me back getting my attention for me to stop pinching her.   "I'm never riding that ever again."    "Hey isnt that Niall?" Rainbow pointed at the blonde guy walking to us.   "Quick hide me." I ran behind rainbow to hide myself.   *** Nialls pov   While at the carnival with the boys I spotted Marilyn. For some odd reason she was hiding behind a girl. I made my way to approach her, but Liam then pulled me his way.   "I was going to say Hi to Marilyn."    "Not now." Liam pulled me into the bathroom with him.   "What's going on?" I asked.   "Harry's.. looking for me to bungee jump with him." Liam whispered.   "Sorry your on your own!" I ran out of the bathroom to catch up to Marilyn.   She was standing in line to grab a bag of kettle corn. When she spotted me she quickly got out of line and left. I didn't understand why it was that she was trying to avoid me, I did nothing wrong.   *** Marilyns pov   I tried my hardest to hide from Niall, but he ended up finding me. Niall held a bag of pop corn In his hand, he looked so beautiful. His outfit was casual yet so attractive. His red polo shirt brought out his eyes even more, and his pants made his whole outfit.   "Hey love." Niall put down his pop corn and opened his arms.   "Hi Niall." With out thinking twice I hugged him and didn't let go.   Niall hugged me back so tight, not giving me the chance to breathe. "Were you hiding?"   "Pssh no, I was um just well yea." I stutterd.   "Aww why?" He let me go only to grab his pop corn.   "I was shy to approach you." I felt my cheeks turn red.   "Don't be". We both walked to the nearest table and took a seat. He ordered some nachos and a large soda to share it.    "Are you sure you don't want your own soda?" He asked again.   "Trust me I won't drink it all." I shyly smiled.   He playfully smirked "what are you doing tonight?"   "Nothing at all."   "Come over were all going to hang out." He smiled once more.   "I would, but my friend.." I took a sip from the soda first, and shyly giggled when I remembered I should of asked first.   "Bring her too." He laughed.   I got distracted by some girls infront of us who were snapping pictures. I covered my face at times and looked down at my phone. Niall soon noticed and shook his head in disgust. I didn't want him to feel bad so I looked up and smiled at the camera.   "I'm sorry about all this nonsense." He sadly said.   "Don't be, its not your fault your talented." I smiled.   "You've listened to are songs?" He asked.   "Oh no, I just know you guys all sing beautiful." I felt embarrassed to not know about any of there songs.   "How do you know?" He curiously asked.   "My friend she's a huge fan, I actually just found out about that." I laughed.   "Really?" His voice didn't sound so convinced which made me feel uncomfortable. I didn't want to look like a liar.   "Yea.. laugh out loud." When the words came out of my mouth I couldn't help but laugh.   "Haha your cute." Niall laughed with me, the fact that I had said "Lol" out loud made it even funnier.   For awhile Niall and I walked around thr carnival holding hands. A few times from the corner of my eyes I caught girls snapping pictures. I didn't mind the picture taking at all, I just didn't like being the center of attention.     A young little girl that looked to be the age of two ran up to Niall and hugged his leg. He turned red and picked up the baby girl to hold her in his arms. She was so beautiful, she almost looked as if she can pass as Nialls daughter or sister. The baby looked at me and put her arms out.   "She wants you to hold her." Niall passed me the baby.   I held her in my arms as her mom and other people snapped pictures. I smiled every now and then, I definitely knew this would end up on the internet. Niall came in closer to me and held my waist as we posed for another picture.   "Here you go mam". I handed the baby to the mother and watched as she happily left.   "Are you his girlfriend." A blonde girl asked.   "Oh no, I'm just his friend." I shyly answered.   "Why was he holding your hand then?" A dark skinned girl interrupted.   "Umm?"    "Exactly." The blonde girl said with major attitude.   Niall grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the group of snobby girls. They watched as Niall and I left the food court together. I didn't understand why the girls were being so rude, I was just being honest. Appearntly they wanted more then honesty though.   "Please be strong." Niall gripped my hand tighter.   "Huh?"   "The fans and paps are waiting out in the exit." He looked at me, anger filled in his eyes.   "Oh ok." I felt my heart drop.   *** "Niall who is she?"   "Is she a directioner?"   "Niall talk to us."   The paparazzi shouted questions from left to right. They couldn't help but snap pictures, Nialled pushed them away and hurried me into the car. Even when we were inside his car the paparazzi snapped pictures and shouted questions. It was complete madness, some fans yelled nothing but hateful things. I turned up the radio to ignore the rude comments being said.   "Privacy doesnt exist." I said under my breath.   "I know, I'm sorry again." Niall shook his head.   The drive back to Nialls place was quiet, not a word was said. All I thought about was how I got myself into this. I would now have to put up with the paparazzi chasing me everywhere for no reason. Niall was the famous one, not me so why snap pictures? I'm just a normal teenage girl.   □Keep in mind I'm just a friend of Niall, and I'm in no way trying to gain publicity off him.□   Once the tweet was sent my phone began to endlessly buzz. I put it on silent before Niall suspected anything of it. I wasn't sure if he knew I had a Twitter, and if he did know I was hoping he didn't read my tweets.   *** "I got it." Niall unbuckled his seat belt and made his way to open my door.   "Thanks."    I got a bit nervous when he opended the door to their house. I knew for a fact Harry and all the others would be there. Niall let me in first, I couldn't believe my eyes. Taylor swift my idol was sitting on the couch with Harry. I felt my eyes water, she looked at me smiling. She was even more beautiful in person.   "Hi." She greeted both Niall and I.   "This is Marilyn." Niall introduced me to her.   She approached me with a hug and took a seat back on the couch. "Beautiful name."    "Thank you.."    *** "I'm such a huge fan of your music." I tried my hardest not to freak her out.   "What's your favorite song?" She smiled.    Gosh I was so jealous of her beautiful perfect face. The way she talked made her classy, she was so sweet. People would always talk about her like she was an evil bitch. Taylor was not at all rude or bitchy how magazines described her.   "Starlight." I didn't even have to think twice about my answer.   "A lot of my fans adore that one too." She rested her hand on Harrys leg.   I watched as Harry purposely stared at me when he placed a kiss on her cheeks. Thank god Niall decided to put his arm around me, Harry couldn't help but frown. Taylor smiled as she watched Niall and I playfully hold each others hands.   "Are you two dating?" Taylor shyly asked.   "Were just friends." I answered quickly.   "Aww that's to bad, you'd be cute together." She rested her head on Harry's shoulder.   "What about you and Harry?" I curiously asked.   "Yes we've secretly been dating.. Harrys idea." Judging by her tone of voice she wasn't so excited about that.   "If he has to keep you a secret, he doesnt deserve you." Taylors eyes widened.   "That's none of your fucking business." Harry yelled.   "You know what? She's right." Taylor got up from the sofa and made her way to approach me. In an instant I got up from my seat and stood up with her.    "Don't let these guys full you." Taylor hugged me once more and left the house.   Harry didn't even bother chasing taylor, instead he just watched her leave. That just showed how much he really didn't care about her, why would he keep such a beautiful girl a secret? Harry reminded me of my ungrateful ex.    "See what you did?" Harry flipped me off.   "Shut up! You don't even care." I flipped him back off.   "Enough you two." Niall grabbed my hand and led me to his room.   *** We sat on his huge bed and stayed quiet. I wasn't comfortable with being in his room alone with him. I almost felt as if something was going to happen between us.   "I think the others are here." Niall got up from his bed and went into the living room.   "Hi perrie". I didn't realize I shouted that loud until Louis mentioned it.   "Marilyn! Your so loud." Louis shouted while running to me to approach me with a tight hug.   "And your so loveable." I laughed.   Niall laughed as he watched Louis hug me for awhile. Perrie ans Zayn took a seat on the couch followed along by Liam and Niall. Liam always seemed to keep his distance from me for I don't know what reason. Harry was ignoring everyone, pretending to listen to his ipod.   "What's up for tonight?" Harry smiled at me, now being so kind.   "Movies?" Niall suggested   "I call dibs on Marilyn." Louis played with my messy hair.   "Marilyn watch a movie me with me yea?" Harrys question surprised me.   "I don't know Harry." I shurgged my shoulders.   Perrie looked at me with eyes trying to convince me to go with Harry. I nodded my head in agreement to her eye signals, making sure she'd understand me.    "Niall is that ok?" I asked.   "Why would you ask?" Harry curiously raised his eyebrow.   "He's my friend that's why." I tried not to be so aggressive.   "I sort of wanted to see a movie with you but sure." Judging by his watery eyes I knew he was hurt.   "Sorry Harry maybe next time." I shyly smiled at him.   Perrie smiled at me and shrugged her shoulders. Zayn wrapped his arms around her whispering things in her ears.    Harrys face was expressionless, I felt so bad but I wasn't going to leave Niall hanging. Niall has been nothing but nice to me and I wasn't going to ditch him for Harry.   "What time will we leave?" Liam interrupted   "In about an hour or so." Niall answered   "Well looks like were the three single friends." Louis laughed, but Liam turned red.   "Hey Liam." I said.   "Yea?" Liam didn't seem so happy.   "I have a friend for you." I smiled.   "No thanks, maybe Louis will like her." I could tell by his voice that he was sad.   "What's her name?" Louis anxiously asked.   "Rainbow".    All the boys except for Harry laughed. It made me mad to know that they found my bestfriends name funny. Louis did nothing but crack jokes on the name. Zayn laughed like usual and Niall ate while laughing at some points.   "What's wrong with Rainbow?" I angrily asked.   "Never heard of such thing." Zayn answered.   "I think its beautiful and magical." Perrie said while smacking Zayn in the arm.   "It reminds me of lucky charms". Niall laughed some more.   "Knock it off!!" Harry yelled.   He got everyone in the room to shut up, normally I would ignore him but this time I agreed. Harrys way of defending Rainbow made me like him instead of hating him. He was right, she had no say in her name and it wasn't her fault.   "Sorry Pal." Louis patted his back a couple times.   *** "What do you want to watch?" Niall looked me straight in the eyes.   "A romantic one." I shyly said to him.   "Two tickets to the lucky one please." He smiled   I didn't want Niall to feel pressured to watch a romantic movie with me but I guess he wanted to. It probably would of been better if I choose a scary movie, but then I wouldn't be able to sleep.    Niall grabbed my hand and held it in his as we entered the theater. With out realizing it I noticed I grabbed his hand a little to hard. All he did was laugh it off instead of pulling his hand away.   "These seats are amazing." I've never seen anything like the room we were in. Instead of the seats being chairs they were cozy little bed couches.   "Lets lay down in the back." Niall laughed, and led me to the far back.   "This is perfect." I couldn't help but laugh, it was amazing.   We layed in the bed and waited patiently for the movie to begin. People kept staring at Niall but he didn't seem to notice nor mind. Me on the other hand found it a bit awkward.   I decided to go on twitter while we waited for the movie. My mentions were nothing but people telling me they shipped Mile. The name Mile was funny, yet so cute. It made me happy to know that Nialls fans wanted us to be together.   □ At the movies with @NiallOfficial xx. Hope he doesnt fall asleep□ □tweeting back Nialls fans before the movie starts.□ □@zaynsgf No were friends right now love.□ □@Niallatemyname , nice name lol I just laughed love you too!□   Niall turned to look at me only to find me on Twitter. He took the phone from my hand and typed something. For a second I thought he was going through my tweets.   "Here you go." Niall handed me back my phone laughing.   I checked my twitter profile to see if everything was left the same. At first I thought everything was normal until I read an unfamiliar tweet.   □She's mine, she just doesnt know it yet.□    The unfamiliar tweet made my skin crawl, not in a bad way but in a nervous way. I didn't want to stare at Niall because I was to shy to do so. He placed his hand on mine and waited for me to say something.   "Do you really mean that?" I asked niall.   "Every bit of it." He rested his head on my shoulder.   Moments later I remembered the words that left taylors mouth before she ran out on Harry. "Don't let these boys fool you", my eyes began to water, and the lump in my throat made me cry. Niall looked at me surprised by my emotional reaction.   "What's wrong?"    "I have something in my eye." I quickly said.   Niall leaned in to kiss my "injured" eye, "all better love."   I nodded my head saying yes but I knew he wouldn't let this go. Niall insisted on finding out what was really wrong so I told him.   "She bearly knows Harry, let alone us." His voice became even more aggressive.    "But .. I believe her."    "Why? Because she writes songs about her ex's and makes them seem like complete jerks?" Niall shook his head in disgust.   "Thats exactly why." I bit back.   "Havent you ever thought that maybe she's the jerk? Why doesnt she ever write that she messed up? No instead she blames it all on the guy." Niall looked through his phone angrily.   "I'm sure she's writting the truth." I explained   "And I suppose I'm telling the lies?" He asked.   "No.. I hope not."    *** During the movie Niall cuddled me in his arms, I rested my head on his chest. Even though I was thinking twice about what taylor had told me I couldn't help but hug Niall. All I wanted to do was be able to kiss him and let him know I wanted him too. I just didn't want to get hurt again though, it would be to painful.   "What are you thinking about?" Niall turned to look at me.   "Nothing .." I burried my face in his chest.    Niall played with my hair while he quietly watched the movie. He made me feel safe and loved. If this was just a fling , I didn't want it to end. I had forgotten what it felt like to be loved and how good it feels.   --- Hi guys xx. Thanks to those of you who have been reading, I truly love you all! Leave me comments & vote :) you can also tweet me @lovinq_liam_1d don't be embarrassed to. Any ways I'm going to be skipping weeks in this story. For example ill be like "Two weeks later" etc just to move into the story a little faster. Yes I used taylor swift & brought up the haylor thing and what? Just thought I'd let you guys know.. anywho back to the story haha , remember to comment.   *** ·3 weeks Later·   Niall and I were still friends and I couldn't be any happier. Harry and I recently have became closer with each other. Usually Niall and I would hang out everyday but now it was harry and I. I didn't mind hanging out with Harry but I did miss Niall an awful lot.   Harry and I were going out on our first date, I wasn't really exicited but what ever. Rainbow and Louis have been hanging out an awful lot to, but I was sure they werent dating. She spent everyday at the boys house, and Harry at ours.    "Hows things with you and Louis?" I asked Rainbow   "I wish he would just ask me out". She sadly said.   "Take it slow girl". I laughed   "Its been three weeks." She sighed.   "I want Niall too." I gave in and just shared my feelings with her.   "No Marry?" She questioned   "Were just friends".    "But you guys kissed." Rainbow seemed confused.   "I know, but I don't know."    "Marilyn your stuck in the middle." Rainbow patted me on the back.   "But I don't want to be." I felt a lump on my throat.   "A few weeks ago Mile was the biggest directioner trend, and now its Marry.. & that one not a lot of girls ship." She explained   I went on twitter to see what it was that rainbow was exactly talking about. The tears fell from my eyes as I read the hateful mentions and comments on my pictures. Rainbow snatched my phone from me so I'd stop reading. Why on earth would people tell me so many things like that? It wasn't my fault that their boys had a crush on me. I just wanted it all to end already, why couldn't this summer just be done.   "Don't listen to them Marilyn." Rainbow hugged me as I cried some more.   "Am I really a slut?"I whispered under my breath.   "No that is so retarded, don't freaking listen to them." Rainbow handed me back my phone.   When she went into the bathroom I checked my Twitter again. I scrolled down the hateful comments and read the sweet ones. I wanted to thank these couple girls that were being really sweet and loveable.   □@Directioner1d @onedirectionlover @loving1d Thank you all for treating me so kindly xx. DM & lets make plans to hang out.□   I didn't feel weird about hanging out with direcrioners Instead of the boys. In fact I needed some girl time, I thought about throwing a girls party. Rainbow would be extremely excited to hear about this, she's always wanted to do something like that.   "How does a girl party sound?" I curiously asked rainbow.   "As in girls night?" She asked.   "Yes exactly."   "I love that idea, shall we make flyers?" She playfully winked.   "Lets get to it." I laughed.   *** While handing out flyers to random girls they asked me questions about the boys. All I wanted was for them to take the flyers and not play 21 questions with me. A couple girls told me they'd be able to come and even bring a lot of their girl friends. Rainbow excitedly passed flyers to every single girl on the beach.   "Will there be drinks?" Judging by the voice I knew it was Perrie due to the strong accent.   "Of course." When I turned around I was surprised by the fact that it wasn't Perrie.   The girl was very tall, she had beautiful brown wavy hair and hazel small eyes. She stood right infront of me observing my actions, I was speechless.    "What's your name?" She quietly asked.   "Marilyn."    "Arent you that girl who's dating Harry?" The words that left her mouth made me upset.   "No were just friends!" I yelled.   "Ill be at your party." She walked away with a smirk on her face.   I swear I felt like punching that girls beautiful face in. I was so annoyed by her stupid ignorant question, why would she even ask such a thing? If I was dating harry why would she even care anyways?   Rainbow was done posting up flyers and met me at the small cafe. I orders a frappachino and drank it while I logged on to Twitter. My notifications were once again blowing up. Nothing but mentions about Marry and Mile, how annoying.   □@swiftyred I've met her already lol, she's so sweet♥□ □@taywhores I love her red album xx.□ □@Hipster1d I havent heard any of their music ? Lol.□   "You met taylor?" Rainbow Shockley asked.   I took a bite of my cookie "yes, she's incredible I love that chick."   "When did you meet her?"   "A few weeks ago". I was going to tell her about the haylor situation but then decided not to.   "That's amazing!" Rainbow yelled.    I had an obsession with going on Twitter and talking to the boys fans, so I followed a few more people. Some two girls decided to blow up my mentions and send me hateful comments. I had finally had enough, this was the last draw.    I began to type rude things to those girls and the rest of my haters. For a fact my tweets were going to start a riot but I didn't give a shit. If they could send me rude comments then why couldn't I?    □@owoa1d I think its funny how you constantly mention me in your tweets. Attention craving whore!□   □@wmybbitch Your ridiculous, how could you love Niall & Harry , yet hate the people they care about? #issuesmuch□   □I appreciate the hate comments, keep it up :) won't change the fact that I know the boys & you don't! #sorrynotsorry□   *** Harrys pov   "Hazz have you seen the shit trending?" Niall rushed into my room almost falling.   The things trending was either about Mile or Marry or Marilyn. I didn't really feel like checking so I waited for Niall to show me.   "What is it?"   "Fans are trending Marilyns a bitch, they've sent her hateful tweets." Niall furiously walked around the room.   I felt my anger begin to rise, poor Marilyn didn't deserve any of this. All the things I put girls threw makes me hate myself even more. I just cant continue to allow my fans to be so rude.    "Has she said anything back?" I angrily asked.   "Oh yea she has, look!" Niall threw his phone at me.   (Tweets)   □@owoa1d I think its funny how you constantly mention me in your tweets. Attention craving whore!□   □@wmybbitch Your ridiculous, how could you love Niall & Harry , yet hate the people they care about? #issuesmuch□   □I appreciate the hate comments, keep it up :) won't change the fact that I know the boys & you don't! #sorrynotsorry□   The tweets were rude, yet so god dam true. I love my fans but sometimes the hateful ones deserve to get set straight. I'm pretty sure Marilyn had enough of the mentions. I didn't want to imagine what she was going through, my poor Marilyn.   ■very rude, so so so rude■ ■@Marilyn_Love hope your doing good, see yaa later xx.■   "Your going to see Marilyn?" Niall asked with a frown on his face.   "Yea why?" I asked.   "She's having a girls night, you cant". Niall laughed.   "Why did Louis get invited then?"    "What? Your kidding!" Niall yelled while laughing even more.   "Louis get in here!!" I yelled from my room.   Moments later Louis came into my room with a smirk on his face. I tried to put on my serious face but I just couldnt because of his outfit. He had on some black joggers and a pink shirt, louis looked so incredibly cute.   "Yes Hazza I'm invited." He playfully winked.   "But your not even a gal." Niall said with a serious look on his face.   "But bitches love me." Louis began to dance around my room doing cart wheels.   "Not just bitches". I winked   "Hazza you cant have me, I'm to fab for you". Louis flipped me off while flipping Niall off with the other hand.   "Why did you get invited?" Niall asked once more.   "Rainbow and Marilyn want me there, they said I'm cute."   "Erm? Do they think your gay?" I rudely asked Louis.   Louis face expression went blank, when he realized maybe that's the reason they had invited him. Niall looked at me with an unpleasant expression and shook his head in disgust.    "Trust me they know I'm straight, especially Rainbow." Louis winked.   *** Marilyns pov   I couldn't believe taylor swift was coming to our girls night party. The thought made me jump around the room like an idiot. I ran to my stero and began to play the song 22. Rainbow and I danced around and sometimes even "twerked."    Rainbow grabbed her video camera and set it on the table to record more summer memories. This summer was going great, I soon began to get upset when I realized we had four more weeks left. Rainbow noticed that I was sad right away and shut off her camera.   "Marilyn are you ok?"   "Summer is almost over." I sobbed.   "Aww, almost but not yet. Make the best out of it". She softly hugged me.   "Soon you'll be gone, and Ill be alone".    "Ill call you and even visit you". Rainbow lightly giggled.   Something in her voice told me she wasn't going to call me nor visit me. Maybe it was time for me to get a boyfriend and focus on my singing career. I just didn't want to be alone while Rainbow went to accomplish her dream job. The thought of not even being able to be successful made me mad.   "We should really get ready!" Rainbow said.   *** --How is it so far? Hope my story isnt boring, I'm trying my hardest to make it interesting. Anyways things are going to get even more juicy.. Comment & Vote :)   *** "Come on in, help yourself". The three pretty girls walked Into the house and went straight to the alcohol.   Rainbow was pouring the girls shots, by the end of the night these girls would be every freaking where. I walked around the house handing out jello shots to all the girls. The place soon became louder and louder as each girl arrived.   I then decided to wait for taylor outside so she wouldn't have to come in by herself. Rainbow had told all the other girls to keep calm when taylor gets here, but they refused to listen. The last thing I wanted to do was scare taylor off.   "Take a shot with me." One of the girls I had invited from Twitter handed me a shot. I quickly chugged it down and gagged after, the taste was so sour.   "How was it?" Destiny asked laughing.   "A bit strong but good." I laughed with her.   "You'll feel good too haha". Destiny walked away and got lost In the crowd.   *** Taylor looked so pretty, her beautiful gold hair was down in lose curls. Her outfit was so attractive, taylors high waisted shorts and see threw lace shirt looked great on her small body. She made me feel like a cow in my outfit.   "Thanks for coming". I approached her with a hug, hoping she didn't mind at all.   "Thank you for Inviting me." Taylor laughed.   I walked taylor to the table Rainbow and I were sitting at drinking. The music was playing and the crowd was dancing. I handed taylor a cup of alcohol. She laughed as she watched Rainbow take down two cups of bacardI in a quickness.   "Lets dance!" Rainbow grabbed my hand and I grabbed taylors.   We all went out to the dance floor and began to dance like crazy. Rainbow had a hard time keeping her balance, as for taylor she moved to the beat so good. I stumbled every now and then to keep my balance as well too.   "Some ones at the door!!" Taylor yelled.   I ran to the door and almost fell, when I opened the door I found louis and Harry. At first I thought I was just picturing things since I was tipsy. I knew louis was coming, but I never thought Harry would come.   "Louis come in." I smiled.   "Thanks." Louis walked into the house, I decided to pull Harry outside and talk to him.   *** "Why are you here?" I asked.   Harry nervously licked his lips "I wanted to see you."   "And you couldn't come another day?" I felt the alcohol possessing me.   "I could go you know?" Harry looked back at his car.   I didn't mind him being here, but I just didn't want him to argue with Taylor. Harry had no clue Taylor was here and I wasn't about to tell him. What would his reaction to taylor being here be?   "No don't leave". I grabbed his huge hand and held it.   Harrys eyes lit up in excitement "I'm still here."    "Taylors here though". Ok so I lied about not telling him, no big deal right?   "My ex?" He let go of my hand.   "Yes". I grabbed his hand again.   *** Harrys pov   Knowing taylor was at the same party as me made me feel uncomfortable. I didn't want to face her at all, shed only make a scene. Taylor was the last thing I wanted to deal with, shes such a drama queen.    "Marilyn." I wrapped my hands around her waist stopping her from going Inside.   "Harry don't". She breathed heavily.   "Be mine?" I placed a kiss on her neck and sucked on it lightly.    *** Marilyn pov   Harrys soft lips placed tender kisses on my sore neck that now had a love bite. I threw my hair over it and faced Harry, I couldn't help but to kiss him. He looked so sexy, I just wanted him to be mine.    "Harry I'm yours." I put my hands around his neck and placed my lips on his.   "I'm yours too". Harry pulled me in closer to him.   *** "What the fuck is this?" Taylor yelled.   Holy shit I thought, was my idol standing out on the porch the whole time? Taylor looked at Harry and I holding each other, she mostly stared at me. Her eyes looked so evil, like if she was up to something. She stood by the door with her arms crossed to her chest.   "Taylor I can explain." I nervously told her.   "You don't have to explain anything to her." Harry stood infront of me protecting me.   "Is this why you told me to break up with Harry?" Taylor questioned.   "I never told you such thing." My eyes began to water.   "Don't twist her words taylor." Harry snapped    "I cant believe your a fan of mine!" Taylor walked over to me and slapped my face.   I wasn't sure to fan girl or to hit her back, I was just slapped by my idol. It felt pretty fucking awesome even though my left cheek was still numbed. Harry placed a gentle kiss on my red irritated cheek causing taylor to get even angrier.   "Why dont you go write a song about this!" Louis yelled from the window.   "Oh I will and trust me Marilyn.. you will be included because there is nothing I do bet---".   Louis stopped her only to finish the sentence " better then revenge."   "Don't worry I'll get you back, its time you get a taste of your own med." I laughed.   *** Nialls pov   My heart fell to pieces when I found Harry and Marilyn kissing and hugging on the porch. I was hoping they didn't catch me but the flowers I had for her then hit the ground.   Marilyn couldn't even look me in the eyes, and neither could Harry. Instead he pretended to not see me and continued to kiss Marilyn. She moved away from him to approach me with a friendly hug.   I couldn't believe my eyes, Marilyn had a hickey on her neck. Right off the back I knew it was Harry. That was his way of showing the world a girl was his and only his. Harrys disgusting habbit always made me sick, that is no way to show off your girl. I'd rather scream to the world then just mark her on the neck.   "What's that on your neck?"    Marilyn quickly hid the "love bite" with strings of her hair. "Its a bug bite."   I shook my head "Sure Marilyn, your his now arent you?"    Marilyn looked over to Harry and back at me "yea.... but".   "But what? You couldn't wait for me to ask you?" I angrily spoke.   "Niall Its not that.. its just that well". She couldn't come up with anything to say.   "I get it , I'm not good enough for you".    "Please let me explain ." She cried.   "Save it for someone who cares." I threw her booque of roses at her and walked off.   --- Soo? Yay or Nay? Did you guys like the Taylor action? I sure did lol x) swifties she will be futured in many more chapter's. Homewrecker taylor swift :) mhmm. Anyways comment what you think and vote ! You can also follow me on Twitter @lovinq_liam_1d lets fan girl bitches xx.           
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